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  1. Francis

    Soundtracks zu verkaufen (Signiert)

    Lowered prices on all titles. Happy new year!
  2. Francis

    Soundtracks zu verkaufen (Signiert)

    I currently have 50+ score CDs for sale including some autographed (check description): https://www.discogs.com/seller/that_new_copy_smell/profile Shipping costs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/that_new_copy_smell/profile#terms Thanks for looking!
  3. Francis

    Chris Soundtrack Corner

    If your business is correct and you treat your customers with respect, the only personality you will encounter is a satisfied and happy one. I bought from an American reputable seller at FSM two months ago two CDs, they hadn't arrived yet. I informed him that this was extra-ordinarily long for a package to arrive and he said he'd look into it. Turned out he had mislabeled it and send it to a wrong address, he is going to retrieve it and give me an extra CD (which I did not ask for) as a courtesy for waiting this long. That, is service. As for CSC, I will say this as a last thing about this waste of my time. I had paid for Peter's order well in advance before Christian decided to cancel it. I even offered a solution to send it to me instead as it was paid for and I didn't want to go looking for an alternative. He told me flat out "NO". It wasn't until I told him to cancel another order I had made prior that all of a sudden it was no problem to ship to me, he had simply "misread" my email. Is this a person I want to do business with? No. I can't trust such a person. I rarely buy from European stores anymore because they are more expensive than importing from abroad, making the only incentive to buy from such a store the service they offer. With CSC, I found the latter to be missing completely.
  4. Francis

    Chris Soundtrack Corner

    I will respond in English as my written German is hairy. I can confirm everything Peter stated here, to my amazement I just got a mail from Christian trying to rile me up by saying Peter had posted my name on this forum. I don't care about that at all as some of you I've traded or sold to, even met in person at festivals and you probably know me from other boards. Now mind you, this email I just received is already after I asked him to cancel my orders, send back my money and delete me from his database. Safe to say I wont be doing business with this individual anymore!
  5. Francis

    Halloween ebay sale!

    Check my current auctions on ebay and get them in time for halloween! Aside from scores, there are also dvds, ps3 games on offer. Halloween sale For those interested, I will also ship without jewel cases to offer a cheaper rate. Check listings for prices. Thanks for looking!
  6. Francis

    Ebay Sale: boxsets, OOP & signierte CDs

    Bumping this as I still have some scores for sale on discogs. I only have on autographed release left, Child's Play (la-la) by composer & director. Discogs and for those interested also dvds/blu-ray on ebay Ebay Updated shipping costs for germany: Standard shipping for Europe: For 1 to 2 CD's: 4,99 euro For 3 to 4 CD's: 6,5 euro More than 4 CD's: 8,99 euro
  7. Francis

    Ebay Sale: boxsets, OOP & signierte CDs

    I have stopped offering on ebay due to the recent placement costs being in effect again, you can now find my CDs & LPs for sale on discogs: http://www.discogs.com/seller/that_new_copy_smell
  8. Francis

    Ebay Sale: boxsets, OOP & signierte CDs

    Scores now listed on ebay again: Ebay sales More stuff following (dvds, blu-rays) later.
  9. Francis

    Ebay Sale: boxsets, OOP & signierte CDs

    Added some rarities: The Orphanage, Warlock, Bruiser, ... ends on sunday.
  10. Francis

    Ebay Sale: boxsets, OOP & signierte CDs

    Lots of Richard Band scores as well as limited editions and OOP (Name of the Rose), some signed and couple of boxsets (Karate Kid, Puppetmaster) Ending on sunday! Ebay sale Shipping for Germany: For 1 to 2 CD's: 4,5 euro For 3 to 4 CD's: 6,5 euro More than 4 CDs: 8,99 euro
  11. Added La-La's Innerspace & The Edge to the list.
  12. Listing scores on ebay, thanks for looking! Shipping for Germany: For 1 to 2 CD's: 4,5 euro For 3 to 4 CD's: 6,5 euro More than 4 CDs: 8,99 euro Viel Glück! http://www.ebay.de/sch/last_shop_on_the_left/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1&clk_rvr_id=481581999842 (I will be re-listing leftovers every sunday)
  13. Relisted my leftover scores as well as added some new titles (Dead Zone, Friday the 13th series, Tentacoli, Moon 44...). Major thanks to administrator for the links in the original post, however my listings are boot free so please use this link for the current ebay auctions: Last_shop_on_the_left
  14. Capricorn One & Ghostbusters are sold thank you, there are still some oop & signed scores listed. Thanks for looking
  15. Please take a look at my current auctions (many rare & signed scores), I accept paypal & uberweisung (IBAN/BIC) Shipping for Germany: For 1 to 2 CD's: 3,5 euro For 3 to 4 CD's: 6,5 euro More than 4 CDs: 8,99 euro AUTOGRAPHED THE MECHANIC Mark Isham Double Barrel Ed. limited SIGNED BY COMPOSER THE LAST CASTLE Jerry Goldsmith OST soundtrack RUNAWAY Jerry Goldsmith Varese Club Limited Edition SOLD OUT RARE OOP FAREWELL MY LOVELY/MONKEY SHINES David Shire FSM OOP soundtrack George A. Romero THE LONG GOODBYE John Williams Quartet Records RARE OOP soundtrack CD MALICE Jerry Goldsmith Varese ost soundtrack George C. Scott Nicole Kidman LOGAN'S RUN Jerry Goldsmith FSM cult OST soundtrack score CD BLADE RUNNER Vangelis rerecorded by Edgar Rothermich BSX Limited score SUPERNOVA David Williams & Burkhard Dallwitz Intrada OOP soundtrack 2CD AUTOGRAPHED THE PHANTOM David Newman La-La Land Limited ed SIGNED OST soundtrack AUTOGRAPHED HALLOWEEN 4 RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS Alan Howarth signed soundtrack EXPLORERS Jerry Goldsmith complete Intrada first print OOP NEW soundtrack MUSIC FROM THE EDGE OF DARKNESS John Corigliano PERSEVERANCE score soundtrack CD THE CURSE/BLACK DEMONS Franco Micalizzi OOP Soundtrack CD THE KINDRED David Newman Varese Club OOP LA SETTA Pino Donaggio RARE OOP soundtrack CD Dario Argento Michelle Soavi SCROOGED Danny Elfman La-La Land Limited ed. CD soundtrack Bill Murray THE PROPHECY Rosenman FSM cult OST soundtrack CD DAYS OF HEAVEN Ennio Morricone FSM cult OST soundtrack score 2CD CABIN FEVER Nathan Barr & Angelo Badalamenti OOP RARE NEW OST horror soundtrack THE LAST AIRBENDER James Newton Howard ost soundtrack KING OF THE ANTS Bobby Johnston La-La Land Records NEW & SEALED OOP SCORE

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