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Die drei neuesten Titel von Quartet Records sind ab sofort bestellbar.



George Fenton

In 1991, the prestigious British composer George Fenton (Gandhi, High Spirits, A Handful of Dust, Dangerous Liaisons, The Fisher King, Shadowsland, Mary Reilly, Land and Freedom) was required by director James Bailey to write the score of China Moon -a fairly good erotic thriller aesthetically close to Body Heat-, starring Madeleine Stowe, Ed Harris, Benicio del Toro and Charles Dance.

China Moon was the second directorial feature from John Bailey after the eccentric The Search for Signs of Inteligent Life in the Universe in 1990, a veteran cinematographer whose impressive pedigree in that capacity included Lawrence Kasdan’s Silverado, Paul Schrader’s Cat Women, Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Robert Redford’s Ordinary People. Bailey had been the director of photography on Groundhog Day; Fenton’s score for that fantasy-comedy evidently impressed him, as he brought the composer on board to create China Moon’s elegant and mysterious score.

George Fenton’s intese score is in the same sultry jazz mode as John Barry’s music for Body Heat, although neither of them score resembles the other outside of their predominent noir-ish sensibility. Fenton favors a bluesy trumpet over electric piano and light drums for his main theme, with a sparkling percussion ringing that glints like refracted moonlight across the score’s shadowy soundscape.

The film was released in 1994, three years after shot, due to distribution problems in which was the last film of Orion Pictures. The passing through billboards was short-lived, and this resulted in superb Fenton’s score remain in the limbo until today.

This album has been assembled and mastered using the original digital masters, courtesy of MGM, and the composer's own tapes, all in a pristine stereo sound. The package includes 16-page full color booklet with liner notes and track-by-track analysis by Randall D. Larson.

16.95 €


Nicola Piovani

First CD appearance of an early score by Nicola Piovani (Nel nome del padre, Ginger E Fred, Academy Award winner for La vita è Bella), written for a film by Marco Bellocchio, one of the composers most important directing partners.

Marcia trionfale takes place in an Italian military barrack, where Paolo Passeri (Michele Placido) is going through hell. His opinion on the military radically changes when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Captain Asciutto (Franco Nero), an insecure officer who is filled with rage and jealousy about his beautiful wife Rosanna (Miou-Miou). Asciutto tasks Paolo with following the girl, but as can be expected, the simple observational mission turns into something more romantic... and dangerous for both of them.

Nicola Piovani's score builds on a number of memorable themes for the three lead roles, including the difficult Paolo, the nervous Asciutto and the passionate Rosanna. There's naturally an important march that begins and closes the album, though the memorable theme is barely utilized in the film itself. Also underused are the two vibrant source cues (very atypical for Piovani): "Pizzapop" is a lively instrumental for the soldier's favorite restaurant, while "Military Music" was replaced in the final print with an actual Top 10 hit instead of the composer's over-the-top homage to Italian pop music.

The score was originally released on LP by Beat Records, edited by the composer himself for a better listening experience. This CD recreates the original album program without additional material - the disc already has more music than the film. 12-page liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film, the director, the composer and the score with a track-by-track analysis of the album.

16.95 €


This compilation celebrates 20 years in film music of Pascal Gaigne, one of the most essential and respected composers in the Spanish cinema, whose career is a constant work-in-progress.

Pascal Gaigne, born in France in 1958 and installed in Spain since 1985, has made serious efforts in the fields of contemporary music, world music and ballet, winning several awards around the world. Although started working in films by casuality, his sensorial sounds and unforgettables melodies (with a full emotional and inimitable style) beginning to be required by some of the most interesting new directors in Spanish cinema (Víctor Erice, Icíar Bolláin, Salvador García Ruíz, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Montxo Armendáriz), and foreigner directors from other countries like France (Le cou de la girafe), Finland (Matka Edeniin) or Cuba (Omerta).

This album is a deserved tribute. In addition to his most popular works (Gordos, Azul oscuro casi negro, El sol del membrillo), you can find some rares, unreleased and har-to-find themes, all of them from its original versions.

Bonne écoute!

12.95 €

Hier auch noch mal der Hinweis, dass Quartet gleichzeitig die Preise von 35 Titeln teilweise bis auf 4.95 € reduziert hat. Ab 5 Titel kostenloser Versand: http://www.quartetre...ial-offer.html/

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