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Am 22.04.2013, 20.05 - 21.00 Uhr gestaltet Götz Alsmann auf WDR4 eine Sendung über Elmer Bernstein!


Er war Schöpfer "oscargekrönter" Soundtracks und großer bis größter klassischer Songs der Unterhaltungsmusik. Götz Alsmann setzt ihm das längst fällige Denkmal.


Quelle: http://www.wdr.de/radio/wdr4/musik/go_goetz_go/programmtipps/2013/20130422_elmer_bernstein.html

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In diesem Blog schreibt Bear McCreary über seine Zeit mit Elmer Bernstein.


Hier ein Auszug:


I was fortunate to work legendary composer Elmer Bernstein for the last decade of his life. He was my mentor, friend and first employer.  I met him when I was still a junior in high school, in Bellingham, Washington (a remarkable story worthy of its own blog entry one day). Elmer encouraged me to study professionally at the University of Southern California

When I arrived in Los Angeles, I sat in on his film scoring classes, even though I wasn’t supposed to attend them until my final year. During those years, I began to work for him over the summers, organizing his archive of film scores and personal documents, all of which are now housed in the USC Library. I also house-sat for him while he was away for the summer, and he would assign me massive orchestration tasks to keep me busy. I re-orchestrated his complete lost score to the 1963 film, “Kings of the Sun,” as well as concert suites of a handful of other scores for various concert performances. (“Kings of the Sun” was eventually recorded during Elmer’s final recording sessions. My orchestrations can be heard on the album, which I just discovered is on iTunes!)

Looking back, I wish I had been able to record my every conversation with him. I remember wonderful stories as he reminisced about his career, but many of the details have been lost. Thankfully, however, I did take extremely detailed notes during his lectures at USC. I recently discovered my old notebooks and found that I had written down 25 thoughts precisely as he said them. I took the time to put quotations around them and underline them, as if to remind my future self that these were, indeed, Elmer’s exact words.

Many of the quotes are as relevant today as they were then, and they all offer a glimpse of his creative process and political savvy at the peak of his accumulated wisdom. For the past five weeks, I have posted one quote a day on Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag #ElmerWisdom. Elmer was a passionate educator, and loved to share his wisdom with younger generations, so I know he would approve.

The response was overwhelming.  Fans, friends and family all chimed in with their reactions.  It seemed that everywhere I went, someone would bring these quotes up in conversation, and say they couldn’t wait for more. The majority seemed to resonate very positively. A handful inspired heated debates. I knew that I would have to assemble them all into a blog entry so they could always be found in one place.

My original intention was to put these out in the world without offering my own opinion on them.  I’ve realized, however, that is essentially impossible. In a way, these quotes say as much about me as they do about him, because these are the ideas my young mind felt were worthy of being preserved precisely. So, reluctantly accepting my role as the medium through which these ideas have been conveyed, I have assembled them here and offer personal commentary on a select few.
Quelle: http://www.bearmccreary.com/#blog/blog/other/elmer-bernstein-wisdom/


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