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  1. PLEASE NOTE - as expected we are experiencing a high volume of orders for Willow. If you placed your order before the "TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK" notice appeared, lucky you! But be aware that the earliest it will ship is likely between July 5 - 7, possibly even the following week. Also be aware that emailing Intrada to check on the status of your order will not make your order go out any faster - the only thing it will do is slow us down. We are REALLY hoping to have all of the Willow orders shipped by July 7. Please have mercy! As soon as we have an idea of when Willow will be back in stock, the information will be updated. (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK) We will post estimates of when this title will be back in stock as soon as we know!
  2. At last! Magnum opus fantasy score by James Horner receives expanded 2-CD set! A LucasFilm Production, Ron Howard directs, scripted by Bob Dolman, story by George Lucas who also executive produces with Val Kilmer, Warwick Davis sharing majority of the screen time with Joanne Whalley, Billy Barty, Jean Marsh all nearby. Evil sorceress Bavmorda imprisons all pregnant women in her domain to prevent birth of a baby prophesied to bring about the end of her reign. Said baby is born and cast adrift, with Bavmorda, her vicious Nockmaar Hounds and her army in pursuit. Enter Willow Ufgood and the Nelwyns, who find the infant. A perilous adventure ensues that involves the Brownies, a fairy queen, an aging enchantress… and flamboyant rogue and expert swordsman Madmartigan. James Horner took inspiration from rousing action and swordplay as well as fantastic special effects made by ILM, including landmark early use of digital morphing technology, a CGI breakthrough. Film unfolds with generous amount of dazzle dazzle and derring-do but also offers darker side to fantastic tale, especially in latter battle and climactic duel sequence. Horner showcases his energetic youthful big-orchestra vernacular on one hand while balancing with his newly-maturing severe, intense musical vocabulary, resulting in incredibly wide-ranging score. Richly drawn main theme anchors, makes key appearances, shares time with exhilarating theme for Madmartigan, takes back seat to ferocious sequences, then ultimately brings score home. Besides colorful array of material, score is also notable for several lengthy cues, amongst the longest of the composer’s career. Massive pieces often play as movements of a symphony, developing ideas with cohesion, complexity, generating considerable tension, then relief - no easy feat: “Canyon Of Mazes” (7 minutes), “Tir Asleen” (10 minutes), “Bavmorda’s Spell Is Cast” (18 minutes), “Willow The Sorcerer” (12 minutes) are massive, masterful works for large symphony orchestra. Generous original 1988 album featured over 70 minutes of music but film’s wall-to-wall scoring included over 100 minutes of music! Finally, on this Intrada 2-CD presentation, some 107 minutes of music by Horner appears, with a wealth of previously unavailable cues, including aggressive, fierce “Death Dogs”, colorful and fantastic “Enchanted Forest”, and riveting and florid “Sled Ride”, all courtesy LucasFilm and Disney, mastered from original digital stereo mixes made by Shawn Murphy at the scoring sessions and beautifully preserved by engineer Simon Rhodes. Front cover art by John Alvin, package design by Kay Marshall, booklet notes by Frank DeWald. Score recorded in January & February 1988 at Abbey Road Studios. Greig McRitchie orchestrates, James Horner composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD available while quantities and interest remain!" CD 1 01. Elora Danan (9:45) 02. The Nelwyns (2:41) 03. The Nelwyns No. 2 (2:35) 04. Death Dogs (2:26) 05. Willow’s Journey Begins (5:26) 06. Bavmorda’s Castle (1:21) 07. Airk’s Army (3:26) 08. The Enchanted Forest (5:31) 09. Escape From The Tavern (5:04) 10. The Island (5:10) 11. Willow Captured (1:59) 12. Arrival At Snow Camp (1:17) 13. The Sled Ride (7:56) CD 1 Total Time: 55:16 CD 2 01. Willow’s Theme (3:54) 02. Canyon Of Mazes (7:52) 03. Tir Asleen (10:47) 04. Bavmorda’s Spell Is Cast (18:11) 05. Willow The Sorcerer (11:55) CD 2 Total Time: 52:58 https://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12619/.f?sc=13&category=-113
  3. Kann deinen Punkt gut nachvollziehen. Habe selbst ewig nichts mehr käuflich erworben aus den ähnlichen Gründen. Man kann doch aber auch diejenigen, die sich dran freuen, die Freude doch einfach lassen. Und gleich drauf zu schließen, dass die „Szene“ (was immer das sein soll) so beschränkt wäre, weil sie jede Expandierung abfeiern: sehr gewagt.. meiner Meinung nach. Nur weil nicht jede/jeder sich Luft verschafft (so wie du), heißt das doch nicht, dass sie alle sich nicht auch was anderes wünschen würden. Warum/wieso/weshalb die Labels das tun, was sie tun, haben wir nun alle mittlerweile aufm Schirm. Und wenn vielleicht demnächst mal ein NEUER Titel veröffentlicht wird, der längst vergessen wurde aber eine ganz großartige Komposition ist, dann immer schön dran denken: Dank uns Käufern/Käuferinnen dieser „unnötigen“ Expandierungen war DAS nur möglich…
  4. Viel und ständig!!! Gerade bei so einem lang ersehnten Titel! Müsst ihn ja nicht kaufen. Andere werden sehr sehr sehr viel Freude dran haben.
