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  1. Neues aus der „Rob Zombie presents" Reihe. Rob Zombie and Waxwork Records have partnered to release an exclusive, curated line of classic Horror movie soundtracks. “Rob Zombie Presents” features several never-before-released film soundtracks that were personally selected by the singer, songwriter, and filmmaker. “I have always been a huge fan of movie soundtracks. So I jumped at the opportunity to work with Waxwork on this project.” Says Zombie, “I can’t wait to release these albums. So many of these films are greatly under appreciated and, they all contain such great music. So, to be able to release these deluxe packages is a dream come true.“ - Rob Zombie In collaboration with Rob Zombie, Waxwork Records is thrilled to release Rob Zombie Presents HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Von Dexter. Starring Vincent Price, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL is a 1959 American Horror film produced and directed by William Castle. Vincent Price plays an eccentric millionaire, Frederick Loren, who, along with his wife Annabelle, has invited five people to a house for a "haunted house" party. Whoever stays in the house for one night will earn $10,000. As the night progresses, the guests are trapped within the house with an assortment of terrors. The film uses many props used in carnival haunted houses to generate fear and terror. The film is also known for its promotional gimmick, Emergo, which included a "flying skeleton" that would appear over the audience as they enjoyed the film in a movie theater. Waxwork worked with the rights holders of the original film elements which have been restored, allowing for the best source material of this never-before-released soundtrack album. In addition to the original music by composer Von Dexter, this release features segments of the film's dialogue and sound effects appealingly included and sourced from the restored original soundtrack. Included in this very special release is the first part of an exclusive two-part interview conducted by Rob Zombie with Vincent Price's daughter, Victoria Price. Part two will be included with Waxwork's upcoming release of Rob Zombie Presents The Last Man On Earth! Von Dexter (1912-1996) was an American composer born in Aurora, Illinois. He later moved to Chicago where his professional music career began playing in bars and nightclubs. After gaining a music degree at USC, he moved to California where he became the West Coast MD for NBC. In addition to House On Haunted Hill, Dexter composed the scores for other William Castle films including 13 Ghosts and The Tingler. Rob Zombie Presents HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Features: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Von Dexter 150 Gram Pink & Black Hand Poured Color Vinyl Exclusive Interview Conducted by Rob Zombie with Victoria Price Artwork By Graham Humphreys Deluxe Gatefold Packaging with Matte Satin Coating Four Page Booklet Select Dialogue & Sound Effects from the film included
  2. What Lies Beneath (2000) was a first for filmmaker Robert Zemeckis: a serious, adult-minded ghost story starring Michelle Pfeiffer and, in a rare turn (and twist) as the villain, Harrison Ford. Originally developed for Steven Spielberg, the film was a Hitchcockian throwback of slow-burn suspense, with gorgeous Vermont locations supporting the A-list talent. Scoring What Lies Beneath was, as always for Zemeckis, his long-time collaborator, Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump). Silvestri conjured up a dark, moody soundscape of suspense, orchestral violence and eerie beauty for the supernatural hauntings and real-life threat that is closer than the heroine realizes—ably recalling the spirit of the classic Hitchcock–Herrmann partnership, with Silvestri’s own vernacular and modern dramatic sense. Varèse Sarabande released What Lies Beneath as a 9-track, 30-minute program at the time of the film. This long-awaited Deluxe Edition premieres the complete score in a 25-track, 60-minute program, with new liner notes by Daniel Schweiger interviewing screenwriter Clark Gregg. Produced by: Alan Silvestri and David Bifano Recorded and Mixed by: Dennis Sands Music Editor: Dan DiPrima, Jacqueline Tager and Lee Scott Mastered by: Chas Ferry and Melinda Hurley Track List: 1. ImageMovers Logo 2. Main Title 3. Panic Attack 4. Sobbing Neighbor 5. Claire Visits Feur House / I Thought I Saw / Watery What? 6. Broken Photo 7. Binocular Spy 8. Discover Key / Full Bath 9. Ouija Board 10. You Know 11. Newspaper Clipping 12. Madison’s Room 13. Forbidden Fruit 14. Jody Fesses Up / Electrocuted 15. I Opened The Door 16. Claire's Drive 17. Key Decision 18. Norman Attacks 19. Passive Aggressive Masterpiece / Norman Falls / Bloody Hand 20. Norman's Gone / Claire Steps In Blood / Hand Moves Sting 21. The Getaway 22. Reunited / Peace At Last 23. End Credits 24. Restaurant Source 25. The Four Seasons: Autumn
  3. Doom (2005) was a big-budget feature film adaptation of the hit game from id Software, starring Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike and Dwayne Johnson (billed as The Rock). A team of marines are sent through a portal to a research facility on Mars, where they must battle demonic creatures which are revealed to be mutated humans from genetic experiments. Doom was an action-packed romp noted for its nods to videogame culture, creature design by Stan Winston Studios, and lengthy first-person shooter sequence. One of its most successful elements is its forward-thinking score by Clint Mansell, blending orchestra and electronics with authentic “alt. rock” elements, including a remix of the Nine Inch Nails song “You Know What You Are.” Mansell’s score smartly evolves from haunted-house spookiness to balls-out action, all impeccably produced. “I wanted to sort of capture the adrenaline and that sort of metal thrash that goes with the game and world in my opinion. It’s like it needed something edgy,” Mansell said at the time. “The original thought was to do a big orchestral score, and there is some orchestra in it, but it’s a very contemporary-type movie and the score needed to be contemporary, too.” Doom was released as a 22-track, hour-long by Varèse Sarabande at the time of the film. This new Deluxe Edition expands the content to two discs, with 41 tracks and over 140 minutes. The 20-page booklet features liner notes by Daniel Schweiger and two double-page interior spreads of newly commissioned artwork by Micha Huigen. Produced and Programmed by: Clint Mansell Orchestra Recorded and Mixed by: Geoff Foster Mastered by: Chas Ferry and Melinda Hurley Track List: CD 1: 1. Doom (Main Title) 2. Pray For War 3. Facing Demons 4. Olduvai 5. Into Action 6. Stealth 7. Searching 8. Access Denied 9. Sibling Rivalry 10. A Discovery 11. Goat's Demons 12. Nano Wall / Carmack 13. Zombie-Blood Gone 14. Down In The Sewer 15. Man Down 16. Taking Control 17. Carmack's Return 18. Childhood Memories 19. Mac Attacked 20. Resurrection 21. BFG 22. Bathroom Break 23. Destroyed 24. Clip Drop 25. Death From Above CD 2: 1. Infirmaray 2. Experimental Stahl 3. UAC Data 4. Containment Breach 5. It's Choosing 6. Kill Em All (A) 7. Kill Em All (B) 8. Mass Onslaught 9. C 24 10. First Person Shooter 11. Last Man Standing 12. Semper Fi 13. Fight Scene 14. Almost Home 15. You Know What You Are? (For E.C. Pt. 1) (Clint Mansell Remix) 16. Doom (For E.C. Pt. 2)
