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Alexander Grodzinski

La-La Land Records: THE KARATE KID II Expanded (Bill Conti)

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LLLCD 1542
Music by Bill Conti
Limited Edition of 3000 Units

karatekid-part2-Web.jpgSTARTS SHIPPING OCT 6

Order starting at 12 noon (pst) on 10/6 at www.lalalandrecords.com

La-La Land Records and Sony Pictures proudly present the remastered and expanded reissue of acclaimed composer Bill Conti’s (ROCKY, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, THE KARATE KID, ROCKY BALBOA), original motion picture score to the big-screen 1986 blockbuster, THE KARATE KID PART II, the first sequel to the 1984 classic, THE KARATE KID, starring Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, and directed by John G. Avildsen. Previously out of print, the lauded THE KARATE KID PART II score returns, sounding better than ever, and featuring an expanded presentation and all new packaging with exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Al Kaplan. Maestro Conti expertly returns to the world of THE KARATE KID, building on his original iconic work, while introducing breathtaking new material, including striking Japanese motifs that reflect and support the sequel’s dynamic new setting. Once again, the composer summons all the heartfelt drama, courage, romance, action and joy that are the franchise’s hallmarks. Produced by Neil S. Bulk, mixed by Michael McDonald and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this special limited edition CD release of 3000 units was sourced from new hi-resolution transfers of studio vault elements and is expanded with additional music tracks and alternate cues. The honorable art design is by Dan Goldwasser. Banzai!



The Film Score
1. Main Title 5:30
2. No Mercy 1:16
3. Six Months Later 1:10
4. Breathing / Daniel Nails It 1:29
5. Okinawa :50
6. Honor Very Serious 2:05
7. Time Flies / Who Wins? 1:58
8. Enter Sato / Then See Me 1:49
9. Miyagi’s Home 4:12
10. No Choice 1:11
11. The Funeral 5:15
12. Ask Drum :28
13. Their Song 1:44
14. No Contest / Rekindled Love 2:28
15. Chopping Ice :37
16. What Has Happened? :32
17. Miyagi 2:03
18. Miyagi’s Attack 1:00
19. Take Me With You* 3:14
20. Everything Gone :28
21. Daniel Leaves* 4:45
22. The Storm (Film Version)* 4:47
23. Walk Away* / Yuiyo Bon Odori** 1:25
24. Moon Spots 1:06
25. Daniel’s Triumph* 1:41

Additional Music
26. Main Title (With Percussion Overlays) 5:31
27. Enter Sato (Alternate) :53
28. No Choice (Alternate) 1:14
29. Everything Gone (Alternate) :25
30. Samisam 1:32
31. Moon Spots (Alternate Take) 1:06
32. Love Theme From The Karate Kid Part II (Film Version)* 1:57


* Contains “Two Looking At One” composed by Carly Simon,
Bill Conti & Jacob Brackman
** Composed by Nobuko Miyamoto & Reverend Masao Kodani


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