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  1. Ende Januar kommt Robert Folks Rock-A-Doodle von MSM. Bin gespannt, wie der Score dort klingen wird - verglichen zur sehr mäßigen deutschen CD von damals. https://moviescoremedia.com/newsite/coming-soon/
  2. World premiere release of Jerry Goldsmith’s original soundtrack from 1977 WWII film! Universal Pictures releases for Richard D. Zanuck/David Brown productions with Frank McCarthy producing, Hal Barwood & Matthew Robbins script, Joseph Sargent directs with Gregory Peck starring as the famed titular character of General Douglas MacArthur. Movie follows MacArthur in his combat exploits in the South Pacific during the latter years of WWII. Significant losses at Corregidor, victories in the Pacific, ultimate surrender of Japan, China’s conflict with Korea, all are captured in Jerry Goldsmith’s powerful score. The music anchors with a sturdy, propulsive military march given an unusual introductory idea: left-hand piano rhythms played with mallets on the strings. This dramatic effect reappears in several sequences. But Goldsmith’s march is judiciously used. Getting considerable attention is a much more nostalgic theme identifying MacArthur’s respect for West Point and the military traditions. Interestingly, a secondary idea heard as a “B” section of the composer’s march also gets considerable attention and in many instances becomes a major theme on its own. In fact, when the final end credits playout with a dynamic return of the march, Goldsmith adds a coda of powerful fortissimo major chords declaring that secondary idea to close the score. Commanding idea! There is so much more in Goldsmith’s score as well: Film covers losses by both U.S. and Filipinos as well as the Japanese, and the loss of face and defeat in Japan is given darker material. “New Era” is a moving highlight with Goldsmith building on a traditional Japanese melody (“Sakura Sakura”) in low strings colored with striking solo phrases from bassoon. MCA Records issued highlights in a re-recorded album at the time of the film’s release but the actual film versions of Goldsmith’s score have never been released - until now. Some of the differences between the film and re-recorded versions are subtle, other differences are striking. The soundtrack version of the score also includes numerous cues not contained on the 1977 album. Newly re-mastered presentation of that original album also appears. Complete score is presented from 1/2” 3-channel session masters. Several extras include source material recorded at the sessions plus a powerful specially-recorded performance of Goldsmith’s exciting “Hard Gained Ground” cue from Lonely Are The Brave in which a few seconds of the take are heard as source music in MacArthur. Wow! John Neal engineers at The Burbank Studios, Arthur Morton orchestrates, Jerry Goldsmith composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain! Play all clips CD 1 MacArthur – The Score 01. MacArthur – Main Title (MacArthur March) (2:08) 02. The Tunnel [Long Version] (0:36) 03. MacArthur March [March Indoors] (With Drum Intro) (1:10) 04. I Shall Return (3:53) 05. To Australia (0:51) 06. The Minefield (1:52) 07. Statistics (1:47) 08. Surrender (0:54) 09. Attack Training (0:43) 10. Casualties (0:51) 11. Propaganda (2:26) 12. Change Is Inevitable (1:22) 13. Stand By [Marcato Trumpets] (1:42) 14. The Landing (3:26) 15. The Prison (1:30) 16. The Reunion (0:50) 17. Missouri [Extended Version] (0:43) 18. The Treaty (2:16) 19. New Era (3:01) 20. Newsreel – #1 (0:40) 21. Newsreel – #2 (0:20) 22. Hard Gained Ground (From Lonely Are The Brave) (2:03) 23. The Last Gift (1:56) 24. Ambush (0:55) 25. Reflections (1:03) 26. MacArthur March [Newsreel] (1:05) 27. I Bid You Farewell (2:07) 28. MacArthur – End Title (MacArthur March) (1:54) Score Time: 46:41 Score Alternates 29. The Tunnel [Short Version] (0:31) 30. MacArthur March – Drums (0:10) 31. MacArthur March [March Indoors] (Without Drum Intro) (1:07) 32. I Shall Return (Alternate Mix) (3:50) 33. Stand By [Legato Trumpets] (1:42) 34. Missouri [Original Version] (0:26) Alternates Time: 8:06 Source Music 35. Waltzing Matilda (A.B. Paterson/Marie Cowan) (2:04) 36. Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree (Lew Brown/Charles Tobias/Sam H. Stept) (0:41) 37. Funeral March (Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 35) (Frederick Chopin) (0:57) 38. Symphony No. 7 In A Major – Mvt. 2 (Beethoven) (1:32) 39. Admiral Byrd (Billy May) (0:29) 40. Undecided – Instrumental (Sid Robin/ Charles Shavers) (1:08) 41. Orpheus In Hades – Can-Can (J. Offenbach, Arr. Hal Mooney) (0:20) 42. Mayday In Moscow (From The Front Page) (Billy May) (0:48) Source Music Time: 8:27 CD 1 Total Time: 62:30 CD 2 Original 1977 Soundtrack Album 01. MacArthur March (Main Title) (2:48) 02. I Shall Return (3:56) 03. The Treaty (2:35) 04. The Tunnel (2:32) 05. Statistics (3:03) 06. Stand By (2:07) 07. A Last Gift (2:24) 08. New Era (3:24) 09. The Landing (3:40) 10. The Minefield (2:36) 11. I Bid You Farewell / MacArthur March (4:15) CD 2 Total Time: 33:42
  3. Über drei Stunden Musik für Animation-Freunde. Nichts für mich, zu synth. Aber die Batman-Animations haben ja ihre Fans. https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/batman-beyond-original-soundtrack-vol-1-various-artists/xa8rhp3hk4qaa
  4. Quartet Records is proud to present a brand-new recording conducted by Fernando Velázquez of another film score that is either lost or inaccessible – in this case no fewer than five films scores by John Barry: a suspense classic from the ’60s, a film adaptation of a classic play, and three television movies starring Katharine Hepburn. John Barry would have turned 90 on November 3, 2023. The unforgettable music of this five-time Oscar winner continues to be celebrated around the world, and indeed the impact of his innovative scores for dozens of movies from the 1960s through the ’90s continues to reverberate to this day. Disc 1 includes the complete score of SÉANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964), a major work previously missing from the composer’s discography. It was one of his masterpieces for Bryan Forbes that, unfortunately, remained unreleased due to the absence of master tapes. Orchestrated for a small ensemble featuring vibrant percussion and woodwinds, it’s a mysterious, suggestive, unsettling score, reaching its culmination in the long rescue sequence. As a bonus, we have included another rarity that deserves to be rescued. A DOLL’S HOUSE (1973) was one of Barry’s briefest scores: a single, sad melody for celeste, harp, harpsichord and piano, repeated three times during the film’s length. Disc 2 is devoted to three lovely telefilms: a trilogy of period play adaptations starring Katharine Hepburn. LOVE AMONG THE RUINS and THE CORN IS GREEN, both directed by George Cukor in 1975 and 1979, respectively, contain memorable main and love themes, brilliantly orchestrated. The two scores are stylistically similar, featuring strings, woodwinds, piano and harpsichord. THE GLASS MENAGERIE, adapted from Tennessee Williams’ famous play and directed by Anthony Harvey (with whom Barry had previously worked on THE LION IN WINTER) was written for solo piano, performed by the composer himself, who always claimed to be a not-very-good pianist, but it was precisely this innocence and imprecision that Harvey was looking for. For our recording, celebrated pianist Silvia Mkrtchian has approximated the spirit of the original Barry recording. If there is one thing that the five scores presented here have in common, it’s John Barry’s great ability to work with small, almost