  4. La-La Land Records and MGM proudly present the re-issue of acclaimed composer Sylvester Levay’s (COBRA, HOT SHOTS!, STONE COLD) original motion picture score for the 1990 big-screen ensemble actioner NAVY SEALS, starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton, and directed by Lewis Teague. A notable ‘90’s action score, Sylvester Levay’s NAVY SEALS unleashes the composer’s inventive, unique and strikingly effective meld of live orchestra and synthesizer, resulting in a work that is thematically charged, robust and brassy, while also teaming with exciting electronic rhythms and textures. This release uses the previous stereo Intrada album for its main score presentation, resequenced into chronological order and with a re-creation of the end titles. The additional bonus mono cues are sourced from a mono 1/4" tape provided by MGM. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition CD release of 1000 units features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by author Jeff Bond, featuring new interview comments from the composer and art direction by Dan Goldwasser. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION 52:45 1. Main Title – Navy SEALs 3:10 2. The First Mission 2:00 3. Search Team 4:52 4. The Missiles 0:21 5. Freighter Raid 6:14 6. Never Talk About Mom 0:56 7. Training Camp 1:40 8. High Jumpers 5:22 9. Into Town 4:49 10. Graham’s Dead 1:21 11. Funeral 2:00 12. The Flag 2:17 13. Going To Beirut 4:53 14. God Is Dead 0:55 15. Sneak To The Building / Planting The Dynamite 3:16 16. Da Auto Part I 1:19 17. Da Auto Part II 1:23 18. Back To The Sub 2:01 19. To The Rescue 1:11 20. End Title – Navy SEALs 2:14 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 8:24 21. Tears Of Rage (SOURCE) 1:03 22. Main Title (MONO, FILM VERSION) 3:17 23. You’re Welcome (MONO) 0:41 24. Saving Curran (MONO) 0:25 25. Da Auto Part I (MONO, EXTENDED VERSION) 1:29 26. Underwater Fight (MONO) 1:18 TOTAL ALBUM TIME 61:15 This is a CD format release.
  5. https://de-de.facebook.com/lalalandrecords/ LLL versucht's im April mit einem Western und einem militärischen Machwerk. Meine Sache ist's nicht.
  6. Caldera Records is proud to present David Shire’s score for the TV pilot “Three for the Road.” “Three for the Road” (1975) was an ambitious idea, a road trip as a family show, mostly shot on location throughout the US. While the show allowed for levity throughout, at its heart it dealt with loss and the desire to (re-)connect. Pete (Alex Rocco) is the kind of father every kid wants to have. He is kind and cool. He lets his two boys ride a motorcycle, while always providing emotional support when needed. And needed it often is, as his two kids, John (Vincent Van Paten) and Endy (Leif Garrett), have recently lost their mother. Now the three live in a recreational vehicle in which they drive through the United States while Pete takes on commissions as a photographer. While Bruce Broughton provided the music for the individual episodes, David Shire was contracted to score the pilot. His score is built around his main theme, a memorable, uplifting piece that makes its appearance throughout the pilot, and with its use of guitar featuring subtle folk elements. It’s a varied score also incorporating lounge jazz pieces, and for the more intimate moments, elaborate string writing. In addition, we also include music from “The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened” and “Daddy, I Don’t Like It Like This,” two TV movies that also deal with trauma. For the former, Shire provided a rousing, energetic sports score with gentler, tender moments to illustrate the illness of the main character. Shire’s score for the latter film is built around a lullaby-like main theme, often performed on a solo instrument such as a clarinet or piano. This music perfectly captures both the main protagonist Peter’s child-like wonder and also the longing of his parents. The theme is used, for example, both as Peter escapes into the woods and as his father lays on his bed, indulging in his memories of happier times when everything seemed possible. The boy’s escapes enable Shire to infuse his compositions with drive and verve that make “Daddy, I Don’t Like It Like This” an eclectic listening experience. The 54th CD-release of Caldera Records features a detailed booklet text by Stephan Eicke and elegant artwork by Luis Miguel Rojas. The CD was mastered by Richard Moore and produced by Stephan Eicke and John Elborg. C6054 Music Composed and Conducted by David Shire Album Produced by Stephan Eicke, David Shire Executive Producers for Caldera Records: John Elborg, Stephan Eicke Album Art Direction and Design by Luis Miguel Rojas For more information and sound clips, please visit our homepage: https://www.caldera-records.com/three-for-the-road Three for the Road 1. Main Title (Pilot) (1:41) 2. Restaurant Source (2:14) 3. Endy & Amy (1:27) 4. Motorcycle Ride (2:19) 5. Kitchen Scene (2:14) 6. Looking for Amy (1:31) 7. Here Comes Trouble (0:56) 8. God’s Country (3:33) 9. Finale and End Title (1:43) 10. Turnaround (0:48) 11. Main Title (Series) (1:08) The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened 12. Main Title (1:42) 13. Morris, Father & Sandra (1:14) 14. Basketball (3:17) 15. “Julie, Come Here” (2:46) 16. “I Love You” (1:16) 17. Finale and End Credits (1:58) 18. Jingle Bells (2:29) Daddy, I Don’t Like It Like This 19. Main Title (1:53) 20. Wedding Flashback (2:51) 21. Second Forest Scene (2:12) 22. Pete’s Death (2:53) 23. Double Flashback (2:22) 24. Pete Looks for Helen (0:57) 25. Central Park Flashback (3:31) 26. Finale and End Credits (2:44)
