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  1. Liebe Filmmusik-Fans. Hiermit möchte ich euch herzlich um eure Hilfe bitten. Gerade schreibe ich den Text zu einem Beitrag über den Film „Score“. Darin soll es auch um die folgenden Soundtracks gehen (Liste unten). Habt ihr ausgefallene Anekdoten und Infos zu diesen Soundtracks? - Ennio Morricone: The Good The Bad And The Ugly - Hans Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean - John Williams: Star Wars - Hans Zimmer: The Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer: Gladiator - Max Steiner und Bernhard Kaun: King Kong - John Barry: James Bond - John Williams: Der Weiße Hai - Bernard Herrmann: Vertigo - Bernard Herrmann: Psycho. Vielen lieben Dank für die Hilfe. Herzliche Grüße, Andreas
  2. The White Buffalo John Barry , David Shire PRE-ORDER Availability date: 04/19/2017 €16.95 Quartet Records and MGM happily present a newly restored and remastered edition of John Barry’s unusual score (plus David Shire’s unused music) for The White Buffalo (1977). This bizarre western variation of Melville’s Moby Dick was directed by J. Lee Thompson, produced by Dino De Laurentiis, and starred Charles Bronson, Jack Warden and Kim Novak. John Barry (Goldfinger, The Ipcress File, The Last Valley, Out of Africa) composed a surprisingly dark, dissonant and avantgarde score for The White Buffalo that, although it includes some examples of his romantic, bittersweet sound, is fascinatingly aggressive. Barry was hired to score the film after the filmmakers rejected the initial score composed by David Shire. (Barry had scored King Kong for De Laurentiis one year earlier, and the two scores have many similarities, especially in the tribal orchestrations.) Discovering the rejected score by David Shire (The Conversation, All the President’s Men, Return to Oz) has been a wonderful surprise. Shire provided a more melodic and thematically varied score than Barry (although the latter’s grim tones were more what the producer and director wanted). Shire’s music for this film sometimes evokes Stravinsky, using the same serialist technique he used for The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three. It would have given the film a more contemporary point of view, especially with its use of a band consisting of bass, guitar and drum kit. Prometheus Records released Barry’s soundtrack for The White Buffalo—taken from the mono music stem (the only available source since the original recording sessions have been either lost or destroyed)—almost fifteen years ago. For this new release, we have transferred a different mono stem—one that is in much better shape and which includes some brief passages from one reel not included on the Prometheus. Also, all dialog bleed has been successfully removed. The Shire score (also in mono—as it was recorded) comes from a personal copy generously provided by the composer. Thoroughly restored and expertly mastered by wizard engineer Chris Malone, the John Barry score returns in much improved and complete form, while David Shire’s music can finally be heard—at last! The liner notes by film music journalist Tim Greiving include quotes from a new interview with Mr. Shire. The white earthquake is here! http://www.quartetrecords.com/the-white-buffalo.html
  3. Auf CD und LP http://www.thee-roundtable.com/store/p16/john-barry-walkabout.html
  4. Showing what he could do with film music arrangements (In Doctor No) , the young John Barry was given a (relatively) free hand this time! And what a terrific job he did too! Combining Lionel Bart’s wistful main theme, John conjoured up a world where East meets West in Istanbul. Brought back to life with a dazzling remastering job, we have added special bonus material as well as both versions of Matt Monro’s song. New notes bring a clearer understanding of this British knock-‘em-dead movie of 1963. A genuine must for all James Bond collectors! Titelliste: 1. MAIN TITLE (Movie version) 2. JAMES BOND WITH BONGOES (On the way from the airport) 3. OPENING TITLES – JAMES BOND IS BACK 4. TANIA MEETS KLEBB 5. MEETING IN ST. SOPHIA 6. THE GOLDEN HORN 7. GIRL TROUBLE 8. BOND MEETS TANIA 9. 007 10.GYPSY CAMP 11. DEATH OF GRANT 12. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE –Movie Version (Vocal by Matt Monro) 13. THE JAMES BOND THEME 14. SPECTRE ISLAND 15. UITAR LAMENT (YOU DECIDE JAMES) 16. MAN OVERBOARD! – SMERSH IN ACTION 17. LEILA DANCES 18. STALKING 19. DEATH OF KERIM 20. 007 TAKES THE LECTER (LONG VERSION) 21. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE – Single Version (Vocal by Matt Monro) 22. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE – Alternate Version 1 23. 007 – Alternate Version1 24. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE – Alternate Version 2 25. 007 – Alternate Version 2 Quelle: http://www.harkitrecords.com/russia_with_love.html
  5. Intrada diesmal mit einem meiner Allzeitlieblingssoundtracks von John Barry, dessen Wiederveröffentlichung einfach überfällig war. Vielleicht Barrys einprägsamster Sound neben den Bondsoundtracks. Ohne Extramaterial, aber mit einem neuen Cover, anläßlich dessen ich darauf hinweisen möchte, dass es sich nicht um einen Harrison-Ford-Film handelt. Außerdem Sci-Fi aus den Fünfzigern:
  6. Film Score Monthly veröffentlicht: John Barry KING KONG (1976) http://www.filmscore...l.cfm/CDID/487/ http://www.screenarc...E-EDITION-2-CD/
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