chamber-like ensembles, seeking the specific sound of each story without being an intrusive voice, always with a British personality of reserve and deftness. Leigh Phillips has painstakingly reconstructed and orchestrated all five scores. They are performed by the prestigious Orquesta de Córdoba conducted by Fernando Velázquez. Recorded and mixed by Marc Blanes, the audio has been meticulously mastered by Chris Malone in the spirit of Barry’s original recordings. Elegant design by Nacho B. Govantes with cover art designed by Jim Titus graces a 28-page booklet with an in-depth essay by film music journalist and writer (and major Barry connoisseur) Jon Burlingame. DISC 1. SÉANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964) 1. Main Title From Séance On A Wet Afternoon 2:14 2. The Room 0:41 3. The Plan 0:22 4. Myra Remembers 5:26 5. Billy Leaves 0:55 6. Kidnapped 1:24 7. The Ransom Letter 1:01 8. The Prayer / Good Morning, Amanda 1:04 9. The Drop (Part 1) 2:09 10. The Drop (Part 2) 2:44 11. The Drop (Part 3) 3:02 12. We’re Mad 0:33 13. Mrs. Clayton’s Reading / The Woods 1:21 14. The Final Reading 1:21 15. Arthur’s Waiting 0:54 16. Finale From Séance On A Wet Afternoon 1:51 A DOLL’S HOUSE (1973) 17. Main Title From A Doll’s House 1:26 18. The Children 0:29 19. Tarantella 0:48 20. End Title From A Doll’s House 1:19 Total Disc Time: 31:08 DISC 2. LOVE AMONG THE RUINS (1975) 1. Main Title From Love Among The Ruins 1:41 2. There She Is 3:10 3. You Look, You Look… / Don’t You Remember? 0:36 4. The Boy Who Loved You 1:09 5. First Time I Saw You 1:53 6. I Pray You Know Me When We Meet Again 0:39 7. The Fire’s Gone Out 0:26 8. Freedom’s Prisoner 1:44 9. A Day In Court 0:50 10. Sauerbraten With Egg And Milk 5:31 11. Vision Of Portia 2:02 12. End Title From Love Among The Ruins 2:44 THE CORN IS GREEN (1979) 13. Main Title From The Corn Is Green 1:44 14. First Look / Get The Rights 1:19 15. Going To See The Squire 1:03 16. Morgan Dreams 0:27 17. Good Day, Sir 0:56 18. First Composition 1:12 19. Morgan Enrolls 1:44 20. Two Year Birthday 0:41 21. Lady Moffat Studies 0:37 22. Morgan Upset 0:38 23. To The Squire, Again 1:26 24. How Kind You Are 0:48 25. Moffat Home 0:26 26. Enraged Morgan 0:46 27. I Don’t Understand You 1:06 28. Moffat Alone 1:29 29. Off You Go 0:21 30. To Oxford 2:13 31. Reflection 1:19 32. The Lady Gets A Baby 0:53 33. Morgan Decides 2:51 34. End Title From The Corn Is Green 1:08 THE GLASS MENAGERIE (1973) 35. Main Titles From The Glass Menagerie 1:11 36. An Old Maid / Father’s Charm 1:07 37. The Argument / A Nailed-Up Coffin 0:42 38. Laura’s World 1:14 39. The Unicorn 2:11 40. Goodbye 1:41 Total Disc Time: 56:46 Total 2-CD Time: 87:54
  5. Quartet Records, in collaboration with Capitol Records and Universal Music Entertainment, present a 2-CD set with a revised, remastered, slightly expanded edition of scores for two landmark made-for-television filmscomposed by John Williams (STAR WARS, E.T., JURASSIC PARK, HOOK) between 1968 and 1970. Both of these adaptations of classic stories were presented by Omnibus Productions and directed by Delbert Mann, and both also earned Emmy® Awards for John Williams’ original music. Through these scores, the composer shaped the destinies of two classic literary characters as well as his own. Every effort was made to locate surviving audio elements for both HEIDI and JANE EYRE. The discovery of the original ½″ four-track masters from HEIDI containing all of the cues selected for the 1968 narrated story album facilitated an attentive new mix of the music and a presentation in narrative order. The narration record was newly transferred by Universal Music Group and is presented after the musical score. For JANE EYRE, a new high-resolution transfer of the 1971 ¼″ stereo album master was provided by Universal Music Group, with audio then fully restored. This is followed by four tracks of additional material, including a short segment of source music that is heard in the film but was not on the album. The other three tracks are alternate performances of three selections recorded for the album, “To Thornfield,” “Restoration” and the “Love Theme.” This material was sourced from two ½″ 3-track tapes that were discovered at Twentieth Century Fox in early 2019. While no additional score cues could be located, the recovery of any new material from this enduring and highly regarded John Williams work is most welcome. The entire collection has been painstakingly remixed, restored, assembled and mastered by Mike Matessino, preserving all the freshness of the original recording. The package includes a 28-page full-color booklet with in-depth liner notes by film music writer John Takis and classy art direction by Jim Titus. Disc 1. HEIDI Original Motion Picture Score 1. Overture (Theme From ‘Heidi’) 2:21 2. Arrival In Dörfli 3:12 3. To The Alm 2:00 4. Goat’s Milk 1:36 5. At The Church :57 6. Meditation Rock 2:20 7. Dinner Table :47 8. Stealing Rolls 1:10 9. The Bedroom 1:55 10. Library Talk 1:24 11. Return To Dörfli 2:56 12. Montage 1:34 13. Waiting With Grandfather 1:35 14. Separation 3:28 15. The Farewell 3:52 16. Klara Walks 3:51 Total Score Presentation: 35:27 1968 Original Soundtrack With Dialogue and Narration 17. Main Title And Overture 2:21 (John Williams and Orchestra) 18. The Old Man And The Child 2:49 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 19. A Place Of My Own 3:35 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 20. The Alm 3:39 (Jennifer Edwards) 21. The Sleeping Child 2:22 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 22. Meditation 2:25 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 23. A Place Of My Own (Heidi’s Theme) 2:41 (Carri Chase, Vocal) 24. Shadows 3:51 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 25. Reflections 4:16 (Jennifer Edwards) 26. A New Dimension 1:56 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 27. The Nature Of Things 2:25 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 28. Love Theme From ‘Heidi’ 2:54 (John Williams and Orchestra) 29. The Miracle 2:55 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 30. Finale And End Title 1:05 (Sir Michael Redgrave) Total Soundtrack Album: 39:20 Disc 2. JANE EYRE Original Soundtrack Album 1. The Love Theme From ‘Jane Eyre’ 3:17 2. Overture (Main Title) 3:57 3. Lowood 2:28 4. To Thornfield 1:53 5. Festivity At Thornfield 2:11 6. Grace Poole And Mason’s Arrival 3:03 7. Meeting 3:09 8. Thwarted Wedding 2:40 9. Across The Moors 2:39 10. Restoration 3:58 11. Reunion (End Title) 4:25 Total Soundtrack Album: 34:06 Additional Music 12. More Festivity :44 13. To Thornfield (Alternate) 1:54 14. Restoration (Alternate) 3:56 15. The Love Theme From ‘Jane Eyre’ (Alternate) 3:19 Total Additional Music: 10:02