  7. It’s been a decade since John Carpenter recorded the material that would become Lost Themes, his debut album of non-film music and the opening salvo in one of Hollywood’s great second acts. Those vibrant, synth-driven songs, made in collaboration with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, kickstarted a musical renaissance for the pioneering composer and director. In the years since, Carpenter, Carpenter, and Davies have released close to a dozen musical projects, including a growing library of studio albums and the scores for David Gordon Green’s trilogy of Halloween reboots. With Lost Themes IV: Noir, they’ve struck gold again, this time mining the rich history of the film noir genre for inspiration. Since the first Lost Themes, John has referred to these compositions as “soundtracks for the movies in your mind.” On the fourth installment in the series, those movies are noirs. Like the film genre they were influenced by, what makes these songs “noirish” is sometimes slippery and hard to define, and not merely reducible to a collection of tropes. The scores for the great American noir pictures were largely orchestral, while the Carpenters and Davies work off a sturdy synth-and-guitar backbone. The noir quality, then, is something you understand instinctively when you hear it. “Some of the music is heavy guitar riffs, which is not in old noir films,” Davies notes. “But somehow, it’s connected in an emotional way.” The trio’s free-flowing chemistry means Lost Themes IV: Noir runs like a well-oiled machine—the 1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster from Kiss Me Deadly, perhaps, or the 1958 Plymouth Fury from John’s own Christine. It’s a chemistry that’s helped power one of the most productive stretches of John’s creative life, and Noir proves that it’s nowhere near done yielding brilliant results. “This is who we are, I think,” John summarizes. “Daniel’s the adventurer. He pushes for new sounds, new directions. He tries things that I haven’t thought of. He’s a lot more daring than I am, and he enriches the whole thing. Cody’s the musician. He’s a savant at music. He understands music. We depend on him to rescue us.” And what about John’s contribution? With characteristic understatement, he concludes: “I’m the experience. I’ve done music for movies before.” -Brad Sanders ***Sacred Bones Exclusive Color: Edition of 1000 copies, pressed on Red on Clear Splatter vinyl w/ Screen Printed 7" and a Silver Foil Stamped Jacket*** ***Sacred Bones Record Society version: Edition of 150 copies, pressed on Black and White Splatter on Clear vinyl w/ Screen Printed 7" and a Silver Foil Stamped Jacket, in an exclusive wrap around sleeve, wax sealed, hand-numbered and available by mail-order only. ENROLL HERE.*** All vinyl copies come with a massive 24x36" fold-out poster. Release Date 5/3/24 1. My Name Is Death 05:40 Video 2. Machine Fear 3. Last Rites 4. The Burning Door 5. He Walks By Night 6. Beyond the Gallows 7. Kiss the Blood Off My Fingers 8. Guillotine 9. The Demon's Shadow 10. Shadows Have A Thousand Eyes
  8. LA-LA LAND RECORDS FEELS THE NEED FOR SPEED!!! NEW RELEASE: MARCH 1, 2024 Available to order NOW at www.lalalandrecords.com “TOP GUN: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET)” Music by Harold Faltermeyer Limited Edition of 5000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 STARTS SHIPPING MARCH 11 The first 150 orders of TOP GUN will get a CD Booklet autographed by the composer at no additional charge. Autographs are available while supplies last and ARE NOT GUARANTEED. La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Columbia Records present the world premiere official release of renowned composer Harold Faltermeyer’s (FLETCH, BEVERLY HILLS COP, THE RUNNING MAN) original motion picture score to the iconic 1986 aerial blockbuster action/drama TOP GUN, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, and directed by Tony Scott. Composer Faltermeyer defined the 80’s film score pop-synth landscape with such legendary scores as BEVERLY HILLS COP and FLETCH only to re-define it further with TOP GUN, a propulsive and imaginative musical juggernaut that still inspires and influences film scores today – including the recent smash TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Aside from two previously released tracks, this remastered and expanded deluxe 2-CD presentation marks the first time Faltermeyer’s TOP GUN score has been made officially available in any format! Disc One showcases the brilliant film score, along with bonus demo cues, and Disc Two presents songs from the film, including the #1 hits “Danger Zone,” performed by Kenny Loggins and the Oscar-Winning “Take My Breath Away,” performed by Berlin – both co-written and produced by the great Giorgio Moroder – as well as “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” performed by The Righteous Brothers and more, plus additional bonus tracks. Produced by for La-La Land Records by Dan Goldwasser, mastered by Doug Schwartz and approved by the composer, this limited edition of 5000 units includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, with new interview quotes from Faltermeyer, and high-flyin’ art design by Goldwasser. A must-have for all film music and pop culture fans that’ll take your breath away! TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 1. Main Title* 2:41 2. Carrier Takeoffs and Landings** 1:46 3. Two Migs, Not One†/Cougar Chased by Mig/Mav Flips the Bird*/Cougar’s Troubled Landing 6:58 4. Mav Goes to Fightertown** 1:49 5. Jester Flying*** 3:10 6. Tower Flyby* 1:10 7. Viper Comes Down on Mav 0:50 8. Mav and Goose In Room 2:06 9. Dinner at Charlie’s§ 1:32 10. Mav Says Goodbye to Charlie§ 2:40 11. Love Scene§ 3:41 12. Mav vs Viper 2:11 13. End Locker Room and Photo 0:46 14. Aerial Sequence** 1:27 15. Goose’s Death/Memories 4:10 16. Mav Reflects in Goose’s Room/Board of Inquiry/Charlie and Mav in Airport Bar 11:03 17. Viper’s House Pt. 1# 1:15 18. Viper’s House Pt. 2 1:57 19. Carrier Ready Room and Takeoffs# 2:47 20. Mav is Launched/Mav Bugs Out/Mav Returns to Battle#/Return to Carrier* 11:11 BONUS TRACKS 21. Top Gun Theme (original demo - May 4, 1985) 3:34 22. Top Gun Theme (revised demo - August 1, 1985) 4:18 23. Top Gun Theme (revised demo reprise - August 1, 1985) 4:12 TOTAL DISC 1 TIME = 77:58 DISC 2 1. “Danger Zone” - Kenny Loggins 3:36 2. “Mighty Wings” - Cheap Trick 3:51 3. “Playing With the Boys” - Kenny Loggins 3:59 4. “Lead Me On” - Teena Marie 3:47 5. “Take My Breath Away (Love Theme From “Top Gun”)” - Berlin 4:15 6. “Hot Summer Nights” - Miami Sound Machine 3:38 7. “Heaven In Your Eyes” - Loverboy 4:04 8. “Through the Fire” - Larry Greene 3:45 9. “Destination Unknown” - Marietta 3:48 10. “Top Gun Anthem” - Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens 4:12 11. “(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay” - Otis Redding 2:41 12. “Memories” - Harold Faltermeyer 2:55 13. “Great Balls of Fire” - Jerry Lee Lewis 1:50 14. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” - The Righteous Brothers 3:42 15. “Playing With The Boys (Dance Mix)” - Kenny Loggins 6:41 16 .“Dog Fight #3” - Harold Faltermeyer 2:40 17. “Radar Radio” - Giorgio Moroder feat. Joe Pizzulo 3:42 BONUS TRACKS 18. First Shot of Mav and Goose (unused)* 0:53 19. Don’t Worry About the Mig (unused)§ 0:24 20. Top Gun Theme (extended album mix) 4:44 TOTAL DISC 2 TIME = 69:45 TOTAL ALBUM TIME = 2:27:43 * consists of “Top Gun Anthem” ** consists of “Danger Zone” *** consists of “Mighty Wings” § consists of “Take My Breath Away” † contains material not in film # contains an interpolation of “Top Gun Anthem” This is a CD format release.
