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  1. Moin in die Runde! Haushaltsauflösung. Einige Titel gefunden, die vielleicht interessant sein könnten. Alles noch versiegelt, mit der Ausnahme von zwei Titeln (Siege Beschreibung). Die CDs waren eingelagert. Keine Feuchtigkeit abbekommen. Lediglich etwas angestaubt. Ich will damit kein „Reibach“ machen. Ich würd mich freuen, wenn jemand Interesse hat. Zum wegschmeißen irgendwie zu schade und vielleicht macht’s dem einen oder der der anderen noch eine Freude. Liebe Grüße. Gern sende ich auch Fotos zu dein einzelnen Titeln. Alfred Newman David and Bathsheba Intrada 22 Bronislaw Kaper TOBRUK Intrada 147 Dana Kaproff Empire of the Ants Kritzerland Elmer Bernstein Cannon For Cordobra/ From Noon till Three - 2CD Varese - Master of Film Music Elmer Bernstein The Scalphunters Varese Club Franz Waxman The Virgin Queen Varese Club James Horner Where the River Runs Black Varese Sarabande guter Zustand - Alte 1986 US Pressung Jerry Fielding Scorpio Intrada 69 Jerry Fielding Gray Lady Down Intrada 114 Jerry Goldsmith Red Pony Varese Club Jerry Goldsmith The List of Adrian Messender Varese Club Jerry Goldsmith Stagecoach/The Loner FSM Vol.1 No.1 Jerry Goldsmith Link Intrada 158 Jerry Goldsmith Poltergeist II - 2CD Kritzerland John Barry The Deep Intrada 143 guter Zustand - Inlay der CD-Halterung gebrochen Leigh Harline Warlock Intrada 27 Leigh Harline/ Newman The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing/ The St. Valentines Day Massacre Intrada 99 Leonard Roseman Alexander The Great and other Rare Roseman The Film Music Society Les Baxter House of Usher Intrada 159 Les Baxter Hells Bells La-La Land Records 1149 Maurice Jarre The Epic Filmmusik of Maurice Jarre (Mohammad/Lion of the Desert) Silver Screen 060 Maurice Jarre Top Secret Varese Club Michael Small Black Widow Intrada 29 Nino Rota Fellini Satyricon Quartet Records Paul Sawtell The Hunters Intrada 152 Sol Kaplan The House on Telegraph Hill Intrada 176 Trevor Jones three and out Contemporary Media Recordings Trevor Jones AEGIS Universal Japan Pressung
  2. Im übrigen wird im Abspann ein Track aus „Max and Helen“ von Young aufgeführt.
  3. La-La Land Records, Synthesis Entertainment, 20th Century Studios and Legendary Pictures proudly present VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA – ORIGINAL TELEVISION SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION: LIMITED EDITION, a deluxe 4-CD collection of original music from the classic Irwin Allen 1964-1968 sci-fi/deep ocean adventure television series! This beloved series, an exciting whirlpool of espionage drama, spy suspense, submarine action and creature features, showcased state-of-the-art effects that would blaze a trail for Allen’s LOST IN SPACE, TIME TUNNEL and LAND OF THE GIANTS to follow in its wake. A vital part of this series’ success and timelessness are its knockout episode music scores, which prove to be some of the finest examples of the era’s orchestral television music. Featuring music by composers Alexander Courage, Robert Drasnin, Jerry Goldsmith, Lennie Hayton, Joseph Mullendore, Nelson Riddle, Paul Sawtell, Herman Stein and Leith Stevens, this deluxe 4-CD set, limited to 1000 units, is produced by Jeff Bond and Neil S. Bulk, executive produced by Kevin Burns, executive produced for 20th Century Studios by Mike Matessino, and digitally edited and mastered by James Nelson. Among the many musical treasures to be found within this exciting release are an expanded presentation of the "Jonah and the Whale" score by Jerry Goldsmith, as well as main and end titles Goldsmith wrote for the show, along with a bumper, and a previously undiscovered, completely different, high-energy never-used main and end title Goldsmith was asked to provide later as an alternate. The set also features scores by Alexander Courage, Leith Stevens and Nelson Riddle that incorporate Goldsmith's theme for the Seaview submarine. Additionally found here are several versions of the popular Paul Sawtell main and end titles that were retained throughout the series, including