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    Wo kann ich auf Audio-Mixing fragen?

    Entschuldigung Sie fuer mein Deutsch, It's been long long time not to use german since 2011, when I used to live in Hannover. If this topic is placed in a wrong way, please tell me I will delete it immediately and write there. And It's ok to answer me in german I can understand quite a bit, sadly not 100 percent. Normally, I compose EDM genre or electronic-influence music but this time I got a job to make cinematic game music (Not big job, just for my friend-like client). So, I want to ask you guys about how to mix this kind of music. Maybe It's gonna be quite different if you compare from the traditional cinematic scores to EDM. Here is my sample track, and I hope you guys give me constructive feedback! Any feedback appreciated. https://soundcloud.com/xximoxx/fm_sample_1 Regards from South Korea imoX

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