  9. Morgen, am 23. Februar, wird Hollywood Records das offizielle Soundtrack-Album für die FX-Miniserie SHŌGUN veröffentlichen. Das Album umfasst 17 Stücke, komponiert von Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross und Nick Chuba. Der Soundtrack wird digital erhältlich sein. 1. Erasmus (0:45) 2. Main Title (1:51) 3. Osaka Castle (2:14) 4. The Council Will Answer to Me (2:28) 5. Tanto (1:06) 6. Crimson Sky (2:47) 7. Three Hearts (5:23) 8. The Pull of Death (3:38) 9. Willow World (2:05) 10. This Is War (2:14) 11. A Dream Within a Dream (2:39) 12. Land of Tears (1:43) 13. All Men Can Be Broken (7:00) 14. Shinobi (3:20) 15. Why Tell a Dead Man the Future (2:06) 16. The Bureaucrat (1:50) 17. Two Hearts (3:06)
  10. Varèse will nun wohl noch stärker ins Vinyl-Geschäft einsteigen und hat dafür eine neue Serie gestartet. Dafür verfolgen sie nun wohl das Modell von Waxwork und Co.: Schön bunt und mit Extras wie Postern. Coming soon to a turntable near you! Reel Cult is our brand-new soundtrack revival series for cinephiles, crate-diggers, and nostalgia nomads alike. Resurrected from the depths of bygone video stores and midnight repertory theaters, Reel Cult resurfaces the wildest B-movie soundtracks, cult classic creature features, Blaxploitation cinema, Wild West revenge sagas, and spine-tingling horror flicks that never stopped spinning in your head. Butter your popcorn, cue your tonearm, and crank that receiver to 11, because Reel Cult is coming to an independent record store near you on April 20th for Record Store Day 2024. Kicking off our series are two equally rambunctious titles, legendary composer Ennio Morricone's score for Orca, and the soundtrack to the classic Blaxploitation film Black Girl. Keep reading to get the lowdown. ENNIO MORRICONE - ORCA (MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE The only animal other than man who kills for revenge… is ORCA! Italian Maestro extraordinaire Ennio Morricone trades in his six-shooters for harpoons as he attacks the most dangerous creature in the sea, the killer whale! Morricone expertly instills his score with compassion for the oceanic familicide victim while echoing the whale’s vengeful bloodlust in a complex and rich soundtrack to the aquatic thriller. Available on vinyl in North America for the first time! Pressed on "Blood In The Water" colored vinyl, packaged in a tip-on jacket with brand-new liner notes and a fold-out poster. Dip your toes in, if you dare! VARIOUS ARTISTS - BLACK GIRL (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) Smooth Soul-Jazz at its best! Fantasy Records house producers/songwriters/engineers Ray Shanklin, Ed Bogus and Jesse Osborne collected the best soul vocal stylists including Betty Everett & Rodger Collins, and paired them with jazz giants like Merl Saunders and Sonny Stitt, to create an unforgettable musical tapestry for Ossie Davis’ seminal cinematic social commentary, 1972’s Black Girl. The music and score to Black Girl – as integral to the film as it is – makes for a timely and timeless stand-alone record as well. As fresh today as it was on its release fifty-plus years ago, Black Girl is one gem you’ll never forget. This long-sought-after rarity was cut (AAA) from the original analog tapes, and is pressed on 180-gram Clear Black Swirl-colored vinyl. Completing the package is a classic tip-on jacket.
  11. Komponistenwechsel bei den Geisterjägern. Nachdem Rob Simonsen für GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE einen wirklich schönen Score schreiben durfte, ist nun Dario Marianelli an der Reihe, der Fortsetzung den hoffentlich nötigen Sound zu verpassen.
  12. Zum ersten Mal überhaupt erscheint der Score zu THE EXORCIST III als Album. Waxwork Records haben ihn angekündigt, allerdings scheint er nur auf Vinyl zu erscheinen. CD oder Streaming wurden bisher nicht erwähnt.
  13. OCTOPUSSY – 40th ANNIVERSARY: EXPANDED/REMASTERED LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1637 Music by John Barry “All Time High” Composed by John Barry Lyrics by Tim Rice Performed by Rita Coolidge Limited Edition of 5000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $31.98 STARTS SHIPPING JAN 16 Available to order now at www.lalalandrecords.com La-La Land Records, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, EON Productions and Universal Music Enterprises proudly commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the 1983 James Bond film OCTOPUSSY, with a remastered and expanded 2-CD re-issue of composer John Barry’s original motion picture score to the film, starring Roger Moore in his sixth turn as 007 and directed by John Glen. Legendary composer John Barry (GOLDFINGER, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, DANCES WITH WOLVES) returns again to the Bond franchise with OCTOPUSSY, delivering another bold, thrilling, dramatic and romantic orchestral score, along with a dreamily smooth and sensuous title track performed by Rita Coolidge. The renowned composer combines his chase-and-action style from the’60s with his more sophisticated, symphonic approach of the late ’70s and early ’80s, giving 007 the best of both musical worlds. OCTOPUSSY – 40th ANNIVERSARY EXPANDED LIMITED EDITION showcases the film’s music in exhilarating fashion, with improved sound and never-before-released material. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Doug Schwartz, Disc One of this deluxe release showcases the film’s Score Presentation and additional music, while a remaster of the original 1983 soundtrack album is housed on Disc Two, along with the CD premiere of the “Extended Instrumental Version” of “All Time High”! The film score on Disc One was sourced from ¼ inch stereo tapes of the film mixes, while Disc Two’s original 1983 soundtrack and the “Extended Instrumental Version” of “All Time High” are from ¼ inch stereo album masters. All of the tapes were newly transferred in high resolution for this set. This special release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by “The Music of James Bond” author Jon Burlingame and sharp art design by Dan Goldwasser. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Gun Barrel And Airbase* :51 2. Bond Look-Alike* 2:59 3. Fill Her Up :44 4. All Time High (Performed by Rita Coolidge) 3:05 5. 009 Gets The Knife And The Property Of A Lady 1:35 6. Kremlin Art Repository And Sotheby’s 1:22 7. India 1:00 8. Magda And Spend The Money Quickly, Mr. Bond :50 9. Gobinda Attacks* 2:14 10. Easy Come, Easy Go* 1:50 11. All Time High (Instrumental) 1:48 12. That’s My Little Octopussy 3:13 13. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy 3:23 14. Bond At The Monsoon Palace 3:04 15. Palace Intrigue 1:43 16. The Mysterious Octopussy 2:36 17. Bond Meets Octopussy 3:36 18. Yo-Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay (Extended Version) 3:54 19. Checkpoint Charlie And The Romanov Star 1:06 20. The Chase Bomb Theme (Film Version) 1:55 21. Fight With Mischka :56 22. Follow That Car* 1:02 23. The End Of General Orlov 1:51 24. Gorilla Suit And Death Of Grischka 1:26 25. The Bomb Arrives And Clowning Around 1:48 26. The Palace Fight (Extended Version)* 5:00 27. Kamal Khan’s Death And Finale 2:01 28. All Time High – End Title (Performed by Rita Coolidge) 3:03 Total Score Time 60:43 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 29. British Ambassador :48 30. Vijay’s Pungi* :32 31. Gangaur Ghat 1:20 32. Bazaar 1:09 33. Let The Sport Commence 2:59 34. The Hunt Continues 2:10 35. The Floating Palace :53 36. Distraction 2:07 Total Additional Music Time 12:11 Total Disc 1 Time 73:03 DISC 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 1. All Time High (Performed by Rita Coolidge) 3:04 2. Bond Look-Alike* 2:59 3. 009 Gets The Knife And Gobinda Attacks* 3:06 4. That’s My Little Octopussy 3:13 5. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy 3:23 6. Bond At The Monsoon Palace 3:04 7. Bond Meets Octopussy 3:36 8. Yo-Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay 3:45 9. The Chase Bomb Theme 1:57 10. The Palace Fight* 4:32 11. All Time High – End Title (Performed by Rita Coolidge) 3:03 Total Original Album Time 36:10 BONUS TRACK 12. All Time High (Extended Instrumental Version) 3:52 Total Disc 2 Time 40:08 Total Collection Time 1:53:11 * Contains “James Bond Theme” written by Monty Norman This is a CD format release
  14. LIVE AND LET DIE – 50th ANNIVERSARY: EXPANDED/REMASTERED LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1625 Music by George Martin Title Song Composed by Paul and Linda McCartney Performed by Paul McCartney and Wings Limited Edition of 5000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $31.98 STARTS SHIPPING JAN 16 Available to order now at www.lalalandrecords.com La-La Land Records, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, EON Productions and Universal Music Enterprises proudly commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 James Bond film LIVE AND LET DIE, with a remastered and expanded 2-CD re-issue of composer George Martin’s original motion picture score to the film, starring Roger Moore in his debut portrayal of 007 and directed by Guy Hamilton. A new Bond demanded a fresh take on the film’s score and its title song - and famed composer and Beatles producer George Martin and former Beatle himself Paul McCartney more than succeed in this challenging mission, resulting in a film score and title track that, fifty years later, still resonates with Bond buffs and popular-music fans alike! LIVE AND LET DIE – 50th ANNIVERSARY EXPANDED LIMITED EDITION showcases the film’s iconic music in exhilarating fashion, with improved sound and never-before-released material. Produced by Neil S. Bulk, Disc One of this release showcases the Score Presentation, while a remaster of the original 1973 soundtrack album is housed on Disc Two, along with additional music tracks! The film score and original soundtrack album have been remixed from original 16-track masters by Chris Malone and mastered by Doug Schwartz in high resolution. (Please note only the score has been remixed – the McCartney song, the "Fillet Of Soul" tracks and "Just A Closer Walk With Thee/New Second Line" are all sourced from the original album masters.) This special release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by “The Music of James Bond” author Jon Burlingame and sharp art design by Dan Goldwasser. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 55:07 SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Gun Barrel / Voodoo Ceremony 1:30 2. Live And Let Die (Main Title) 3:11 Performed by Paul McCartney & Wings 3. Bond To New York 1:26 4. Whisper Who Dares 1:44 5. Oh Cult Voodoo Shop 1:18 6. James Bond Theme (Film Version) 1:45 7. Bond Meets Solitaire (Extended Version) 2:54 8. Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death (Film Version) 1:43 9. San Monique 1:58 10. Snakes Alive (Film Version) 2:41 11. Bond And Rosie 1:04 12. Fortune Telling :46 13. Rosie Flees 2:05 14. Bond Drops In (Film Version) :55 15. The Lovers 2:18 16. If He Finds It, Kill Him 1:21 17. Low Bridge :59 18. New Orleans 1:02 19. Just A Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line 2:19 Performed by Harold A. “Duke” Dejan & The Olympia Brass Band 20. Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul – Harlem 3:18 Performed by B.J. Arnau 21. Bond's Watch :58 22. Solitaire Gets Her Cards 1:51 23. Trespassers Will Be Eaten (Extended Version) 2:49 24. Boat Chase 2:04 25. Sacrifice (Film Version) 3:22 26. Underground Lair 4:01 27. On The Train / Finale 3:04 DISC 2 46:12 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 32:14 1. Live And Let Die (Main Title) 3:11 Performed by Paul McCartney & Wings 2. Just A Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line 2:19 Performed by Harold A. “Duke” Dejan & The Olympia Brass Band 3. Bond Meets Solitaire 2:16 4. Whisper Who Dares 1:44 5. Snakes Alive 2:28 6. Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death 1:14 7. San Monique 1:58 8. Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul – Harlem 3:18 Performed by B.J. Arnau 9. Bond Drops In 3:28 10. If He Finds It, Kill Him 1:21 11. Trespassers Will Be Eaten 2:46 12. Solitaire Gets Her Cards 1:51 13. Sacrifice 2:31 14. James Bond Theme 1:29 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 13:51 15. San Monique (Early Version) 2:47 16. Boat Chase Pt. 1 (Early Version) 1:51 17. Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul – Harlem (Alternate) 3:19 Performed by B.J. Arnau 18. Underground Lair (Alternate Opening) :37 19. Sacrifice (Extended Album Version) 3:22 20. Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death (Extended Album Version) 1:43 Total Album Time: 1:41:19 This is a CD format release
  15. Ende Januar kommt Robert Folks Rock-A-Doodle von MSM. Bin gespannt, wie der Score dort klingen wird - verglichen zur sehr mäßigen deutschen CD von damals. https://moviescoremedia.com/newsite/coming-soon/