  6. Quartet Records, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Music Special Markets and Geffen Records present an expanded and remastered 2-CD edition of DAD, the sensitive score composed by James Horner (FIELD OF DREAMS, CASPER, BRAVEHEART, TITANIC) for the 1989 Steven Spielberg production. The film is a family drama written and directed by Gary David Goldberg, and features stars Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, Olympia Dukakis and Ethan Hawke. The film tells the story of John Tremont (Danson) who returns home after his mother (Dukakis) suffers a heart attack, and ends up caring for, and developing a new bond with, his dad, Jake (Lemmon). This new stage in their relationship restores Jake’s will to live. Meanwhile, Jake’s relationship with his grandson Billy (Hawke), upset by the separation of his parents, encourages the rebuilding of the family. James Horner composed a touching score, dominated by a beautifully heartwarming theme. This expanded collection has been produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Matessino from original 2-track mixes by engineer Shawn Murphy. Disc one includes the film score presentation with never-before released material and additional bonus tracks. The original MCA album, long out of print, is on Disc 2, which features performance variation in some tracks. The package includes an in-depth essay by film music writer and conductor Deniz Cordell. DISC 1. SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Prologue From “Dad” (1:55) 2. Dad (3:12) 3. Saying Goodnight (2:34) 4. I Think It’s White (1:25) 5. Farm Flashback / Visiting Mom (1:06) 6. Mopping The Floor (1:03) 7. Playing Catch (2:01) 8. The Farm (1:51) 9. The Hug (1:02) 10. Wheelchair (2:28) 11. Taking Dad Home (6:41) 12. Where’s Dad? (2:41) 13. The Vigil (2:23) 14. Recovery (1:28) 15. Fashion Show (4:37) 16. The Greenhouse (4:06) 17. Goodbyes (Film Version) (8:23) Additional Music 18. Playing Catch (Alternate) (1:59) 19. Taking Dad Home (Alternate) (6:42) 20. Where’s Dad? (Alternate) (2:34) 21. The Greenhouse (Alternate) (4:09) 22. The Vigil (Alternate) (2:28) Total Disc: 67:14 DISC 2. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 1. Prologue And Main Title (5:16) 2. Saying Goodnight (2:30) 3. Mopping The Floor (1:03) 4. Playing Catch / The Farm (3:27) 5. The Vigil (2:23) 6. Taking Dad Home (6:41) 7. Dad (3:12) 8. Recovery (1:27) 9. The Greenhouse (4:04) 10. Goodbyes (9:09) Total Disc: 39:16 Total 2-CD Time: 106:30
  7. Quartet Records, in collaboration with Aribage Limited and the Michael Kamen estate, is proud to present the premiere release of the early Michael Kamen (BRAZIL, LETHAL WEAPON, DIE HARD, LICENCE TO KILL) score for 1982 British thriller VENOM. Directed by Piers Haggard and based on the novel by Alan Scholfield, starring Sterling Hayden, Klaus Kinski, Sarah Miles, Nicol Williamson, Susan George and Oliver Reed, VENOM tells the story of a group of international terrorists who attempt to kidnap a wealthy couple’s child. Their plan comes unstuck when a deadly Black Mamba escapes with the terrorists and several hostages trapped in the boy’s London home. A tense evening is had by all as the snake creeps around the house, picking off the characters one by one. The young Michael Kamen composed a tremendous score, one of his best and an obvious precursor to some of his future successes. In VENOM, one can hear everything from a variation of his future and celebrated theme for THE DEAD ZONE to echoes of what would later be the CONCERTO FOR SAXOPHONE AND ORCHESTRA (as well as parts he later used in ROBIN HOOD and DIE HARD 2). Kamen wisely avoided mimicry, instead imprinting the film with his distinctive voice. Using low woodwinds, low strings and muted brass, he masterfully crafted an atmospheric and personality-rich soundtrack. VENOM is a pivotal score in the composer’s filmography, not only suitably serves the film, but also foreshadows Kamen’s rapid ascent to the ranks of Hollywood’s A-list composers in the years ahead. Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of the composer (who also orchestrated the score in its entirety), this release utilizes three reels of two-track Abbey Road mixes by Eric Tomlison and provided by the Michael Kamen estate. Upon reviewing these masters, it became apparent that editorial adjustments had been made to Kamen’s original compositions for the film. Notably, the “End Titles” music, intended as an unsettling coda, was repurposed within the body of the film. In presenting this release, we restore Michael Kamen’s music to its intended sequencing, allowing the composer to present his story arc. Bonus tracks, including “snake” motifs and drones, conclude the listening program. This album has been meticulously produced, restored and mastered by Chris Malone. The package includes a 20-page booklet with in-depth liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond. 1. Main Titles 2:52 2. Seduction 1:05 3. Mugambo 1:44 4. Picking Up Jacmel / Drive To Jacmel House 3:08 5. Boy In Car / First Kill 6:06 6. One Dead Maid 2:49 7. Preparate / Waiting 0:57 8. One Dead Rabbit 0:49 9. Grandfather Hunt 3:25 10. That’s It 1:35 11. Duct 1:43 12. On The Steps / Snake 2:09 13. Drinks? / Dave’s Leg 2:57 14. Final Death 3:44 15. End Titles 2:36 Bonus Tracks 16. Main Titles (Film Version) 2:49 17. Mugambo (Orchestral Only) 1:43 18. Snake 1 1:09 19. Snake 2 1:14 20. Snake 3 1:09 21. Snake 4 1:03 22. A Drone 0:39 23. C Drone 0:58 24. End Titles (Alternate) 2:29 Total Disc Time: 51:06
  8. Pleasantville (1998) was a high-concept fantasy-comedy about high-school siblings (Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon) transported into an idyllic, black-and-white 1950s Leave It to Beaver-type TV show. In the hands of writer/director Gary Ross, the film is more than just a fish-out-of-water tale with dazzling VFX—it is a touching character study and potent Civil Rights allegory that received critical acclaim and is fondly remembered today. Scoring Pleasantville was a master of Americana, humor and symphonic scoring, Randy Newman. Newman had cheeky fun with the show-within-the-film’s old-school traditions, but just as the story blossoms into a heartfelt tale of emotional awakening—with a beautiful performance by Joan Allen as a repressed mother—so does the gorgeous score. “Randy is unique in the fact that he can write with a depth of emotion, and he’s also an accomplished satirist,” says Gary Ross in the new liner notes by Tim Greiving. “He could write to the vernacular of what the movie was, but not be limited by it. That’s what the film is trying to do, and it really needs someone who can understand the breadth of those intentions... I’ve never been happier with any score, on any movie.” Features: Varèse Sarabande released Pleasantville’s score album in 1998 as a 17-track, 31-minute edition. As the film celebrates its 25th anniversary, this Deluxe Edition features an expanded program of 34 tracks and 66 minutes. Track List: 1. The Pleasantville Theme 2. Get Ready* 3. New TV Remote And The Fight* 4. We’re Stuck (The Breakfast Scene)* 5. School And Basketball* 6. Mr. Johnson And Missed Shots* 7. In The Bath 8. Bud’s A Hero 9. Make-Up 10. The Art Book 11. Real Rain (Extended Version)** 12. Let’s Go Bowling 13. Together 14. Waking Up 15. No Umbrellas (Extended Version)** 16. Nude Painting* 17. Punch 18. Burning The Books 19. The Aftermath (Extended Version)** 20. Mural 21. A New Day 22. Goodbye 23. Pleasantville Bumper* 24. The Sweater Additional Music: 25. Make-Up (Film Version)* 26. The Art Book (Alternate)* 27. Together (Film Version)* 28. No Umbrellas (Alternate)* 29. The Aftermath (Alternate)* 30. Mural (Film Version)* 31. A New Day (Alternate)* 32. A New Bus (Film Construct)* 33. Pleasantville Theme Play-Off* 34. Pleasantville End Credits Suite* * Previously unreleased ** Contains previously unreleased material
