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In collaboration with Yad Music, Music Box Records presents the remastered and expanded edition of Gabriel Yared’s score to the 1983 drama film The Moon in the Gutter (La Lune dans le caniveau), starring Gérard Depardieu, Nastassja Kinski, Victoria Abril and Vittorio Mezzogiorno, and directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix (Diva, Betty Blue).

The Moon in the Gutter is Jean-Jacques Beineix’s second feature film, after Diva (1980), a work that paved the way for a new aesthetic movement in French cinema. Shot in the Cinecittà studios, this extremely ambitious film, adapted from David Goodis’ eponymous novel, tells the story of a docker who wants to find the man who raped his sister, an assault that caused her to commit suicide.

For the score, Gabriel Yared mixes artfully languages (acoustic and electronic sounds) as well as genres coming from various periods and countries (a flamboyant fugue, a strange and heart-breaking Argentinean tango, a neo-romantic waltz, exotic textures, experimental pieces with a larger ensemble of strings). Gabriel Yared provides blending melodies that speak directly to the heart with more atmospheric themes/orchestrations, at the frontier of the “ambient” genre.

The Moon in the Gutter was issued on various LP and CD editions with 34 minutes of music organized into 11 tracks. In 2005, Cinéfonia label released an expanded edition of his score with 44 minutes of music. This current 2 CD edition has been fully restored and remastered by Christophe Hénault from the recording session tapes and adds about 40 minutes of brand new material featuring pre-production demos, film version cues and additional source cues. The sound has been also greatly improved. The 12-page booklet by Gabriel Yared gives insight into the scoring process. This is a limited edition of 500 units.



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Oh, mein Lieblingsscore von Yared. Da komme ich nicht drumherum, obwohl ich nicht glaube, dass sich da wirklich etwas Essenzielles hinter den neuen Tracks verbirgt. Zumal die Cinefonia-CD ja bereits um 10 Minuten erweitert war.

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