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  1. THE FACULTY Composed and Conducted by MARCO BELTRAMI INTRADA ISC 485 For the 1998 Miramax horror film The Faculty, composer Marco Beltrami pulled out all the stops to deliver a scary, exciting and sometimes reflective score. The score features orchestral chaos and cacophony, strange whisperings and explosive action, as well as some moments of beauty. Hypnotic, Bernard Herrmann-like suspense cues appear, as well as a melancholy, a reflective theme for the bullied main character. At the core is a defiant students-strike-back theme, first brought in somewhat romantically, then later fully unfurled in larger form. A laid-back but determined anthem growls on electric guitar, then more gently on acoustic, over a slow-jam rock groove which pulses all through the score. Beltrami only had a few moments in between all of the mayhem to break out this theme, which reprises with heroic relief in the climactic action sequence, so he extended and developed it as a stunning concert piece for the end credits. For this release, Buck Sanders and Scott Williams pulled together the program from the original session masters recorded at Skywalker Sound in crisp, detailed sound quality. The 2-CD set features the 88-minute score plus a couple of extras. Check out the soundtrack trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiwF55I3exU&t=1s In the film, the angsty teens of Herrington High are mean, brooding monsters and preyed-upon victims, roaming the halls every day spitting on, cursing, and being generally horrible to each other. So they were arguably asking for it when a mysterious extraterrestrial virus infected the faculty lounge and began to spread violently throughout the school, turning adults and classmates alike into ghoulishly grinning hosts that mask giant squid creatures. It’s a loud enough wake-up call for a small crew of misfit students to set aside their mutual loathing and band together to fight back—thus enacting a common high school wish fulfillment—killing those pesky teachers. CD 1 01. The Shadow (0:31) 02. Forget The Keys (1:20) 03. Offensive Coach (3:48) 04. Exchanging Glances (2:52) 05. Marybeth’s Fishing (0:30) 06. Casey (0:45) 07. Coach And Casey (2:05) 08. Teacher’s Eye (0:34) 09. She’s A Breeder (0:54) 10. Worm Takes A Dip (2:49) 11. Stan Quits (0:46) 12. Spring Shower (1:01) 13. Hot For Teacher (1:34) 14. Lounge Lizards (4:44) 15. Tattletale (1:57) 16. Parental Guidance (3:12) 17. Roof Surfing (1:07) 18. Casey Enters School (1:44) 19. Heavy Drinkers (0:44) 20. Ear Exam (4:45) 21. Library Talk (1:53) 22. Convincing Stan (0:43) 23. Pop. Pop. Fizz. Fizz (2:07) 24. Too Cool For School (2:38) CD 1 Total Time: 45:59 CD 2 01. Zeke’s Lab (5:53) 02. Just Say No (5:43) 03. Spectator Sport (1:05) 04. Drake’s A Fake (1:49) 05. Death Pose (0:41) 06. Drake And Bake (0:43) 07. Stan Has A Fan (1:34) 08. Stanning Tall (2:45) 09. Zeke And The Geek (2:31) 10. Ridden Hard (2:21) 11. Prep Talk (1:30) 12. Love Me Tender (1:55) 13. Marybeth’s Best (0:43) 14. Modest Mary (3:10) 15. Drugs Kill (4:18) 16. The Kids Are Alright (2:15) 17. Extra Credit (2:59) Total Score Time: 88:33 THE EXTRAS 18. Casey (Alternate Version) (0:46) 19. Too Cool For School (Demo Version) (2:31) Total Extras Time: 3:19 CD 2 Total Time: 46:00 https://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12771/.f
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