  9. Serenity (2005) was the feature film sequel of Joss Whedon’s short-lived space-western TV series, Firefly (2002–03). When fans lamented the loss of the canceled show, Universal rescued the titular spaceship and its charismatic crew (including Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk) for a big-screen adventure written and directed by Whedon. Scoring Serenity was David Newman, whose vast and diverse filmography lent him well-prepared for anything the film might throw at him. From worldbuilding to character comedy to harrowing action, the score runs the gamut—but always hews to a sense of family and “home” for the Serenity and her offbeat crew. Solo cello and folksy percussion are found alongside eerie “ethnic” approaches, which turn dark and brutal for the barbaric villains, the Reavers, as the film explores their secret origin. But Newman balances the weirdness with familiar, dramatic orchestral scoring, ultimately creating an eclectic tapestry for Whedon’s unique vision. Features: Varèse Sarabande’s 2005 soundtrack CD for Serenity was released as a 23-track, 50-minute program. This Deluxe Edition expands the album into a 2CD set, with 54 tracks featuring 90 minutes of prime David Newman sci-fi action, adventure, and emotion, as chronicled in new liner notes by Daniel Schweiger. Track List: SERENITY: CD1: 1 Opening/Intro To River 3:11 2 Escape 1:30 3 The Operative 0:49 4 Death Of Mathias 3:12 5 Serenity 0:50 6 Going For A Ride 2:24 7 Trading Station Robbery 3:08 8 Reaver Chase 3:41 9 Pop Goes The Reaver 0:15 10 They Never Lie Down 0:39 11 Mal Reminices 1:25 12 Transition 1:23 13 Maidenhead Bar 2:14 14 River Goes Wild 1:28 15 Mal Takes River In 1:04 16 River’s Eyes 0:12 17 Mal’s Decision 0:45 18 Mr. Universe 0:28 19 Subliminal Message 1:08 20 River & Simon In Locker 0:55 21 Haven Guitar 1:01 22 Come At You Sideways 1:26 23 School Flashback 0:35 24 Mal & Inara 0:28 25 Flight To Training House 0:57 26 Training House Fight 1:57 27 Escape From Training House 0:56 28 School Flashback/Miranda 1:37 29 River Gets Out 2:08 30 River Shows Mal & Miranda 0:29 31 Haven Destroyed 0:54 32 Shepherd Book’s Last Words 1:00 33 Warn Everyone We Know 0:36 34 You’re Not A Reaver 0:57 CD2: 1 Mal Decides 3:09 2 Population Dead 3:55 3 Truth/Mal’s Speech 3:36 4 Universe Gets It 1:17 5 Space Battle 3:21 6 Crash Landing 1:59 7 Wash Killed/Run To Black Room 2:55 8 Mr. Universe Dead 2:28 9 Generator Room 3:06 10 Mal & OP Fight 2:11 11 Simon Shot/River Runs 1:57 12 Jayne & Zoe/Final Battle 2:44 13 Broadcast Beams/River Is Alive 1:39 14 Funeral/Rebuilding Serenity 2:19 15 Prep For Flight 1:33 16 Love/Serenity 1:06 17 Serenity End Credits Pt. 1 1:38 18 Serenity End Credits Pt. 2 2:03 19 Serenity End Credits Pt. 3 0:43
  10. Der Absturz des Fuerza-Aérea-Uruguaya-Fluges 571 wurde erneut verfilmt. Den Film werde ich mir die Tage ansehen. Die Musik von Giacchino ist wirklich gelungen. Mir gefällt der "Weltmusik"-Einschlag mit Chor und klatschender Percussion. Schönes Album, aber um einiges zu lang, besonders in den "düsteren" Passagen. Eine CD kommt nächste Woche von Quartet. Meine beiden Anspieltipps: "I See The Sky" und das recht avatarige "Andes Ascent". Die letzten 10 Minuten sind auch nicht schlecht.
  11. Digital erschienen auf Platoon. Ein traumhafter ruhiger symphonischer Score von Anne Dudley. Für mich eines der Highlights dieses Jahres. https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/the-velveteen-rabbit-soundtrack-from-the-apple-original-anne-dudley/usjpjcye456la
  12. NOW SHIPPING Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection Music by Henry Mancini Limited Edition of 1500 Units RETAIL PRICE: $21.98 La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present the seventeenth title within the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection – MOMENT TO MOMENT, music by Henry Mancini (THE PINK PANTHER, CHARADE, THE PRISONER OF ZENDA). Available for the first time in any format, composer Henry Mancini’s original motion picture score for the 1966 big-screen romantic thriller MOMENT TO MOMENT, starring Jean Seberg and Honor Blackman, and directed by Mervyn Le Roy is a long-buried musical treasure finally unearthed in all of its splendor! While the film’s famed title song, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, has been covered and re-issued numerous times since the film’s initial release, this deluxe limited edition CD marks the world premiere of Henry Mancini’s sumptuous orchestral score – so that all of its distinctively modern detail, craft and soulful melody can finally be heard and appreciated as another of the composer’s masterful works of the 1960s. Exciting danger and tension, swirls of romance and beauty – it all comes to brilliant life in Mancini’s creation. Produced, mixed, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino from studio vault elements, this special limited edition of 1500 units features exclusive liner notes written by author Jeff Bond and sharp art direction by Dan Goldwasser. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Main Title (‘Moment To Moment’) 2:46 2. ‘Moment To Moment’ Prologue 2:45 3. The Flower Stalls 3:11 4. Daphne Drops In 2:04 5. Chicken Salad 1:06 6. First Goodbye / Invitation 3:24 7. Hotel Terrace 2:43 8. On The Road 2:42 9. Mougins 2:16 10. Pier Parting 2:13 11. Missing Mark 1:58 12. Beach Party 2:15 13. Gallery Montage 2:40 14. Stormy Romance 2:15 15. Pick It Up / Help 2:53 16. Scene Of The Crime 2:16 17. Passport 1:16 18. Homecoming 2:16 19. Mark’s Return / Something Clicks 1:34 20. More In Mougins 2:29 21. Flower Stalls Dance 1:29 22. Moment To Moment Dance 2:55 23. The Missing Piece 4:10 24. Mark Remembers 1:54 25. The Terrace And End Title (‘Moment to Moment’) 3:08 26. ‘Moment To Moment’ End Cast 0:36 TOTAL SCORE TIME: 61:34 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 27. The Flower Stalls (Alternate) 1:14 28. Hotel Terrace (Alternate) 1:10 29. Moment To Moment Guitar 2:03 TOTAL ADDITIONAL MUSIC: 4:30 TOTAL TIME: 66:07 This is a CD format release.
  13. NOW SHIPPING Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection LLLCD 1635 Music by Maurice Jarre Limited Edition of 2000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $21.98 La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present the eighteenth title within the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection – TOPAZ, music by Maurice Jarre (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO). Remastered and expanded beyond its previous soundtrack release, and in stereo for the first time, renowned composer Maurice Jarre’s original motion picture score to TOPAZ, the 1969 big-screen dramatic thriller starring Frederick Stafford and John Veron, and directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, shines brilliantly throughout this deluxe limited edition CD release. Vividly demonstrating Jarre’s remarkable versatility and invention, TOPAZ is a notable and unique work in the composer’s canon, finding the maestro experimenting with early synthesizers and colorful percussion, while also employing orchestra in expert fashion to support the film’s varied textures of drama, romance and suspense. Produced, mixed, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino, from studio vault elements, this special limited edition of 2000 units features in depth, exclusive liner notes written by author Jeff Bond and classic art direction by Jim Titus. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION (57:04) 1. ‘Topaz’ March (Main Title) 2:36 2. Kidnapping 1:42 3. Going To America 2:55 4. Arcy’s Office 2:32 5. Russian Defector 2:56 6. The Attaché Case 3:44 7. Arriving In Cuba (Part 1) 4:11 8. Arriving In Cuba (Part 2) 2:57 9. Love With Juanita 3:49 10. Mendoza 3:45 11. Last Farewells To Juanita 4:49 12. Rico Shoots 2:39 13. Back To The States 2:39 14. Sad Comeback 2:53 15. Lunch At Pierre 2:16 16. Francois Arriving At Jarré 17. Something Has Happened 2:07 18. Portrait Of A Dead Traitor 2:01 19. Duel And ‘Topaz’ Finale 2:01 20. Love Theme From ‘Topaz’ 2:49 ADDITIONAL MUSIC (9:14) 21. ‘Topaz’ March (Alternate) 2:17 22. ‘Topaz’ Finale (Alternate) :44 23. Main Theme From ‘Topaz’ 2:57 24. Love Theme From ‘Topaz’ 3:07 TOTAL ALBUM TIME: 66:22 This is a CD format release.