the fourth season arrangement recorded by Leith Stevens, both the long and short, editorially-created end titles, and bumpers based on the Sawtell theme heard in the first and fourth seasons. Among the five hours of underscore much of the most familiar and often-repeated music from the series can be heard, including a number of cues written to accompany the show's early second season introduction of the Flying Sub. Co-Producer/writer Jeff Bond takes you to the Bottom of the Sea and beyond with exclusive, in-depth liner notes that journey you through a photo-packed 40 page booklet! The mission-ready art design is by Mark Banning. This special release is a limited edition of 1000 units. TRACK LISTING: CD 1 1. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Main Title (0:30) Eleven Days To Zero Music Composed and Conducted by Paul Sawtell 2. Murderous Pursuit (2:54) 3. Ocean Floor Search / Squid Fight (5:34) 4. Solid Ice (1:49) 5. Lost / Job Well Done (3:35) 6. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Title (Original Pilot Version) (1:05) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 14:57 7. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Main Title (Season 2 Version) (0:30) (Jerry Goldsmith) Jonah And The Whale Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith 8. A Whale Of A Whale / Thar She Blows / A Whale Of A Time (3:06) 9. New Plans / The Second Dive (1:49) 10. It’s A Deal / Going Down / Trouble Approaches (1:20) 11. A Meal Fit For A Whale / Crash Dive (2:28) 12. The Whale Watches / Sub Narcotics (2:14) 13. Collision Course (2:04) 14. Rescue Party (0:34) 15. Bumper (0:06) 16. Diving Party (1:57) 17. Inside Whale / More Sub Narcotics / 13 Minutes Left (1:02) 18. Whale On A Ledge / Home Free (4:09) 19. A Matter Of Record (0:39) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 21:28 20. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Title (Season 2 Short Version) (0:40) (Jerry Goldsmith) Time Bomb Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 21. Chinese Market Place / Cesium Injection (0:43) 22. Seaview Submerged / Checklist** (2:09) 23. Flying Sub / Naval Intelligence / Naval Intelligence II / You’re Dead (1:32) 24. Get Into The Car** / Litchka’s Apartment (1:23) 25. Seaview Theme** / Kill Him** / The Switch** / Comrade Litchka / The Bug** / Act Out** (3:05) 26. Let’s Go / On The Floor** (4:07) 27. Right** / Seaview Theme** (1:47) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 14:46 ** contains “Seaview Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith ...And Five Of Us Are Left Music Composed and Conducted by Lennie Hayton 28. Sinking The Tetra (1:42) 29. Seaview Hits Tidal Current (1:17) 30. Always Prepared† (0:56) 31. The Seaview† / The Underwater Cave† (1:08) 32. The Flying Sub† / Seaview Searches Tunnel† / The Volcano† (4:20) 33. Crew Meets Crew / Bubbles From Air Sub† (2:09) 34. The Air Sub Is Damaged† / The Air Sub Sinks† (1:38) 35. Seaview Underway Again† / Act Of Forgiveness† / Scratch One Volcano† (1:59) 36. The Rescue† / Homeward Bound† (3:01) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 18:10 † from music stem 37. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Title (Season 2 Long Version) (0:51) (Jerry Goldsmith) TOTAL DISC 1 TIME: 73:11 CD 2 1. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Main Title (Unused 2nd Season Version) (0:30) (Jerry Goldsmith) The Cyborg Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage 2. New Shape / Poof! (1:20) 3. Episode Titles / Der Doppelgänger (2:06) 4. Welcome Back / Which Twin? / Sieg Heil */** (3:07) 5. Intruder* / Crafty* (1:59) 6. Attacked* (1:08) 7. Further Attack* / Further Further Attack* (1:07) 8. Ready For Frying*† (0:47) 9. Rig For War / This Is It (1:54) 10. Sneaky Pete*† (2:36) 11. Exit Ullrich / Theme From Voyage* / He Made A Funny (2:52) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 18:56 * contains “Seaview Theme” by Paul Sawtell ** contains “Seaview Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith † recorded 8/12/66 for season 3 library Escape From Venice Music Composed and