  16. World premiere release of Jerry Goldsmith’s original soundtrack from 1977 WWII film! Universal Pictures releases for Richard D. Zanuck/David Brown productions with Frank McCarthy producing, Hal Barwood & Matthew Robbins script, Joseph Sargent directs with Gregory Peck starring as the famed titular character of General Douglas MacArthur. Movie follows MacArthur in his combat exploits in the South Pacific during the latter years of WWII. Significant losses at Corregidor, victories in the Pacific, ultimate surrender of Japan, China’s conflict with Korea, all are captured in Jerry Goldsmith’s powerful score. The music anchors with a sturdy, propulsive military march given an unusual introductory idea: left-hand piano rhythms played with mallets on the strings. This dramatic effect reappears in several sequences. But Goldsmith’s march is judiciously used. Getting considerable attention is a much more nostalgic theme identifying MacArthur’s respect for West Point and the military traditions. Interestingly, a secondary idea heard as a “B” section of the composer’s march also gets considerable attention and in many instances becomes a major theme on its own. In fact, when the final end credits playout with a dynamic return of the march, Goldsmith adds a coda of powerful fortissimo major chords declaring that secondary idea to close the score. Commanding idea! There is so much more in Goldsmith’s score as well: Film covers losses by both U.S. and Filipinos as well as the Japanese, and the loss of face and defeat in Japan is given darker material. “New Era” is a moving highlight with Goldsmith building on a traditional Japanese melody (“Sakura Sakura”) in low strings colored with striking solo phrases from bassoon. MCA Records issued highlights in a re-recorded album at the time of the film’s release but the actual film versions of Goldsmith’s score have never been released - until now. Some of the differences between the film and re-recorded versions are subtle, other differences are striking. The soundtrack version of the score also includes numerous cues not contained on the 1977 album. Newly re-mastered presentation of that original album also appears. Complete score is presented from 1/2” 3-channel session masters. Several extras include source material recorded at the sessions plus a powerful specially-recorded performance of Goldsmith’s exciting “Hard Gained Ground” cue from Lonely Are The Brave in which a few seconds of the take are heard as source music in MacArthur. Wow! John Neal engineers at The Burbank Studios, Arthur Morton orchestrates, Jerry Goldsmith composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain! Play all clips CD 1 MacArthur – The Score 01. MacArthur – Main Title (MacArthur March) (2:08) 02. The Tunnel [Long Version] (0:36) 03. MacArthur March [March Indoors] (With Drum Intro) (1:10) 04. I Shall Return (3:53) 05. To Australia (0:51) 06. The Minefield (1:52) 07. Statistics (1:47) 08. Surrender (0:54) 09. Attack Training (0:43) 10. Casualties (0:51) 11. Propaganda (2:26) 12. Change Is Inevitable (1:22) 13. Stand By [Marcato Trumpets] (1:42) 14. The Landing (3:26) 15. The Prison (1:30) 16. The Reunion (0:50) 17. Missouri [Extended Version] (0:43) 18. The Treaty (2:16) 19. New Era (3:01) 20. Newsreel – #1 (0:40) 21. Newsreel – #2 (0:20) 22. Hard Gained Ground (From Lonely Are The Brave) (2:03) 23. The Last Gift (1:56) 24. Ambush (0:55) 25. Reflections (1:03) 26. MacArthur March [Newsreel] (1:05) 27. I Bid You Farewell (2:07) 28. MacArthur – End Title (MacArthur March) (1:54) Score Time: 46:41 Score Alternates 29. The Tunnel [Short Version] (0:31) 30. MacArthur March – Drums (0:10) 31. MacArthur March [March Indoors] (Without Drum Intro) (1:07) 32. I Shall Return (Alternate Mix) (3:50) 33. Stand By [Legato Trumpets] (1:42) 34. Missouri [Original Version] (0:26) Alternates Time: 8:06 Source Music 35. Waltzing Matilda (A.B. Paterson/Marie Cowan) (2:04) 36. Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree (Lew Brown/Charles Tobias/Sam H. Stept) (0:41) 37. Funeral March (Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35) (Frederick Chopin) (0:57) 38. Symphony No. 7 In A Major – Mvt. 2 (Beethoven) (1:32) 39. Admiral Byrd (Billy May) (0:29) 40. Undecided – Instrumental (Sid Robin/ Charles Shavers) (1:08) 41. Orpheus In Hades – Can-Can (J. Offenbach, Arr. Hal Mooney) (0:20) 42. Mayday In Moscow (From The Front Page) (Billy May) (0:48) Source Music Time: 8:27 CD 1 Total Time: 62:30 CD 2 Original 1977 Soundtrack Album 01. MacArthur March (Main Title) (2:48) 02. I Shall Return (3:56) 03. The Treaty (2:35) 04. The Tunnel (2:32) 05. Statistics (3:03) 06. Stand By (2:07) 07. A Last Gift (2:24) 08. New Era (3:24) 09. The Landing (3:40) 10. The Minefield (2:36) 11. I Bid You Farewell / MacArthur March (4:15) CD 2 Total Time: 33:42
  17. Über drei Stunden Musik für Animation-Freunde. Nichts für mich, zu synth. Aber die Batman-Animations haben ja ihre Fans. https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/batman-beyond-original-soundtrack-vol-1-various-artists/xa8rhp3hk4qaa
  18. Quartet Records is proud to present a brand-new recording conducted by Fernando Velázquez of another film score that is either lost or inaccessible – in this case no fewer than five films scores by John Barry: a suspense classic from the ’60s, a film adaptation of a classic play, and three television movies starring Katharine Hepburn. John Barry would have turned 90 on November 3, 2023. The unforgettable music of this five-time Oscar winner continues to be celebrated around the world, and indeed the impact of his innovative scores for dozens of movies from the 1960s through the ’90s continues to reverberate to this day. Disc 1 includes the complete score of SÉANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964), a major work previously missing from the composer’s discography. It was one of his masterpieces for Bryan Forbes that, unfortunately, remained unreleased due to the absence of master tapes. Orchestrated for a small ensemble featuring vibrant percussion and woodwinds, it’s a mysterious, suggestive, unsettling score, reaching its culmination in the long rescue sequence. As a bonus, we have included another rarity that deserves to be rescued. A DOLL’S HOUSE (1973) was one of Barry’s briefest scores: a single, sad melody for celeste, harp, harpsichord and piano, repeated three times during the film’s length. Disc 2 is devoted to three lovely telefilms: a trilogy of period play adaptations starring Katharine Hepburn. LOVE AMONG THE RUINS and THE CORN IS GREEN, both directed by George Cukor in 1975 and 1979, respectively, contain memorable main and