  14. LLLCD 1629 Music by James Horner Featuring Branford Marsalis Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 La-La Land Records, Universal Pictures and Sony Music proudly present SNEAKERS: EXPANDED LIMITED EDITION, a remastered and expanded 2-CD presentation of renowned composer James Horner’s (GLORY, FIELD OF DREAMS, THE MASK OF ZORRO) original motion picture score to the delightful 1992 big-screen spy caper SNEAKERS, starring Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd and Mary McDonnell and directed by Phil Alden Robinson. Delicate, playful and complex, Horner’s SNEAKERS score manages to be one of the legendary composer’s most original works while demonstrating his classical literacy and keen understanding of the needs of Hollywood cinema. Laced with wonderful saxophone flourishes performed by Branford Marsalis, Horner’s notable score is finally allowed to reveal its secrets in full within this deluxe, expanded presentation. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino and mastered by Matessino, Disc One of this 2-CD re-issue features the original film score presentation, while Disc Two of the set showcases the remastered 1992 original soundtrack as well as additional alternate cues. The art design is by Dan Goldwasser and the exclusive, in-depth liner notes are by writer Jeff Bond. This is a limited edition release of 3000 units. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Jeremy Subharmonics 0:44 2. ‘Sneakers’ Main Title (Film Version) 2:17 3. Bank Penetration 2:05 4. How Much Do You Want? 1:45 5. Bishop Goes To NSA / Surveillance / Black Box 2:44 6. Janek’s Office 2:01 7. “Too Many Secrets” (Extended Version) 7:57 8. The Hand-Off (Film Version) 3:07 9. Cosmo…Old Friend (Film Version) 9:26 10. Phone Trace 1:19 11. What Did It Sound Like? 4:52 12. Planning The Sneak 3:23 13. Carl Enters Playtronics 3:04 14. Playtronics Break-In Part 1 4:15 15. Playtronics Break-In Part 2 4:01 16. Cosmo Sounds Alarm 1:53 17. Cosmo’s Monologue 3:07 18. The Escape / Whistler’s Rescue (Extended Version) 3:36 19. Goodbye 3:23 20. The Sneakers Theme 3:37 21. “…And The Blind Shall See” 4:32 Total Time Disc One: 73:24 DISC 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 48:30 1. ‘Sneakers’ Main Title 2:57 2. “Too Many Secrets” 6:16 3. The Sneakers Theme 3:37 4. Cosmo…Old Friend 7:09 5. The Hand-Off 3:06 6. Planning The Sneak 3:23 7. Playtronics Break-In 10:38 8. The Escape / Whistler’s Rescue 3:22 9. Goodbye 3:24 10. “…And The Blind Shall See” 4:32 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 10:10 11. Janek’s Office (Alternate) 1:59 12. The Sneakers Theme (Alternate) 3:36 13. “…And The Blind Shall See” (Alternate) 4:29 Total Time Disc Two: 58:41 TOTAL ALBUM TIME 2:12:05 This is a CD format release
  15. LLLCD 1631 Music by James Horner Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 STARTS SHIPPING DEC 1 La-La Land Records, Sony Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Sony Music proudly present a remastered and expanded 2-CD presentation of renowned composer James Horner’s (GLORY, FIELD OF DREAMS, SNEAKERS) original motion picture score to the 1998 big-screen adventure THE MASK OF ZORRO, starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones and directed by Martin Campbell. James Horner’s THE MASK OF ZORRO is nothing short of magnificent – a grand orchestral wonder that expertly melds authentic Hispanic colors with the Hollywood blockbuster, both modern and classic. Rich in theme and teeming with drama, romance, action and humor, Horner’s score is one of his very best, as highlighted within this deluxe 2-CD presentation - expanded with a bounty of never-before-released music! This re-issue is produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino,and mastered by Doug Schwartz from studio vault elements. The Original Score Presentation is showcased across both discs, with Disc Two also housing tracks from the original 1998 soundtrack release. The lovely ballad “I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You,” performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena is also included, as well as its Spanish-Language version “Quiero Vivir La Vida Amandote,” performed by Jon Secada and Ana Gabriel. This Limited Edition release of 3000 units features art design by Jim Titus and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer John Takis. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION 1:47:26 1. Main Title (From The Motion Picture "The Mask Of Zorro") 1:08 2. The Plaza Of Execution (Film Version) 7:58 3. Elena And Esperanza 8:17 4. Don't Touch My Brother :28 5. Interrupted Getaway 1:09 6. Joaquin's Death :59 7. Meeting On The Beach 1:11 8. Prison Escape 4:15 9. The Hand / Emotions Torn 3:04 10. Diego Meets Alejandro 1:29 11. The Medallion / The Master's Wheel 1:12 12. The Fencing Lesson (Film Version) 1:37 13. Lesson #3 1:15 14. The Black Tornado / First Meeting 3:10 15. Tornado In The Barracks 5:08 16. The Confession (Film Version) 2:50 17. Rooftop Getaway 1:23 18. Choose Your Weapon 1:17 19. Diego In The Study :39 20. Sexy Dance 1:11 21. The Mine (Montero's Vision) 2:57 22. Jack's Demise 1:06 23. Love's Suspicions 1:20 24. So Long Ago… 2:50 25. Sick Souvenirs 1:39 26. An Unknown Past 2:24 Total Time Disc One: 62:39 DISC 2 75:30 1.Stealing The Map 6:27 2. Alejandro & Elena's Duel 3:56 3. The Ride 3:22 4. Alejandro's Plea :51 5. Elena's Truth 4:07 6. "Leave No Witnesses..." 13:19 7. Diego's Goodbye (Film Version) 4:55 8. Zorro's Theme (Film Version) 2:56 9. I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You 4:42 Performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM VERSIONS 25:51 10. The Plaza Of Execution 8:27 11. The Fencing Lesson 5:24 12. The Confession 3:38 13. Diego's Goodbye 5:19 14. Zorro's Theme 2:56 BONUS TRACK 15. Quiero Vivir La Vida Amandote 4:42 Performed by Jon Secada and Ana Gabriel Total Time Disc Two: 75:30 TOTAL ALBUM TIME 2:18:09 This is a CD format release
  16. LLLCD 1632 Music by John Williams Limited Edition of 5000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $39.98 STARTS SHIPPING DEC 1 La-La Land Records, Sony Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Sony Music present HOOK – THE ULTIMATE EDITION, a remastered and expanded 3-CD soundtrack presentation of legendary composer John Williams’ (STAR WARS, E.T., HARRY POTTER) original motion picture score to the 1991 adventure-fantasy HOOK, directed by Steven Spielberg. An undisputed masterwork within the treasured John Williams and Steven Spielberg collaboration that has spanned five glorious decades, HOOK is an astounding orchestral odyssey that exemplifies the Maestro’s musical genius—a sonic epic that soars with imaginative joy, wonder and adventure! This remastered ultimate presentation unleashes Williams’ iconic score as never before, expanded beyond any previous soundtrack release, with never-before-released score, alternate tracks, songs and source music. Produced, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino, in consultation with the composer, Disc One of this deluxe reissue contains the score presentation, which continues through Disc Two with additional music tracks. Disc 3 offers a sumptuous bounty of songs (highlighting the wonderful songwriting talents of Leslie Bricusse), alternate cues and source music! With stellar art direction by Jim Titus, this limited-edition release of 5000 units features a 48-Page booklet that includes exclusive in-depth liner notes by Matessino and associate producers John Takis and Jason LeBlanc. The track listing is featured on a 12-page second booklet within the package. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 SCORE PRESENTATION 1.Hook Prologue (Extended Version) 1:33 2.We Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Extended Version) *2:57 3.Banning Back Home (Film Version) 3:21 4.Wendy’s Entrance 2:12 5.The Bedroom1 :08 6.The Nursery Scene 1:40 7.Saying Goodnight :57 8.Hook Returns To Kensington 2:00 9.Hook Is Back 2:09 10.Forgotten How To Fly :56 11.The Stories Are True 2:24 12.The Arrival Of Tink 3:33 13.The Flight To Neverland 2:40 14.Pirate Town And Presenting The Hook 5:09 15.Hook’s Entrance 2:42 16.Draw Your Sword! 2:14 17.Peter’s Challenge 5:42 18.From Mermaids To Lost Boys (Film Version) 4:26 19.Enter Rufio 1:19 20.The Lost Boy Chase 3:35 21.The Face Of Pan 2:42 22.Hook’s Epiphany 2:16 23.Smee’s Plan 1:46 24.Pick ’Em Up * 2:56 25.Hook’s Lesson 3:08 26.The Banquet 3:14 27.The Never-Feast (Film Version) 4:41 28.When You’re Alone * 3:17 29.Goodnight Neverland 1:45 Total Time Disc One: 78:54 DISC 2 SCORE PRESENTATION (Continued) 1.Stop That Clock! 4:05 2.Home Run And Follow That Shadow 5:24 3.Peter Remembers (The Flying Sequence) 8:23 4.You Are The Pan (Film Version) 1:26 5.Tink Grows Up 2:21 6.The Ultimate War (Film Version) 8:02 7.Death Of Rufio 4:23 8.The Sword Fight And The End Of Hook 7:07 9.Farewell Neverland 10:18 10.Hook End Credits And Exit Music 5:52 Total Score Time: 2:16:23 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 11.Hook Prologue 1:25 12.Banning Back Home (Extended Version) 4:24 13.From Mermaids To Lost Boys 4:26 14.The Face Of Pan (Choral Version) 2:43 15.The Ultimate War 7:54 Total Additional Music: 21:00 Total Time Disc Two: 78:32 DISC 3 SONGS, ALTERNATES AND SOURCE MUSIC 1.We Don’t Wanna Grow Up * 1:52 2.God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 1:10 3.Childhood * 3:54 4.When You’re Alone – Moira’s Lullaby * :46 5.The Stories Are True (Alternate) 2:24 6.The Arrival Of Tink (Alternate) 3:35 7.The Flight To Neverland (Alternate) 2:33 8.Low Below – Pirate Sequence * 4:58 9.Hook’s Entrance (Alternate) 2:42 10.The Lost Boy Chase (Alternate) 3:34 11.The Never Song * 2:04 12.The Never-Band 1:20 13.The Never-Feast 4:42 14.When You’re Alone (Instrumental) 3:19 15.Mothers * 2:26 16.Stick With Me * 2:00 17.Take Me Out To The Ball Game 2:18 18.Remembering Childhood1 1:06 19.Believe * 3:01 20.Farewell Neverland (Short Version / Alternate) 6:54 21.Hook Exit Music (Alternate) 1:48 BONUS TRACKS 22.Pirate Sequence (Instrumental) 3:59 23.Smee’s Concertina Medley 4:50 24.Presenting The Hook (Vocal Version Segment) * 1:38 Total Time Disc Three: 79:17 Three-Disc Total Time: 3:56:43 *Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse This is a CD format release
  17. Nun beglückt uns Disney also doch mit einer Box aller Indy-Scores, inklusive DIAL OF DESTINY. Ob die Box überall erhältlich sein wird oder nur wieder über die Disney Music Emporium Seite, ist bisher nicht ersichtlich. Und 150 Dollar auch nicht gerade wenig. Zudem fehlt scheinbar die Bonus-Disc der Concorde-Box. Veröffentlichung ist für Ende März 2024 geplant. This is a pre-order. Expected ship date is March 27, 2024. Re-live the thrilling world of Indiana Jones with the first CD box set with all five soundtracks from the historic franchise in one place. This extraordinary compilation will take listeners on a journey around the globe. Experience the full collection of music from legendary composer John Williams as he takes us on an incredible journey of sound, emotions and storytelling with his iconic themes and melodies. His masterful soundtracks capture the true spirit of the characters, excitement and adventure that provide a musical experience as timeless as the films themselves. If you are a devoted fan or music aficionado, the Indiana Jones complete CD box set is a must-have.
  18. World premiere of complete James Horner early space opera soundtrack! Following on the heels of Intrada’s expanded release of Humanoids From The Deep is James Horner’s wildly popular early outer space epic, scored in 1980 when the young composer’s career was literally just getting underway. Highlights from the score were released on vinyl at the time, and that program has appeared numerous times on CD. Now Intrada is proud to finally present the entire score, newly expanded and remastered from the actual 2” 24-track recording session masters for the first time ever! Details in the recording come through with stunning clarity and power previously not available. In addition to the familiar cues, this new edition also offers many cues previously not released, including the powerful early cues for the “Hammerhead” and the “Sniper’s, Fire!” sequences. Other exciting new pieces include “Dr. Hephaestus’s Station”, “The Destruction Of Umateal”, “Kidnapped!” and many others, all in splendid stereo sound. The performance on the original release was less than perfect, but with current state-of-the-art technology, engineers Douglass Fake and Chris Malone were able to meticulously address some of the errant notes, particularly in the high trumpet parts. The complete score runs over an hour on CD 1. Intrada will be releasing it digitally as well. For fans of the popular original 1980 program, we have included that album as well, newly remastered on CD 2. And vinyl collectors can enjoy this expanded edition from the Shout! Factory label. Jimmy T. Murakami & Roger Corman directed this outer space fantasy in the wake of the exploding popularity of Star Wars and the many imitations that followed. Drawing inspiration from the famous Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven feature films, the script from John Sayles now set the action in outer space, with Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, John Saxon, Sybil Danning starring and George Peppard grabbing the spotlight as “Cowboy”. Another asset: the special effects feature the imaginative early work of James Cameron. Initially released through Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, the movie was a modest box office hit. Trivia of interest: Bill Paxton was then working as a carpenter on the set. Horner’s energetic score was literally a launch pad for his later Star Trek II and Krull scores. David Newman conducts the orchestra, James Horner composes. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain! Play all clips CD 1 The Score 01. Main Title (2:03) 02. Hammerhead (3:37) 03. Snipers, Fire! (1:19) 04. Shad’s Entrance (0:58) 05. First Flight (3:51) 06. Dr. Hephaestus’s Station (2:57) 07. First Conversation (4:16) 08. Jackers Ahead! (3:37) 09. The Destruction Of Umateal (1:22) 10. Nanelia’s Capture (1:31) 11. We Cruise For Akir! (1:32) 12. Kidnapped! (1:25) 13. Nascosto Flyaway (0:28) 14. Gelt’s Kill (2:32) 15. Hammerhead Stinger II (0:32) 16. Love Theme (1:35) 17. The Alarm Sounds (0:40) 18. Space Battle (4:36) 19. Battle In The Maze (2:25) 20. Zed’s Death (3:13) 21. Gelt Dies (1:31) 22. Shad And Nanelia (1:29) 23. Another Space Battle (1:00) 24. St. Exmin’s Death (1:33) 25. Cowboy Attacks (1:47) 26. Destruction Of Hammerhead (5:56) 27. Epilog/End Title (5:08) Total Score Time: 62:53 THE EXTRA 28. Gelt’s Chamber Music (1:35) CD 1 Total Time: 64:28 CD 2 Original 1980 Soundtrack Album 01. Main Title (2:00) 02. Malmori Rear Guard (3:51) 03. The Battle Begins (3:31) 04. Shad And Nanelia (1:29) 05. Cowboy And The Jackers (3:37) 06. Nanelia’s Capture (1:28) 07. The Maze Battle (3:10) 08. Shad’s Pursuit (3:22) 09. Cowboy’s Attack (1:44) 10. Love Theme (3:52) 11. The Hunter (1:38) 12. Gelt’s Death (1:28) 13. Nanelia (1:32) 14. Heading For Sador (0:59) 15. Destruction Of Hammerhead (2:35) 16. Epilogue / End Title (5:03) CD 2 Total Time: 42:39
  19. Hallo miteinander, ich habe gerade gesehen, dass wir noch kein Thema zu diesem Film haben. Freunde, die im Kino waren, sind sehr angetan gewesen. Ich habe es noch nicht geschafft und auch nur ganz kurz in den Score reingehört, was erstmal unspektakulär klang. Eine Passage erinnerte mich sehr an „The Might of Rome“, als ein klassisches Wagner-Idiom. Kann jemand mehr sagen?