  5. Also der Film hat ca 105min Musik. Ca 40min fehlen. Die Tracks auf dem Album kommen 1:1 im Film vor - ausgenommen Journey Begins & Willows Theme. Ich empfand das Album immer als ein Tick zu leise abgemischt. grad wenn man den Film sieht merkt man, wie kraftlos/leise manche Sachen auf dem Album wirken.
  6. Hmmm. Kein großes Interesse hier? mochte den ja sehr gern. Wobei ich die Oscar Nominierung nie verstanden habe.
  7. Zumal das Album zum zweiten Teil unfassbar leise abgemischt war. Echt ne Schande bei den Action-Cues.
  8. Ich mochte den Score ja wirklich sehr. Kommt besser als Sleepers oder Rosewood… Jemand geordert?
  9. Ist bereits bei Spotify seit heute morgen: https://open.spotify.com/album/0JgXq86cSnnPToc4optPmI?si=K6qI0a51QaqF2FX1I6DBfg 37 Track, 77Min.
  10. Auf seiner Homepage sind bereits einige cues … Score wird bei MILAN erscheinen. http://www.carterburwell.com/projects/Macbeth.shtml
  11. Digital: https://open.spotify.com/album/4Kw7yE7xBZdHrvkTswoQq4?si=CEW9uOjaR0C4klh0tFrOnw
  12. Gibts schon digital: https://open.spotify.com/album/7EyKLhwiYQBxnznl4x77Pc?si=oQ_t8zp3TGqTPT_Uad1oEg
  13. Das entspricht ungefähr dem Stiefelchen das mal vor Jahren die Runde machte…
  14. Göransson hat echt krasse Arbeit geleistet. Selten so einen perfekt angestimmten Score zu ner Serie erlebt… abgesehen von Dynasty und North&South
  15. Falls jemand mehr Details möchte: http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/unexpected-new-edition-of-star-trek-ii-from-la-la-land-our-exclusive-review/
  16. Trailer is draußen. Brummm-Brumm—female vocals—Brumm-Brumm Zimmer eben.
  17. ALWAYS - John Williams La-La Land Records, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Geffen proudly present a Limited Edition remastered and expanded CD reissue of John Williams’ (JAWS, E.T., SCHINDLER’S LIST) original score to the 1989 feature film ALWAYS, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter and John Goodman. Williams’ sumptuous orchestral score gives this touching story of timeless love and miracles an irresistible dreamlike quality -- lifting and carrying the film, and its audience, on a musical wind that soars them into a timeless, romantically blissful realm. Maestro Williams also raises the stakes of the film’s riveting firefighting sequences with the kind of expert dramatic action cues that are his trademark. Produced and mastered from studio vault elements by Mike Matessino, and approved by the composer and the director, this expanded CD is limited to 3500 Units and includes never-before-released material and exclusive, in depth liner notes also written by Matessino. The soaring art design is by Jim Titus. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION 1 Intimate Conversation 1:28 2 Premonitions * 2:01 3 Saying Goodbye 3:15 4 Pete In Heaven 6:44 5 The Return 2:31 6 The Old Timer’s Shack 4:55 7 Follow Me 1:18 8 Seeing Dorinda 3:35 9 Ted’s Heroics And Pete’s Aura * 3:25 10 Pete And Dorinda 3:20 11 Promise To Hap 2:31 12 The Rescue Operation 5:16 13 Among The Clouds 8:37 14 Dorinda Solo Flight 3:28 15 End Credits* 4:09 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 16 The Return (Film Version Segment) * 1:11 17 The Old Timer’s Shack (Alternate) ** 4:46 18 Follow Me (Alternate)* 1:17 19 The Rescue Operation (Alternate) ** 5:16 20 Among The Clouds (Alternate) * 4:14 21 End Credits (Alternate) * 6:24 Total Time: 79:45 * previously unreleased ** contains previously unreleased music This is a CD format release A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: 20th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION (3-CD SET) LLLCD 1353 Music by John Williams Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $39.98 STARTS SHIPPING JUNE 30
  18. Großartig! Hab zwar das alte Album noch im Schrank stehen, aber es ist wirklich eine Perle aus den 90ern und schön, dass nun mehr Leute Zugang dazu haben und neu für sich entdecken können:)
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