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Alexander Grodzinski

La-La Land Records: FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE ULTIMATE CUT (Harry Manfredini)

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Music by Harry Manfredini
Autographed by the composer! (Autographs are available while supplies last and are not guaranteed).
La-La Land Records presents an all new restored, remixed, remastered and expanded stereo presentation of renowned composer Harry Manfredini’s original motion picture score to the landmark 1980 horror film FRIDAY THE 13TH, starring Adrienne King, Kevin Bacon and Betsy Palmer, and directed by Sean S. Cunningham.
Over 40 years ago, acclaimed composer Harry Manfredini (FRIDAY THE 13th PARTS 1,2,3,4,5,6, 9, 10, HOUSE, DEEPSTAR SIX), unleashed one of cinema’s most iconic horror genre scores upon the world. Now, the score from Crystal Lake returns -- bolder, more immersive, and more chilling than before! FRIDAY THE 13th: THE ULTIMATE CUT presents Manfredini’s masterwork restored, remixed and remastered in stereo, with the composer’s approval, from newly discovered original multitrack recordings in the Paramount Pictures’ vaults. Also included are NEVER-before-heard-or-released music cues that were not used in the film!
Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Brian Satterwhite, mixed by Jerry Lambert, and mastered by James Nelson, this special CD release features exclusive liner notes by Satterwhite that provide a detailed track-by-track breakdown along with an in-depth examination of the release’s restoration and remix process. The art direction is by Goldwasser and the original cover art is by Scott Saslow. A must for all FRIDAY fans and film score enthusiasts!
1. Overlay of Evil 1:25
2. In the Barn / Main Title 2:40
3. Banjo Travelin’ (source) 1:16
4. Alice Goes to the Lake / The Arrow*† 0:59
5. Say, Isn’t That the Road? / Jeepers / Annie Gets It 2:06
6. Transition to Lake*† / Brenda Sees Something**† 1:27
7. Death of a Snake**† 0:39
8. Ralph in the Pantry / Ralph Leaves 1:32
9. Hello, Can I Help You? 0:40
10. Ned in Bed / Don’t Smoke in Bed! 0:36
11. Not Tonight Jack, I Have a Headache 2:55
12. Brenda in the Bathroom / Help Me / Brenda in Lights 4:43
13. The Bed Axe / The Light Flash / Lights Out 1:14
14. Alice on the Couch 0:33
15. Bill Hangs Around**† 1:34
16. Run Alice, Run! 3:15
17. Brenda Drops In 1:19
18. I’m Mrs. Voorhees 2:28
19. Kill Her Mommy 3:56
20. No Place to Hide 1:01
21. Alice Hides in the Pantry*† / Pantry Fight 1:52
22. Alice Walks Along the Lake*† 0:54
23. Last Fight 1:37
24. Boat on the Water / Jason in the Lake 2:28
25. Final Shot *† 0:39
26. Ned Whistles (Alternate Source)*† 0:28
27. Värmlandsvisan (Guitar Source)*† 0:47
28. Ralph in the Pantry / Ralph Leaves (w/o Flanger)* 1:32
29. The Bed Axe (w/o Flanger)* 0:20
30. Jason Flashback Overlay* 1:16
31. Boat on the Water (Complete)* 3:35
32. Boat on the Water (Complete w/o Flanger)* 3:35
33. Sail Away Tiny Sparrow 3:07
perf. Angela Rotella
* previously unreleased
** contains previously unreleased material
† not used in film


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