  20. Kommt ebenfalls auf CD und Vinyl. Quartet Records, in collaboration with MGM, presents a remastered 50th anniversary edition of Michael J. Lewis’ score for the 1973 cult classic THEATRE OF BLOOD, directed by Douglas Hickox and starring Vincent Price and Diana Rigg, with guest victims Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, Robert Morley, Michael Hordern and Jack Hawkins, among others. The film is a macabre British black comedy about a Shakespearean actor who is systematically humiliated by critics who consider him hammy and old-fashioned. The actor becomes a serial killer and murders every critic by emulating the sadistic crimes in Shakespeare’s plays. Michael J. Lewis (SPHINX, THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT, THE NAKED FACE, THE MEDUSA TOUCH) composed a delightful score, with a catchy, charming main theme that is opposed to the brutality of the story. Contrasting strains of old-fashioned lyricism and modern soundscapes frame a score of great stylistic diversity. Even though THEATRE OF BLOOD was a success—and has become even more widely admired over the last half-century—no commercial album of the full soundtrack existed until 2010, when the score made its debut on La-La Land Records. The program has now been freshly remastered and slightly re-sequenced in film order for this Quartet fiftieth anniversary edition, produced and mastered by Chris Malone from new transfers in high resolution of the original master tapes. The package includes a 16-page booklet with detailed liner notes by John Takis, including a new interview with Maestro Michael J. Lewis. 1. Main Title (2:46) 2. Ides of March (3:32) 3. Oh Pardon Me, Thou Bleeding Piece Of Earth (3:32) 4. Friends, Romans, Countrymen (2:38) 5. The Dragon Wing Of Night (1:23) 6. The Trojan Trail (1:10) 7. Master Of The Killing Phrase / Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun (2:04) 8. Cymbeline (3:51) 9. Sexy Lips And Swinging Hips (1:13) 10. A Pound Of Flesh (1:53) 11. To Be Or Not To Be (2:10) 12. Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent (1:33) 13. Here Clarence Comes / Drown In A Butt Of Wine (2:30) 14. Alive In Triumph (3:22) 15. Fugato (1:34) 16. I’m So Glad You’ve Come (3:22) 17. Flame, With Ash Highlights (3:18) 18. Where Are My Doggy Woggies? (1:52) 19. Edwina’s Theme (2:27) 20. Come Fire, Consume This Petty World (7:32) 21. Partita Of Blood (1:34) 22. He Did Know How To Make An Exit (2:14) Total Dic Time: 55:02
  21. Kommt auf CD und Vinyl. Quartet Records and StudioCanal present a re-issue of Trevor Jones’ majestic orchestral score for the action blockbuster CLIFFHANGER, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Directed by Renny Harlin and starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow and Janine Turner, the plot is about a botched mid-air heist that results in suitcases full of cash being searched for by various groups throughout the Rocky Mountains. Considered one of the 90s best action scores, and one of the Trevor Jones’ (EXCALIBUR, THE DARK CRYSTAL, LABYRINTH, FROM HELL) most highly regarded works, this orchestral tour de force returns to CD with the same program as the previous La-La Land Records album released in 2017 and long sold out. Disc 1 and the first three tracks of Disc 2 present the score to the film from the original digital 5.1 film mixes while the remainder of disc 2 presents the original soundtrack album remastered from the original stereo digital album mixes. An additional track that was cut from the original soundtrack album is included as a bonus. This 30th anniversary edition has been produced and supervised by Neil S. Bulk, mixed by Michael McDonald from the original digital master tapes and mastered by James Nelson. The package includes a 16-page booklet with updated liner notes by Jeff Bond and original artwork by Renato Casaro. Disc One: FILM SCORE 1. Cliffhanger Theme (Film Version) 3:52 2. Sarah’s Farewell (Film Version) 2:14 3. Sarah Falls (Film Version) 4:06 4. Gabe Returns (Film Version) 3:12 5. I Understand (Film Version) 1:39 6. Being Tracked 4:02 7. Matheson Revives 3:00 8. Plane Crash 1:49 9. Two Man Job (Film Version) 2:08 10. Tolerated Help (Film Version) 2:56 11. Fetch / Expensive Funeral 6:16 12. Hal Leads 1:23 13. Ice Castle 0:46 14. Sunset Searching /Night Searching 3:52 15. Face Flare 1:47 16. Qualen In Hut / Fireside Chat 1:13 17. Brettís Death / Evan’s Dive 4:04 18. Bats (Film Version) 2:24 19. Wolves Away / Footbridge 2:33 20. Gabeís Caught 1:27 21. Kynette Is Impaled (Film Version) 3:59 22. Qualen’s Time Bomb 1:04 23. Jessie’s Close Call 3:02 24. Frank’s Demise (Film Version) 2:36 25. Blown Bridge 0:50 26. Kristel’s Sacrifice 2:15 27. Rabbit Hole (Film Version) 1:34 28. Delmar Falls 2:28 Disc Two 1. Rabbit Surprise 2:57 2. Icy Stream / Jessie’s Release / Hooked Copter / Helicopter Fight 9:35 3. End Credits (Cliffhanger) (Film Version) 7:21 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 4. Cliffhanger Theme 3:51 5. Sarah’s Farewell 2:14 6. Sarah Falls 3:51 7. Gabe Returns 3:12 8. I Understand 1:39 9. Sunset Searching 1:20 10. Tolerated Help 2:56 11. Base Jump 4:08 12. Bats 2:24 13. Two Man Job 2:08 14. Kynette Is Impaled 4:00 15. Fireside Chat 0:34 16. Frank’s Demise 2:36 17. Rabbit Hole 1:34 18. Icy Stream 1:38 19. Jessie’s Release / Helicopter Fight 5:12 20. End Credits (Cliffhanger) 7:21 Bonus Track 21. Hooked Copter (Stereo Album Mix) 2:52 Total Disc 1: 73:24 Total Disc 2: 74:09 Total 2-CD Time: 147:33
  22. Wunderbares Album. Das Video bringt echt feuchte Augen. Chapeau, Maestro! https://www.silvascreen.com/silcd1735-laurence-rosenthal-music-for-film-and-television/ https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/laurence-rosenthal-music-for-film-and-television-brussels-philharmonic-dirk-brosse-laurence-rosenthal/soh5es72ybekb
  23. Alexandre Desplat durfte mal wieder die Musik für eine Regiearbeit von George Clooney komponieren. Startet Weihnachten in den amerikanischen. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dfEA-udzjjQ&pp=ygUQYm95eiBuIHRoZSBib2F0IA%3D%3D