love themes, brilliantly orchestrated. The two scores are stylistically similar, featuring strings, woodwinds, piano and harpsichord. THE GLASS MENAGERIE, adapted from Tennessee Williams’ famous play and directed by Anthony Harvey (with whom Barry had previously worked on THE LION IN WINTER) was written for solo piano, performed by the composer himself, who always claimed to be a not-very-good pianist, but it was precisely this innocence and imprecision that Harvey was looking for. For our recording, celebrated pianist Silvia Mkrtchian has approximated the spirit of the original Barry recording. If there is one thing that the five scores presented here have in common, it’s John Barry’s great ability to work with small, almost chamber-like ensembles, seeking the specific sound of each story without being an intrusive voice, always with a British personality of reserve and deftness. Leigh Phillips has painstakingly reconstructed and orchestrated all five scores. They are performed by the prestigious Orquesta de Córdoba conducted by Fernando Velázquez. Recorded and mixed by Marc Blanes, the audio has been meticulously mastered by Chris Malone in the spirit of Barry’s original recordings. Elegant design by Nacho B. Govantes with cover art designed by Jim Titus graces a 28-page booklet with an in-depth essay by film music journalist and writer (and major Barry connoisseur) Jon Burlingame. DISC 1. SÉANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964) 1. Main Title From Séance On A Wet Afternoon 2:14 2. The Room 0:41 3. The Plan 0:22 4. Myra Remembers 5:26 5. Billy Leaves 0:55 6. Kidnapped 1:24 7. The Ransom Letter 1:01 8. The Prayer / Good Morning, Amanda 1:04 9. The Drop (Part 1) 2:09 10. The Drop (Part 2) 2:44 11. The Drop (Part 3) 3:02 12. We’re Mad 0:33 13. Mrs. Clayton’s Reading / The Woods 1:21 14. The Final Reading 1:21 15. Arthur’s Waiting 0:54 16. Finale From Séance On A Wet Afternoon 1:51 A DOLL’S HOUSE (1973) 17. Main Title From A Doll’s House 1:26 18. The Children 0:29 19. Tarantella 0:48 20. End Title From A Doll’s House 1:19 Total Disc Time: 31:08 DISC 2. LOVE AMONG THE RUINS (1975) 1. Main Title From Love Among The Ruins 1:41 2. There She Is 3:10 3. You Look, You Look… / Don’t You Remember? 0:36 4. The Boy Who Loved You 1:09 5. First Time I Saw You 1:53 6. I Pray You Know Me When We Meet Again 0:39 7. The Fire’s Gone Out 0:26 8. Freedom’s Prisoner 1:44 9. A Day In Court 0:50 10. Sauerbraten With Egg And Milk 5:31 11. Vision Of Portia 2:02 12. End Title From Love Among The Ruins 2:44 THE CORN IS GREEN (1979) 13. Main Title From The Corn Is Green 1:44 14. First Look / Get The Rights 1:19 15. Going To See The Squire 1:03 16. Morgan Dreams 0:27 17. Good Day, Sir 0:56 18. First Composition 1:12 19. Morgan Enrolls 1:44 20. Two Year Birthday 0:41 21. Lady Moffat Studies 0:37 22. Morgan Upset 0:38 23. To The Squire, Again 1:26 24. How Kind You Are 0:48 25. Moffat Home 0:26 26. Enraged Morgan 0:46 27. I Don’t Understand You 1:06 28. Moffat Alone 1:29 29. Off You Go 0:21 30. To Oxford 2:13 31. Reflection 1:19 32. The Lady Gets A Baby 0:53 33. Morgan Decides 2:51 34. End Title From The Corn Is Green 1:08 THE GLASS MENAGERIE (1973) 35. Main Titles From The Glass Menagerie 1:11 36. An Old Maid / Father’s Charm 1:07 37. The Argument / A Nailed-Up Coffin 0:42 38. Laura’s World 1:14 39. The Unicorn 2:11 40. Goodbye 1:41 Total Disc Time: 56:46 Total 2-CD Time: 87:54
  19. Quartet Records, in collaboration with Capitol Records and Universal Music Entertainment, present a 2-CD set with a revised, remastered, slightly expanded edition of scores for two landmark made-for-television filmscomposed by John Williams (STAR WARS, E.T., JURASSIC PARK, HOOK) between 1968 and 1970. Both of these adaptations of classic stories were presented by Omnibus Productions and directed by Delbert Mann, and both also earned Emmy® Awards for John Williams’ original music. Through these scores, the composer shaped the destinies of two classic literary characters as well as his own. Every effort was made to locate surviving audio elements for both HEIDI and JANE EYRE. The discovery of the original ½″ four-track masters from HEIDI containing all of the cues selected for the 1968 narrated story album facilitated an attentive new mix of the music and a presentation in narrative order. The narration record was newly transferred by Universal Music Group and is presented after the musical score. For JANE EYRE, a new high-resolution transfer of the 1971 ¼″ stereo album master was provided by Universal Music Group, with audio then fully restored. This is followed by four tracks of additional material, including a short segment of source music that is heard in the film but was not on the album. The other three tracks are alternate performances of three selections recorded for the album, “To Thornfield,” “Restoration” and the “Love Theme.” This material was sourced from two ½″ 3-track tapes that were discovered at Twentieth Century Fox in early 2019. While no additional score cues could be located, the recovery of any new material from this enduring and highly regarded John Williams work is most welcome. The entire collection has been painstakingly remixed, restored, assembled and mastered by Mike Matessino, preserving all the freshness of the original recording. The package includes a 28-page full-color booklet with in-depth liner notes by film music writer John Takis and classy art direction by Jim Titus. Disc 1. HEIDI Original Motion Picture Score 1. Overture (Theme From ‘Heidi’) 2:21 2. Arrival In Dörfli 3:12 3. To The Alm 2:00 4. Goat’s Milk 1:36 5. At The Church :57 6. Meditation Rock 2:20 7. Dinner Table :47 8. Stealing Rolls 1:10 9. The Bedroom 1:55 10. Library Talk 1:24 11. Return To Dörfli 2:56 12. Montage 1:34 13. Waiting With Grandfather 1:35 14. Separation 3:28 15. The Farewell 3:52 16. Klara Walks 3:51 Total Score Presentation: 35:27 1968 Original Soundtrack With Dialogue and Narration 17. Main Title And Overture 2:21 (John Williams and Orchestra) 18. The Old Man And The Child 2:49 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 19. A Place Of My Own 3:35 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 20. The Alm 3:39 (Jennifer Edwards) 21. The Sleeping Child 2:22 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 22. Meditation 2:25 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 23. A Place Of My Own (Heidi’s Theme) 2:41 (Carri Chase, Vocal) 24. Shadows 3:51 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 25. Reflections 4:16 (Jennifer Edwards) 26. A New Dimension 1:56 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 27. The Nature Of Things 2:25 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 28. Love Theme From ‘Heidi’ 2:54 (John Williams and Orchestra) 29. The Miracle 2:55 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 30. Finale And End Title 1:05 (Sir Michael Redgrave) Total Soundtrack Album: 39:20 Disc 2. JANE EYRE Original Soundtrack Album 1. The Love Theme From ‘Jane Eyre’ 3:17 2. Overture (Main Title) 3:57 3. Lowood 2:28 4. To Thornfield 1:53 5. Festivity At Thornfield 2:11 6. Grace Poole And Mason’s Arrival 3:03 7. Meeting 3:09 8. Thwarted Wedding 2:40 9. Across The Moors 2:39 10. Restoration 3:58 11. Reunion (End Title) 4:25 Total Soundtrack Album: 34:06 Additional Music 12. More Festivity :44 13. To Thornfield (Alternate) 1:54 14. Restoration (Alternate) 3:56 15. The Love Theme From ‘Jane Eyre’ (Alternate) 3:19 Total Additional Music: 10:02
