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Hollywood Records: Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit

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Ich find das Cover irgendwie total cool.. hoffentlich wird die Musik ebenso toll sein.



Hollywood Records will release a score album for Taika Waititi’s World War II satire Jojo Rabbit. The album features the film’s original music composed by Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino (Up, Lost, Jurassic World, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Incredibles, Star Trek, Ratatouille, Doctor Strange). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, October 18. The download link will be added to this article within the next day. A separate album featuring the songs from the movie will also be released tomorrow. Jojo Rabbit is written and directed by Waititi and stars Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Scarlett Johansson, Waititi himself, Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, Alfie Allen and Stephen Merchant. The movie follows a lonely German boy whose world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother is hiding a young Jewish girl in their attic. The comedy drama premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival and is being released in select theaters this weekend by Fox Searchlight before expanding nationwide over the next couple of weeks.


Here’s the track list of the album:


1. Jojo’s March (1:01)
2. Rabbit Got Your Tongue (1:20)
3. How Jojo Got His Name (0:30)
4. Adolf Einleitung in Cheek (1:02)
5. Catch the Antelopers (0:33)
6. Grenade and Bear It (0:45)
7. Jojo’s Infirmary Period (0:53)
8. A New Uni-deform (1:12)
9. From Poster to Postest (0:25)
10. The Secret Room (5:14)
11. Pickled Pink (0:44)
12. Negotiate Your Heart Out (1:05)
13. Beyond Questions (1:07)
14. No Weak Jews (0:50)
15. The Elsa Prophecy (0:20)
16. A Boy of Letters (0:27)
17. A Game of Names (0:30)
18. Mother Joker (1:16)
19. A Few of My Shiniest Things (1:38)
20. Eye of the Tiger (String Quartet Version) (2:08)
21. Get to the Back of the HQ (0:16)
22. Proving Your Metal (0:49)
23. Elsa’s Art Appreciation (1:55)
24. Gestapo Making Sense (4:01)
25. Don’t Speech Your Pants (1:01)
26. A Butterfly’s Wings (1:16)
27. Rosie’s Nocturne (2:36)
28. The Kids Are All Reich (2:39)
29. Allies Well That Ends Well (0:59)
30. New World Order (0:57)
31. A Few Too Germany (1:10)
32. What Elsa Is New (2:01)
33. Nathan’s Last Letter (0:51)
34. The Adolf in the Room (0:41)
35. A World to the Wise (0:46)
36. Elsa Behaved (0:38)
37. Jojo’s Theme (3:53)



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Jojo Rabbit,” Michael Giacchino

Composer Michael Giacchino broke his own rule when he accepted the commission to score “Jojo Rabbit.” He never agrees to write the music based on a script reading alone, but Taika Waititi’s writing so intrigued him that he said yes.

“I really loved it,” says the Oscar winner (“Up”). “I just had a good feeling that he was going to do something special with it.”

Waititi’s black comedy, about a German boy who aspires to join the Nazi Youth during World War II only to discover his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic, inspired music that ranged from a kid-friendly march to dark evocations of the Nazi menace to a warm ambiance for the boy’s mom and the girl he ultimately befriends.

“I never felt like I was scoring a comedy,” Giacchino says. “I was scoring this boy’s view of the world which slowly, over time, changes from this little adventure to a much bigger worldview – more serious, more emotional, more centered in his humanity than earlier in the film.”

So, despite Giacchino’s customary large orchestras (sometimes 100 players or more), for “Jojo Rabbit” he used just 30 musicians. “It needed to feel like a child’s world. It couldn’t feel like an epic World War II adventure,” he says.

The most fun element is the composer’s faux German march featuring four recorders and sung by a children’s choir, with lyrics “that praise everything that the Fuhrer stands for.” Giacchino wrote the tune, added lyrics (translated into German) by Elyssa Samsel that were so authentic-sounding that they initially disturbed studio executives.

“But by the end of the film,” he says, “if you were to look at those lyrics again, you would see them in a completely different way and read them as ‘you need to be kind to yourself, be kind to those around you, and accept those around you.'”

Quelle: https://variety.com/2019/music/awards/oscar-score-1917-jojo-rabbit-little-women-1203428156/?fbclid=IwAR2K7KolqDagbeqvK1oZXi8kQqzoICQI3quC1SI23-JHXi964S98ebWwDSI



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Ich habe den Film schon gesehen und habe nicht allzu viel erwartet und war sehr positiv überrascht!


Der Film ist sehr humorvoll und wärmt das Herz. Die Schauspieler sind klasse, vor allem die Kinderdarsteller. Bei denen habe ich meistens eher Probleme.


Vor allem spricht der Film wichtige Themen an - Erwachsenwerden, Familie und Faschismus.


Vor allem sieht man die Lieder nachher mit anderen Augen. Sehr zu empfehlen. Kann aber auch verstehen, wenn jemand den Film nicht mag.

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