  24. Für mich persönlich ist es die größte Überraschung des Jahres überhaupt, daß Quartet nun die zwei von mir heißest ersehnten Piero Piccioni-Filmmusiken TRE FRATELLI (1981) und LO SCOPONE SCIENTIFICO (1972) auf einen Schlag herausbringt. Ich hatte die Veröffentlichung beider Titel eigentlich schon längst abgeschrieben, da bei TRE FRATELLI Sugar im Weg stand und bei SCOPONE Laurentiis als Rechteinhaber. Quartet hat sich auf irgendeine Art mit Sugar nun doch einigen können und hat auch einen Weg gefunden, bezüglich SCOPONE an Laurentiis vorbeizukommen, indem man das zusammen mit den Piccioni-Erben gemacht hat. Daher SCOPONE auch identisch mit der hyperraren alten LP - aber das ist ja im Prinzip auch ausreichend. Für mich handelt es sich um die beiden schönsten CDs des ganzen Jahres - das wird nicht mehr zu toppen sein, von den US-Labels ja sowieso nicht, die ja eigentlich gar nichts mehr bringen, was mich noch anspricht. Ich jedenfalls bin absolut begeistert von diesen beiden Veröffentlichungen, die ich an sich gar nicht mehr für möglich gehalten hätte. Klar ist die CD von TRE FRATELLI sicher viel zu lange mit mehr als 50 Minuten - da ist mal wieder alles drauf gepackt worden, was überhaupt nur eingespielt wurde an Alternativ-Tracks bei den Recording Sessions. Da hätte man sicher auch 5-6 Tracks weglassen können, aber gut was solls: Hauptsache die komplette Musik erscheint jetzt überhaupt endlich mal, denn sie enthält eines der schönsten und berührendsten Themen, die Piccioni je geschrieben hat. Und Varianten davon in allen möglichen Abwandlungen kann man sich auf alle Fälle mindestens ein knappes Dutzend anhören ohne daß es langweilt. Ich kenne den hervorragenden Film selbst auch seit 1981 - damals im Kino gesehen - und er hat mich zusammen mit der Musik sehr beeindruckt, so daß ich ihn später noch ein paar Mal gesehen habe. Es gab ja dann das Hauptthema wenigstens auf der Francesco Rosi/Piero Piccioni-Doppel-LP - aber eben nur dort. Insofern ist es schlicht und ergreifend ein Hochgenuß, jetzt endlich nach so vielen Jahren die vollständige Filmmusik zu erhalten, nach der ich mich schon über Jahrzehnte hinweg gesehnt hatte. Der Film selbst dürfte nur etwa 20-25 Minuten an Musik enthalten, sicher nicht mehr, aber die ist gezielt und an ganz entscheidenden Stellen eingesetzt und wirkt daher sehr lange nach. Insofern kann man sich schon mal vorstellen, daß mehr als die Hälfte der CD eigentlich nur mit Alternates bestückt ist, die im Film nicht verwendet wurden. Aber die Musik ist ungeheuer bewegend, es ist für mich eines der ausdrucksstärksten Filmmusik-Themen aus den 80ern überhaupt, das mir in all den Jahren nie mehr aus dem Kopf ging. Auch den SCOPONE SCIENTIFICO-Film kenne ich im Prinzip seit 1976 als er erstmals im ZDF unter dem Titel TEUFLISCHES SPIEL lief. Der hat eine einfach großartige Besetzung mit Alberto Sordi, Joseph Cotten, Bette Davis und Silvana Mangano. Eine hinreißende schwarze Komödie, zynisch und unglaublich einfallsreich - absolut vom Feinsten. Auch die sehr nostalgische und charmant-delikate Piccioni-Musik ist mir damals sofort sehr positiv aufgefallen und ins Ohr gegangen - die LP war aber in all den Jahrzehnten unheimlich schwer aufzutreiben, da es sich dabei nur um eine Promotion-LP von General Music gehandelt hat. Und da es eigentlich eine Laurentiis-Produktion war, kam die LP auch nie in der Art auf den Markt wie die meisten anderen General Music-LPs aus der Zeit. Zu kaufen gab es die also so gut wie nirgends. Hier noch die Infos von Quartet: Quartet Records, in collaboration with Camille 3000 and the Piero Piccioni estate, presents the premiere CD release of a delightful score by Piero Piccioni (FUMO DI LONDRA, COLPO ROVENTE, CAMILLE 2000, I GIOVANI TIGRI) for Luigi Comencini’s film LO SCOPONE SCIENTIFICO, a 1973 Italian comedy-drama starring Alberto Sordi, Silvana Mangano, Joseph Cotten and Bette Davis. The story is about an aging and wealthy American woman who journeys to Rome each year with her chauffeur, George, to play the card game scopone with destitute Peppino and his wife, Antonia. The annual scenario remains unchanged: she donates the initial stakes, then ultimately wins the game, shattering the couple’s dream of scoring a victory and improving their lot in life. Eventually their daughter, Cleopatra, seeks revenge on her parents’ behalf. Piero Piccioni composed a colorful, bittersweet score, dominated by a celebrated theme for piano and orchestra, as well as a beautiful love theme. The score also features a bossa, a waltz and a tango. A coveted promotional LP was released by General Music in 1973, currently one of the composer’s most expensive LPs when one appears on the second-hand market. This is the first CD edition thanks to the discovery of the original tapes vaulted at the Piccioni estate. The album has been restored and mastered by Chris Malone, and is packaged in a three-sided folding digipack. https://quartetrecords.com/product/tre-fratelli/ Quartet Records, in collaboration with Camille 3000 and the Piero Piccioni estate, presents the premiere CD release of a delightful score by Piero Piccioni (FUMO DI LONDRA, COLPO ROVENTE, CAMILLE 2000, I GIOVANI TIGRI) for Luigi Comencini’s film LO SCOPONE SCIENTIFICO, a 1973 Italian comedy-drama starring Alberto Sordi, Silvana Mangano, Joseph Cotten and Bette Davis. The story is about an aging and wealthy American woman who journeys to Rome each year with her chauffeur, George, to play the card game scopone with destitute Peppino and his wife, Antonia. The annual scenario remains unchanged: she donates the initial stakes, then ultimately wins the game, shattering the couple’s dream of scoring a victory and improving their lot in life. Eventually their daughter, Cleopatra, seeks revenge on her parents’ behalf. Piero Piccioni composed a colorful, bittersweet score, dominated by a celebrated theme for piano and orchestra, as well as a beautiful love theme. The score also features a bossa, a waltz and a tango. A coveted promotional LP was released by General Music in 1973, currently one of the composer’s most expensive LPs when one appears on the second-hand market. This is the first CD edition thanks to the discovery of the original tapes vaulted at the Piccioni estate. The album has been restored and mastered by Chris Malone, and is packaged in a three-sided folding digipack. https://quartetrecords.com/product/lo-scopone-scientifico/
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