  20. Quartet Records, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Music Special Markets and Geffen Records present an expanded and remastered 2-CD edition of DAD, the sensitive score composed by James Horner (FIELD OF DREAMS, CASPER, BRAVEHEART, TITANIC) for the 1989 Steven Spielberg production. The film is a family drama written and directed by Gary David Goldberg, and features stars Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, Olympia Dukakis and Ethan Hawke. The film tells the story of John Tremont (Danson) who returns home after his mother (Dukakis) suffers a heart attack, and ends up caring for, and developing a new bond with, his dad, Jake (Lemmon). This new stage in their relationship restores Jake’s will to live. Meanwhile, Jake’s relationship with his grandson Billy (Hawke), upset by the separation of his parents, encourages the rebuilding of the family. James Horner composed a touching score, dominated by a beautifully heartwarming theme. This expanded collection has been produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Matessino from original 2-track mixes by engineer Shawn Murphy. Disc one includes the film score presentation with never-before released material and additional bonus tracks. The original MCA album, long out of print, is on Disc 2, which features performance variation in some tracks. The package includes an in-depth essay by film music writer and conductor Deniz Cordell. DISC 1. SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Prologue From “Dad” (1:55) 2. Dad (3:12) 3. Saying Goodnight (2:34) 4. I Think It’s White (1:25) 5. Farm Flashback / Visiting Mom (1:06) 6. Mopping The Floor (1:03) 7. Playing Catch (2:01) 8. The Farm (1:51) 9. The Hug (1:02) 10. Wheelchair (2:28) 11. Taking Dad Home (6:41) 12. Where’s Dad? (2:41) 13. The Vigil (2:23) 14. Recovery (1:28) 15. Fashion Show (4:37) 16. The Greenhouse (4:06) 17. Goodbyes (Film Version) (8:23) Additional Music 18. Playing Catch (Alternate) (1:59) 19. Taking Dad Home (Alternate) (6:42) 20. Where’s Dad? (Alternate) (2:34) 21. The Greenhouse (Alternate) (4:09) 22. The Vigil (Alternate) (2:28) Total Disc: 67:14 DISC 2. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 1. Prologue And Main Title (5:16) 2. Saying Goodnight (2:30) 3. Mopping The Floor (1:03) 4. Playing Catch / The Farm (3:27) 5. The Vigil (2:23) 6. Taking Dad Home (6:41) 7. Dad (3:12) 8. Recovery (1:27) 9. The Greenhouse (4:04) 10. Goodbyes (9:09) Total Disc: 39:16 Total 2-CD Time: 106:30
  21. Quartet Records, in collaboration with Aribage Limited and the Michael Kamen estate, is proud to present the premiere release of the early Michael Kamen (BRAZIL, LETHAL WEAPON, DIE HARD, LICENCE TO KILL) score for 1982 British thriller VENOM. Directed by Piers Haggard and based on the novel by Alan Scholfield, starring Sterling Hayden, Klaus Kinski, Sarah Miles, Nicol Williamson, Susan George and Oliver Reed, VENOM tells the story of a group of international terrorists who attempt to kidnap a wealthy couple’s child. Their plan comes unstuck when a deadly Black Mamba escapes with the terrorists and several hostages trapped in the boy’s London home. A tense evening is had by all as the snake creeps around the house, picking off the characters one by one. The young Michael Kamen composed a tremendous score, one of his best and an obvious precursor to some of his future successes. In VENOM, one can hear everything from a variation of his future and celebrated theme for THE DEAD ZONE to echoes of what would later be the CONCERTO FOR SAXOPHONE AND ORCHESTRA (as well as parts he later used in ROBIN HOOD and DIE HARD 2). Kamen wisely avoided mimicry, instead imprinting the film with his distinctive voice. Using low woodwinds, low strings and muted brass, he masterfully crafted an atmospheric and personality-rich soundtrack. VENOM is a pivotal score in the composer’s filmography, not only suitably serves the film, but also foreshadows Kamen’s rapid ascent to the ranks of Hollywood’s A-list composers in the years ahead. Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of the composer (who also orchestrated the score in its entirety), this release utilizes three reels of two-track Abbey Road mixes by Eric Tomlison and provided by the Michael Kamen estate. Upon reviewing these masters, it became apparent that editorial adjustments had been made to Kamen’s original compositions for the film. Notably, the “End Titles” music, intended as an unsettling coda, was repurposed within the body of the film. In presenting this release, we restore Michael Kamen’s music to its intended sequencing, allowing the composer to present his story arc. Bonus tracks, including “snake” motifs and drones, conclude the listening program. This album has been meticulously produced, restored and mastered by Chris Malone. The package includes a 20-page booklet with in-depth liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond. 1. Main Titles 2:52 2. Seduction 1:05 3. Mugambo 1:44 4. Picking Up Jacmel / Drive To Jacmel House 3:08 5. Boy In Car / First Kill 6:06 6. One Dead Maid 2:49 7. Preparate / Waiting 0:57 8. One Dead Rabbit 0:49 9. Grandfather Hunt 3:25 10. That’s It 1:35 11. Duct 1:43 12. On The Steps / Snake 2:09 13. Drinks? / Dave’s Leg 2:57 14. Final Death 3:44 15. End Titles 2:36 Bonus Tracks 16. Main Titles (Film Version) 2:49 17. Mugambo (Orchestral Only) 1:43 18. Snake 1 1:09 19. Snake 2 1:14 20. Snake 3 1:09 21. Snake 4 1:03 22. A Drone 0:39 23. C Drone 0:58 24. End Titles (Alternate) 2:29 Total Disc Time: 51:06
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