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Wenn ich es richtig sehe, wurden diese in Kürze erhältlichen drei neuesten Veröffentlichungen in der Reihe Écoutez le Cinéma ! bislang nur in unserer Board-Gerüchteküche vermeldet. Da sie jetzt gerade zu meinem persönlichen Zielpreis von jeweils EUR 9,99 bei amazon.fr als auch fnac.fr zur Vorbestellung angeboten werden, poste ich hier mal die drei Titel, (englischen) Texte und Cover.

Offizieller Verkaufsbeginn ist der 7. Januar 2013.





Serge Gainsbourg-Michel Colombier / Georges Lautner

Le Pacha (1968)
Also included: Vidocq / Comment trouvez-vous ma sœur ? (1967/1963)

Écoutez le Cinéma! No 61

In the wake of the boxed-set Le Cinéma de Serge Gainsbourg, this new Gainsbourg opus in the Écoutez le cinéma! collection is the result of a discovery as exciting as it was providential: the unearthing of the full master-tapes of Le Pacha. In 1968 this dry, shattering thriller from Georges Lautner consolidated the relationship between Jean Gabin and Serge Gainsbourg. For this "Gabin of revenge" (as the ads proclaimed), Gainsbourg and his accomplice Michel Colombier put together a historic Requiem pour un con (Requiem for a Jerk) with an exclusively rhythmical accompaniment which fitted perfectly into the rest of the score, with dancing the jerk, batacudas and other instrumental refrains from this famous Requiem. Rarely had an original score by Gainsbourg and Colombier come so close to trance. Its impact even went beyond the screen in introducing Pépé le Moko to the modern age. In addition, this set contains two other rare scores composed by the great Serge with Colombier before they tackled Le Pacha: the television-series entitled Vidocq and the sparkling "Yé-Yé" comedy Comment trouvez-vous ma sœur?, where twists and Madisons enter the film like an intravenous drip. A vital album for all lovers of the long-lasting relationship between The Seventh Art and the man they called (affectionately) "cabbage head".

16-page booklet, 24 tracks, 63 minutes of music
Interview with Georges Lautner






Georges Delerue / Henri Verneuil

Cent-mille dollars au soleil / Les Morfalous (1964/1984)
Écoutez le Cinéma! No 62

After releasing the diptych containing Un singe en hiver and Mélodie en sous-sol, the Écoutez le cinéma! collection now presents a new tribute-album devoted to a filmmaker/storyteller worthy of "One Thousand and One Nights": Henri Verneuil. This anthology is devoted to his association with composer Georges Delerue for two virile action movies – Cent mille dollars au soleil (Greed in the Sun) and Les Morfalous – both of which featured hot sand, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Michel Audiard's succulent dialogues. Cent mille dollars was a stunning chase across the north of the Sahara, and Verneuil gave Delerue just one hint: "This is a western where truckers replace the cowboys, and all the horses are trucks." Spurred into action, Delerue constructed an epic score where brass instruments play huge chords, hammering them home repeatedly to resound like some enormous engine at full throttle. The stereo version – this is its first release – does full justice to the breadth, muscle and energy of this larger-than-life score which, as Verneuil himself admitted, "added colour to a film shot in black and white." The director and the composer met up again some twenty years later for Les Morfalous, whose theme – a warlike march for five solo trumpets and orchestra – echoes that which Delerue wrote for Cent mille dollars. His music gives Les Morfalous the dimensions of a farewell to arms, the gallant last stand of an old-style genre-movie. This essential album, which closes the year marking the anniversary of Georges Delerue's disappearance, will delight aficionados of the magic generated by the tandem Henri Verneuil/Jean-Paul Belmondo.

16-page booklet / Interview with Henri Verneuil






Georges Delerue-Michel Colombier / Jean-Pierre Melville

L’Ainé des Ferchaux / Un Flic (1963/1972)
Écoutez le Cinéma! No 63

In the year 2000 the Ecoutez le cinéma! collection was launched with complete, restored versions of L'Armée des ombres (Army of Shadows) and Le Cercle rouge, and they were soon followed by a compilation entitled Jean-Pierre Melville, Le Cercle noir. The musical exploration of Melville's universe continues today with an exceptional album made possible by a providential discovery: the complete stereo master-tapes of two original soundtracks, L'Ainé des Ferchaux, composed by Georges Delerue, and Un flic, for which Michel Colombier wrote the music. Adapted from a Simenon novel, L'Ainé des Ferchaux is a confrontation between two savage creatures separated by two generations (Jean-Pierre Belmondo and Charles Vanel). Their escape to New York and then New Orleans provided Georges Delerue with the opportunity to develop a vast score for symphony orchestra which featured a jazz rhythm-section and a solo harmonica: it was a kind of dream-fantasy-vision of The United States. This particular Americana was especially written according to Melville's own indications, and Dimitri Tiomkin-influences telescope with traces of Leonard Bernstein. Ten years later, the subtle music composed by Michel Colombier for Un flic conveyed Melville's slide into abstraction: between two themes for a jazz trio, his fascinating music, icy in its suspense, allows the listener to glimpse occasional splashes of sad lyricism. Released here for the first time in their complete versions, these two rare scores complete a musical puzzle: that of an immense filmmaker haunted by the night, by fatality and treason. An essential album.

16-page booklet, 23 tracks, 65 minutes of music



Liste aller bisherigen Veröffenlichungen in der Reihe Écoutez le Cinéma !


Viele Titel der Reihe sind auch immer mal wieder sehr günstig über marketplace-Anbieter bei amazon.fr (Versandkosten dann pro Titel: EUR 3,40) erhältlich.

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