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Quartet Records: Vier neue Titel – November 2011

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Nach inzwischen schon alter Quartet-Tradition praktisch lautlos und unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit hat José Benitez neue CDs bekanntgegeben.

VERBO_200x200.jpgQUELLE%20STRANE%20OCCASIONI_200x200.jpgLA%20MORTE%20SCENDE%20LEGGERA_200x200.jpg MARI%20DEL%20SUD_200x200.jpg

Alles weitere durch Klick auf die Cover oder unter http://quartetrecords.com

VERBO (Pascal Gaigne)

The adventure begins here and now!... Sara is a teenager who doesn ´t understand the world in which she lives. Only Liriko, a mysterious character who leaves enigmatic messages across the city, seems to understand her. Her search for meaning will lead her to a secret world, where she will embark on a great adventure in which life and death are at stake. If she succeeds, Sara could finally be able to leave her mark on the world.

Verbo is one of the most expected Spanish film of the year. A mixture of adventure, dark fantasy, interior drama, and hip-hop aesthetics. It is the directorial debut of Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, filmaker winner of the Fénix Award from the European Film Academy for his short film Alumbramiento.

The powerful, unusual and surprising score is composed by Pascal Gaigne ( Gordos, Castillos de cartón, Omertá, 80 Egunean), representing a major shift register on his musical style... Wild tribal percussions, electronic ambiences, electric guitar and hip-hop rhythms are assembled with the sound of the superb musicians of the Bulgarian Symphony and Orchestra and Chorus, creating an electrifying and captivating musical atmosphere.

We can say that Verbo is one of the most surprising and refreshing scores of the 2011.


2-CD premiere of popular Cinevox LP by Piero Piccioni with a whole disc full of previously unreleased material!

Quelle Strane Occasioni is a 1976 anthology picture starring three popular Italian comedians of the era. The film's main themes are of course sex, love and everything in-between.

Paolo Villaggio introduces himself as the "Italian Superman", a well-endowed attraction at an erotic bar who struggles to keep his job a secret from his wife. "The Swedish Horse" stars Nino Manfredi as a strict patriarch who is tempted into infidelity by a nubile houseguest. Finally, Alberto Sordi and Stefania Sandrelli get stuck in "The Elevator" for a whole afternoon and

this experience changes both of them.

The colorful score is provided by Piero Piccioni, who wrote individual themes for each episode and created a separate score for each story. "Italian Superman" offers a mock superhero theme in addition to goofy source music for the stage show, whereas "The Swedish Horse" offers two haunting lyrical themes for the protagonist. "The Elevator" largely relies on colorful diegetic music that breaks down the social barriers between the two main characters.

This new 2-CD recreates the original LP program on Disc 1, while Disc 2 contains over an hour's worth of previously unreleased material, including the complete session masters with

film takes, alternate versions and outtakes, all carefully restored and mastered by Claudio Fuiano. The 12-page full color booklet includes exclusive liner notes by Gergely Hubai about the genre, the film, the actors and, of course, the music. Limited edition of 500 units.


World premiere of previously unreleased suspense score, written by Coriolano 'Lallo' Gori for a 1972 Italian giallo!

La Morte Scende Leggera stars Stelio Candelli (former star of Vendetta) as a drug smuggler who finds his wife dead upon his return. Realizing that he may be the first suspect due to no alibi, he asks his lawyer to hide him until the police can find the real killer. The smuggler is housed in an abandoned motel with his lover, but the first few pleasant hours soon turn into nightmare as the smuggler begins hallucinating and communicating with ghosts whose life eerily mirrors his own problems. Little does he know that he is placed in a trap that would make Hamlet proud.

The music is provided by the underappreciated Lallo Gori, one of the more colorful characters of the Italian film music scene. Quartet Records proud to present this haunting, yet tuneful suspense score that follows the smuggler's descent into madness. The music is headlined by the song "Sunday in Neon Light" performed by the Mak Sigis Porter Ensemble. Although this song wasn't written by Gori (it wasn't even penned for the film), the composer designed his orchestration to match the song and creates a memorable, haunting tapestry of madness, mod and psychadelia.

The 12-page full color booklet contains exclusive liner notes by Gergely Hubai, who discusses the film, the composer and gives a track-by-track rundown of the score. Limited edition of 500 units.

MARI DEL SUD (Bernardo Bonezzi)

Premiere release of retro comedy score by Spanish composer Bernardo Bonezzi.

Mari del Sud (aka Our Tropical Island) is a 2001 Italian-Spanish comedy directed by Marcello Cesena and starring Diego Abatantuono and Victoria Abril. Based on the 1999 German film Sudsee eigene Insel, the story concerns an upcoming couple whose credits card have been swept clean by their financial adviser. Trying to save face in front of their neighbors, the husband and wife team moves down to their basement to pretend they are away on an exotic trip. As can be expected from a spirited Mediterranean comedy, this is only the first step in a series of comic pitfalls that man endanger the whole family’s life…

Bernardo Bonezzi created a funny, retro-fitted score that follows the comedy without falling into the trap of mickey-mousing scenes. Characterized by strong themes, inventive orchestration and a great performance from the Prague Philharmonic, Mari del Sud deserves to be released a decade after the picture’s premiere. Limited edition of 500 units.

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Nach inzwischen schon alter Quartet-Tradition praktisch lautlos und unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit hat José Benitez neue CDs bekanntgegeben.

Ja, Quartet ist immer sehr, sehr diskret.

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