Conducted by Nelson Riddle 12. Va Bene / Alicia Shot (1:26) 13. Episode Titles** (1:28) 14. Extreme** / In Flight** (1:48) 15. Crane A Fugitive (3:54) 16. Venetian Fuzz / Cornered Cobb (1:13) 17. Poison Blade / Numbered Hours / Buona Sera / Dead Mandlina (2:19) 18. Crane + Betty / No / The Count’s Men (0:52) 19. Bull In An Antique Shop (1:12) 20. One Dead Count (0:34) 21. Nelson Institute** / Seaview Theme** (0:34) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 15:20 ** contains “Seaview Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith The Left-Handed Man Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 22. Opening / Goodnight Admiral (0:35) 23. Penfield Inspection** / Travel Agency (3:54) 24. Penfield’s First Flight / Travel Agency #2** (1:34) 25. Attempt On Angie’s Life** (4:52) 26. Spy Fight** (0:50) 27. First Class / You Know This Man / Grafton’s Death (2:10) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 13:55 ** contains “Seaview Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith 28. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Title (Unused 2nd Season Version with Pick-Up Opening) (0:29) (Jerry Goldsmith) The X Factor Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 29. Conversion Tank / The Conversion (2:29) 30. Pacific Theatre / Sabotage (3:07) 31. Gyro Stabilizer Out (1:28) 32. Gyro Stabilizer Out Part II (2:22) 33. Helicopter Chase (3:16) 34. Tank Conversion / No Trouble At All / Seaview Act End* (3:30) 35. Trouble / Sneaky Mothah (3:09) 36. Stalk Chase (3:07) 37. The Power House (3:05) 38. Track Down Kabor (0:29) 39. Kabor Gets It* / Seaview Tag (0:58) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 27:00 * contains “Seaview Theme” by Paul Sawtell 40. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Title (Unused 2nd Season Version) (0:35) (Jerry Goldsmith) TOTAL DISC 2 TIME: 78:12 CD 3 1. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Bumper #1 (0:05) Music Composed and Conducted by Paul Sawtell The Monster From Outer Space Music Composed and Conducted by Lennie Hayton 2. The Capsule Sinks (0:52) 3. Recovering The Capsule / Burn The Creature (6:45) 4. The Capsule Is Clean / Landing† (2:18) 5. Chip Is Bit / Sickbay† (0:40) 6. Spots / Swallowed† (1:17) 7. Monsterized† / Trap†** (2:47) 8. Singed†** (2:21) 9. The Admiral Fights Back (4:18) 10. So Watt?† (0:58) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 22:16 † composed by Herman Stein ** contains “Seaview Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith Monster From The Inferno Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 11. Episode Titles (1:57) 12. No Danger / Checking (3:28) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 5:24 The Lost Bomb Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage 13. Where’s The Pin? / Beamed (4:19) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 4:19 The Wax Men Music Composed and Conducted by Robert Drasnin 14. Zombie Crew / Deadly Proposal (1:24) 15. Endurance Test (3:37) 16. Chief Interruption / New Clown In Town (3:09) 17. See The Clown Frown (1:22) 18. The Harder Way / When Old Friends Melt (2:56) 19. From Slumber Awake (1:20) 20. Torch And Go (1:32) 21. Heat Prelude (1:03) 22. All Fall Down / Wax Poetique / Clown In (2:41) 23. Down Clown / Sea Fin (1:26) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 20:30 A Time To Die Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 24. Magnetic Field / In His Cabin (2:44) 25. Giant Bird (1:29) 26. Depth 200 Feet (2:38) 27. Admiral’s Gone / Sea Creature (2:43) 28. Idle Threats (0:51) 29. Reactor Room / Reverse #1 (2:31) 30. Power Failure (2:42) 31. Start The Reactor (2:25) 32. Explosion / Final Act Out (1:28) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 19:31 33. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Credits (Short Version) (0:42) (Paul Sawtell) TOTAL DISC 3 TIME: 73:59 CD 4 1. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Color Bumper (0:05) Music Composed and Conducted by Paul Sawtell Blow Up Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 2. Seaview* / It’s Hopeless / Close The Hatch (2:01) 3. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (New Main Title)* (0:41) 4. Episode Titles (2:34) 5. Military Courtesy / Close The Door / Act Out (4:08) 6. Act Opening / Yes Sir! (1:05) 7. Prepare To Dive / Brace For Crash (2:29) 8. Act Opening / Trust Me / Stand By To Raise Ship (4:54) 9. Let’s Go / Arrest (1:15) 10. Light / Keep Me Advised / Grab Him (3:37) 11. Rush Him (1:03) 12. Sick Bay (1:43) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 25:30 * - contains “Seaview Theme” by Paul Sawtell The Return of Blackbeard Music Composed and Conducted by Joseph Mullendore 13. Under Attack (4:01) 14. Return Of Blackbeard / The Jolly Roger / Blackbeard And The Captain / Blackbeard At Your Service (1:57) 15. Blackbeard? / Disappearing Bits (2:12) 16. Quick Act On / Crane Gets Konked (0:50) 17. Disappear-Appear / Strike Your Colors (2:21) 18. Fight To Act Out (2:23) 19. Put Out Bomb / Don’t Shoot Skipper / Blackbeard-Crane Fight (2:52) 20. Act On (0:48) 21. Goin’ For A Swim (1:17) 22. Nelson-Blackbeard Fight / To Commercial (3:14) 23. End of Pirates (0:46) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 22:41 Man-Beast Music Composed and Conducted by Leith Stevens 24. Act Opening / The Descent (2:56) 25. Episode Titles / Right / The Log Book / Sign The Log (4:50) 26. Wolf Man (0:59) 27. Search And Destroy / Sleeping Crane / Lost A Patient / All Stop (2:24) 28. All Hands / Report Overdue (3:24) 29. Are You All Right? / Beast Leaves (0:43) 30. Act Opening / Freeze (3:07) 31. All Hands (0:52) 32. Emergency Procedure / End Episode (3:54) TOTAL SCORE TIME: 23:09 33. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea End Credits (Long Version) (0:51) Music Composed and Conducted by Paul Sawtell TOTAL DISC 4 TIME: 73:28 TOTAL COLLECTION TIME: 4:58:50
  4. La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures proudly present the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Howard Shore’s (LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) original motion picture score to the 1993 feature film thriller SLIVER starring Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and Tom Berenger, and directed by Phillip Noyce. Renowned composer Shore unleashes a mesmerizing orchestral score – a broiling and seductive noirish brew of sensuality and danger that proves to be a perfect complement to the film’s psychological deep dive into mystery, sex and murder. A notable 90’s score from a powerhouse talent, SLIVER is finally here for film music fans with its debut release in any format. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this special presentation includes bonus tracks of additional music Christopher Young composed for the film and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger, along with sharp art design by Goldwasser. This is a limited edition release of 1000 units. TRACK LISTING: 1. Main Title* / Naomi’s Fall* 3:41 2. Carly Comes to Sliver 2:02 3. Carly Meets Zeke 0:55 4. She Jumped* 0:50 5. Golfing 0:57 6. Voyeur* 1:39 7. Telescope** 3:03 8. Gus Is Dead / Microfiche** 3:23 9. I’ll Call You* 0:49 10. Laundry Room 0:47 11. First Sex* 3:12 12. Zeke Owns the Building** 3:23 13. The Rose / He Was So Good** 1:41 14. The Game / I Win, You Lose** / The Rain 4:06 15. Vida’s Death** / Carly Sees Vida 2:58 16. Monitor Room Reveal 1:01 17. Golfing (longer alternate)* 2:01 18. Rose II / Grab 1:22 19. The Fight** / To the Key* 3:58 20. The End** 5:29 CHRISTOPHER YOUNG BONUS TRACKS 21. Microfiche (film version) 1:39 22. The Fight** (film version) 2:03 23. To the Key (film version) 2:07 24. The End (film version) 5:31 TOTAL ALBUM TIME: 59:26 * not used in film ** contains material not used in film
  5. Nächste Woche wird der Score von Intrada veröffentlicht: http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8493
  6. Der hier hat relativ wenig Substanz. „Guilty as Sin“ wäre schöner gewesen... Themenreicher und aufregender:)
  7. Auf YouTube kann man ihn nun hören. Einmal durch. Alles schon mal gehört. Das Thema aus sneakers recycelt. Aber hübsch. Hoffentlich bringt das bald mal ein Label raus!
