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La-La Land Records: GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 3 – THE STRIPPER / S*P*Y*S: Limited Edition (Jerry Goldsmith)

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Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Limited Edition of 2000 Units


GoldsmithIII_Web.jpgOrder yours starting MAY 11 at 12 noon (pst) at www.lalalandrecords.com
La-La Land Records and 20th Century Studios proudly present a new collection of classic Jerry Goldsmith scores for film and television composed for 20th Century Fox: GOLDSMITH AT 20th. Bringing back out-of-print favorites while also debuting previously unreleased music, this collection will feature new authoritative liner notes and unified packaging sure to please avid collectors but also serve as a perfect gateway for listeners experiencing this music for the first time.

Volume 3 showcases two more of the composer’s original feature film scores, one from the ’60s – 1963’s drama, THE STRIPPER, starring Joanne Woodward (in the first of Goldsmith’s collaborations with director Franklin J. Schaffner), and one from the ’70s – 1974’s espionage comedy, S*P*Y*S, starring Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland, and directed by Irvin Kershner. From the jazz-influenced drama of THE STRIPPER to the broad and lively comic antics and action of S*P*Y*S, these two dynamic Goldsmith scores demonstrate the composer’s unique and boundless talents across two decades. This collection’s presentation of S*P*Y*S (previously available in truncated form only in a long out-of-print box set) is expanded with never-before-released material. Also making its debut on this collection, is the bonus track premiere release of “Pacer’s Farewell” from the 1960 western, FLAMING STAR, starring Elvis Presley. This marked Goldsmith’s very first work for the studio.

Both previously out-of-print scores return here with all-new art design by Jim Titus and new in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. The reissue is produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, mastered by Matessino and is limited to 2000 units.

Look for more “GOLDSMITH AT 20th” releases coming soon from La-La Land Records!

Also Available from La-La Land Records: GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol 1 – VON RYAN’S EXPRESS / THE BLUE MAX and GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol 2 – THE DETECTIVE / THE FLIM FLAM MAN


Disc 1

Score Presentation
1 The Stripper Main Title 2:28
2 The Execution 2:26
3 Sunday Dinner 2:10
4 The Empty Room 1:49
5 Lila And Helen 3:42
6 Party Boy 3:25
7 A Mother’s Worry 2:16
8 Job Hunting 1:21
9 The Classroom 2:35
10 The Dancing Lesson 2:32
11 The Birthday Present 2:05
12 Lila’s Confession 1:19
13 The New Job 2:44
14 Comfort For Lila 1:54
15 A Change Of Heart 3:13
16 Lila’s Advice 4:04
17 The Stripper End Title 1:32

1963 Movie Radio
18 Give Me The Simple Life 2:22
19 Twistin’ Baby 1:48
20 Rock And Roll Blues 1:36
21 Anabel Blues 1:13
22 Gas Station Source (Unused) 1:00
23 Should I? 1:29
24 Stripper Blues :52
25 Dixieland Source (Unused) 1:06
26 Rock And Roll Retch 1:43
27 Romance 1:31

The Strip Act
28 Something’s Gotta Give 1:53
29 You’ve Gotta See Mama
Every Night 1:19
30 Frankie And Johnny 1:09
31 You’ve Gotta See Mama
Every Night (Reprise) :40

Additional Music
32 The Empty Room
(Alternate) 1:50
33 Should I? / The Dancing Lesson (Film Combo) 3:04
34 Pacer’s Farewell
(From Flaming Star) 2:26
Disc 1 Total Time: 69:16

Disc 2
1 S*P*Y*S Main Title 3:06
2 Russian Warm-Up 1:21
3 Anybody Got A Key? 2:54
4 The Mannequin 1:47
5 The Siberian Blues :48
6 New Friends 1:43
7 A Welcome Guest 2:20
8 Table Talk 1:51
9 A Little Investigation 1:11
10 Who’s Paying? 1:07
11 Get Rid Of The Dog :53
12 One For The Road :47
13 Woops :35
14 Dog-Gone Paris 2:00
15 Tools Of The Trade 1:24
16 Triple Cross 3:47
17 The Buy 2:55
18 A New Start 2:26
Disc 2 Total Time: 33:21
Total Collection Time: 1:42:37

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