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3-CD premiere of all three Puppet Master Axis Trilogy scores by Richard Band! Sometimes referred as the Axis Trilogy, three titles appearing as ninth, tenth and eleventh films in highly successful horror franchise include:  Puppet Master: Axis Of Evil, Puppet Master: Axis Rising and Puppet Master: Axis Termination. Chapter 9 had music released previously but this set also introduces music from chapters 10 and 11. Axis Of Evil (2010) is directed by David DeCoteau, produced by Charles Band, with Levi Fiehler, Jenna Gallaher, Taylor Graham. At the height of WWII, following murder of PuppetMaster Toulon’s crate of puppets by Nazis, Danny Coogan finds himself in battles of his own. Upon kidnapping of his girlfriend, Danny jumps into action to stop the Axis of Evil. Axis Rising (2012) is directed and produced by Charles Band, with Kip Canyon, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, Oto Brezina.

Following events of previous chapter, Danny becomes embroiled in assassination plots and further mayhem, with puppets working together to stop the Axis Rising. Axis Termination (2017) is directed and produced by Charles Band, with Kevin Scott Allen, Tania Fox, Allen Perada. To conclude the trilogy, Toulon’s puppets work to stop the Third Reich in the ultimate battle to save the world. All three scores offer thematic unity, stylistic common ground, but each has unique musical traits as well. Band does utilize his now-familiar Puppet Master waltz theme but judiciously, primarily as opening and closing titles to bind scores with all earlier installments. Due to WWII setting, with locales including the Los Angeles Chinatown and a Japanese femme fatale, Band was also inspired to write some evocative material featuring shakuhachi accompanied by wood block percussion. And the Nazi have considerable musical clout with sinister motifs of their own. Axis Rising includes considerable militaristic percussion writing and a new “resurrection theme”. Axis Termination allows Band to contribute a degree of warmth and humanity in his scoring.

All three CDs produced by Richard Band with mastering by Chris Malone. Featuring vivid, colorful packaging designed by Kay Marshall and informative booklet notes by Daniel Schweiger. Music composed, orchestrated and performed by Richard Band. Intrada Special Collection 3-CD release available while quantities and interest remain!

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01. Introduction And Past (3:28)
02. Before The Past (3:41)
03. Axis Of Evil – Main Title (3:02)
04. The Town (2:53)
05. Follow The Nazis (5:38)
06. Mean Boss / Puppets (4:57)
07. Remembering The Murder (1:28)
08. Discovering Hideout (7:43)
09. Blade (0:36)
10. Pinhead (1:03)
11. Puppets Awaken Danny (0:43)
12. Revealing Themselves (2:21)
13. The Alliance (1:58)
14. Asian Connection (6:08)
15. The Alliance Falls Apart (5:06)
16. Going After The Puppets (4:44)
17. The Final Battle (7:30)
18. Axis Of Evil – End Title (2:48)
Total CD 1 Time: 63:36


01. Prologue/Eye To Chinatown (4:43)
02. Axis Rising – Main Title (2:53)
03. Sad News Of Tunneler (0:51)
04. Blade At Window (1:43)
05. Break In (2:42)
06. Puppet’s Head (0:47)
07. Uschi (1:32)
08. The Colonel’s Office (5:32)
09. The Message (0:56)
10. The Music Box (0:31)
11. Reading For The Re-Con (4:27)
12. Discovering Bombshell (2:51)
13. Back In Chinatown/The Shoot-Out (2:27)
14. Leech Woman Trying To Get Danny (2:35)
15. Parker’s Car/Blitzkrieg (1:16)
16. Danny’s Plea (2:48)
17. Kamikaze In The Alley (2:25)
18. Finding Tunneler/Shoot Guard (5:54)
19. Finale (1:54)
20. Axis Rising – End Title (3:27)
Total CD 2 Time: 52:53

01. Introduction Sequence (1:37)
02. Axis Termination – Main Title (1:56)
03. Disbelief (0:55)
04. Take A Look (1:05)
05. Nazis Discuss The Power (6:45)
06. Ivanov’s Power (2:02)
07. The Torturing (3:06)
08. Antoinette/Around The Table (3:06)
09. In On Blade (3:58)
10. The Plan And Warehouse (6:28)
11. The Scroll And Pin Head Attack (2:12)
12. Transition (1:39)
13. Puppet And Entering The Room (1:50)
14. Elyssa Awakens (3:20)
15. Frau Is Attacked (7:19)
16. Sneaking Around (2:27)
17. Killing Sequence (1:06)
18. Battle Continues (3:01)
19. Sarge Overcomes And Finale (6:27)
20. Axis Termination – End Title (2:33)
Total Score Time: 63:27

The Extra
21. The Littlest Reich – Main Theme Revisited (3:10)
Total CD 3 Time: 66:42

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Das "3-CD premiere" ist wohl rein auf die 3'er Box bezogen. Aus Axis Of Evil (Teil 9) gab es knapp 20 Minuten auf der dicken Puppet Master Anthology-Box von Perseverance, aus Axis Rising (Teil 10) gab es 51 Minuten von La-La Land. Letzteres weiß Intrada anscheinend nicht. ;) Der "Littlest Reich"-Track stammt vom Lakeshore-Album zu Fabio Frizzis Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (2018). Als alter Richard Band-Fan und als Ergänzung zur Perseverance-Box denke ich trotzdem drüber nach. :) 

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