  8. Dazu vielleicht passend: https://filmmusicjournal.ch/us-marshals-deluxe/
  9. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12150/.f?sc=13&category=-113 Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 441 Film Date: 1984 Album Date: 2020 Time: 79:32 Tracks: 28 Expanded release of long out-of-print John Williams classic! Expanded release of long out-of-print John Williams classic! Mel Gibson, Sissy Spacek, Scott Glenn star, Vilmos Zsigmond photographs, John Williams composes Oscar-nominated Americana score for Mark Rydell’s dramatic farming crisis film from Universal. Williams reunites with director Rydell, who successfully teamed on earlier pictures The Reivers, The Cowboys and Cinderella Liberty, each offering different musical takes on the subject of Americana. Williams provides beautifully languid yet sadly-toned main theme, typically featuring solo trumpet, to anchor tale of economic collapse of family farming industry in Tennessee during the early 1980’s that saw many farmers forced to seek employment in steel factories, pitting them in opposition to striking mill workers. Williams keeps overall grim realism in focus but finds ample opportunity to fashion bright, energetic ideas encapsulating spirit of determination that Rydell spotlights through struggles to survive of Tom and Mae Garvey’s farming family, played by Gibson and Spacek. Williams highlights several key sequences depicting the challenges portrayed but towering above all is surging, powerful “The Ancestral Home” sequence underlining and in many ways carrying climactic scene of desperate families uniting to fashion large dam built from sandbags to stem tide of rapidly rising flood waters of the titular river. Here, Williams begins with major-key motif that gradually builds thematically into massive orchestral crescendo, much in mannerism of his legendary “Leaving Home” music from 1978’s Superman The Movie. Hearing the epic peroration of this four-and-a-half minute piece, landing at its peak with Williams’ signature leading tonecadence, is a scoring highlight! MCA Records released a strong 37-minute album in 1984 of musical highlights featuring meld of original soundtrack recordings and newly recorded adaptations by Williams of his film cues. Special Intrada presentation includes re-mastered release of that classic album, plus world premiere release of full original soundtrack recording, boasting some 20 minutes of previously unreleased material. Entire project, courtesy Universal Pictures and Geffen Records/UMG Recordings, was produced by Mike Matessino from pristine masters. Matessino also contributes literate notes for dramatic booklet designed by Kay Marshall. Score recorded in August and September 1984 by Dan Wallin. John Williams composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 01. The River (4:29) 02. Growing Up (2:52) 03. The Pony Ride (3:16) 04. Love Theme From The River (4:55) 05. The Ancestral Home (4:31) 06. Rain Clouds Gather (3:06) 07. From Farm To Factory (2:46) 08. Back From Town (3:41) 09. Tractor Scene (2:19) 10. A Family Meeting (2:38) 11. Young Friends Farewell (2:42) Total Time: 37:15 SCORE PRESENTATION 12. Main Title (Rain Clouds Gather) (3:08) 13. Leaving Home* (2:56) 14. The Family* (1:43) 15. The Kids Separate* (1:40) 16. The Garveys (1:24) SCORE PRESENTATION Continued... 17. On The Dock (1:25) 18. Under The Tractor (2:21) 19. Dialing The Hospital* (1:32) 20. Telephone Call* (2:33) 21. The Hotel* (2:06) 22. Releasing The Doe* (1:05) 23. Back From Town (Film Version) (3:45) 24. The Ancestral Home (4:33) 25. End Credits (The River) (4:31) THE EXTRAS 26. The Family (Alternate)* (1:39) 27. The Ancestral Home (Alternate)* 2:32) 28. Leaving Home (Film Version)* (2:55) Total Time: 42:07
  10. Weiß jemand wieviel da eigentlich fehlte? Habe den Film Lange nicht gesehen. Im Netz habe ich einige Aussagen gefunden, dass nur so 5Min fehlen würde. Ich tippe auf die Filmfassung, die dann so an die 40Min geht, inkl viel Material, welches wir nicht kennen, und dann das alte Album (37Min). Könnte also alles auf eine Scheibe passen. Naja, bald wissen wir mehr:)
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