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Quartet Records: Ennio Morricone - SAHARA


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Ennio Morricone’s score for the expensive production provides a rich, versatile and powerful epic soundtrack – a real gem and a treat for all Morricone fans. It features a lush main theme for the sweeping romance in the desert, exciting action themes for the battles and three different themes for the race itself.


This ultimate edition is presented as a 2-CD set (for the price of one). Disc one contains, for the first time, the complete score as written by Morricone for the film. Since there were many cuts and changes in the picture, a lot of music was left out of the final print; many cues were moved around or repurposed, so some of this music will be a new listening experience.


Disc two contains the original LP program as it was assembled by Morricone. The LP was released with this program all around the world, except in the U.S. where Varèse Sarabande modified the program from Morricone’s original selection. This is the first time the composer’s presentation is being released on CD. It includes many tracks that do not appear on disc one: album versions, source cues, edits, slightly different mixes, and a song recorded specifically for the album.


Mastered by Dániel Winkler from the three-track stereo mix tapes and the two-track stereo master album, all courtesy of M.G.M. Project supervised by Claudio Fuiano. The package comes with a lavishly illustrated 20-page booklet, featuring comments from Gergely Hubai, who shares anecdotes about the filming and discusses the many cuts and changes through a track-by-track breakdown of both discs’ programs. The CD is limited to 1000 copies.




01. Panther Chase / Opening Credits (3:35)

02. Test Drive* (1:14)

03. Father’s Death** (2:14)

04. Alarm / Slo-Mo Horse** (2:46)

05. Arabia* (1:29)

06. The Boy and the Powder Case (1:31)

07. Repressed Emotions* (1:06)

08. Balcony Love (1:15)

09. On Your Marks* (1:03)

10. Get Set … Go (1:51)

11. Memories of Father (0:49)

12. Welcome Blue-Eye (2:55)

13. Sunset (1:40)

14. Scorpions (2:45)

15. Repressed Emotions (1:31)

16. Car Trouble* (0:40)

17. Wounded Men (0:51)

18. Love Theme / The Boy and the Powder Case* (1:00)

19. Ride to Oasis (Love Theme)*** (3:04)

20. Waterfall Kiss (1:45)

21. You Are To Be Wed (1:55)

22. Beetle Torture (0:56)

23. Armour Car Battle (3:34)

24. Desert Music (1:34)

25. More Car Trouble** (0:43)

26. Wedding Chant*** (2:22)

27. Consummation / Dale Sneaks Away (3:27)

28. Lots More Car Trouble (0:39)

29. War Report (1:52)

30. Rasoul Joins the Battle / The Battle Begins** (2:42)

31. Panther Pit / Escape from the Pit** (3:46)

32. Battle* (2:50)

33. Love Theme*** (0:57)

34. Alarm and Victory** (1:21)

35. Racing (1:46)

36. Stars and Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa)* (1:19)

37. Sahara (End Credits) (4:21)

Bonus tracks

38. An Accident*** (1:06)

39. On Your Marks (1:05)

40. Sahara (End Credits) - Alternate version* (4:27)


Total Disc Time: 77:46


* Previously unreleased

** Contains previously unreleased material

*** First CD appearance




01. Sahara (3:09)

02. The Party - “Charleston”(J. P. Johnson / C. Mack) (2:03)

03. Memories of Father (2:01)

04. The Car Rally (1:47)

05. Love Theme (4:20)

06. War Report (2:59)

07. A Joke and Accident (1:43)

08. Scorpions (2:44)

09. The Waterfall (3:03)

10. Battle and Victory (4:55)

11. Love Theme (Reprise) (3:08)

12. Sunset (1:37)

13. More Party Music - “Ragtime Dance” (S. Joplin) (2:46)

14. The Boy and the Powder Case (1:30)

15. Repressed Emotions (1:08)

16. Celebration Chant (2:22)

17. Alarm (1:51)

18. Panthers and Jaguars (2:07)

19. Sahara (Sung by Cathy Cole) (3:08)


Total Disc Time: 48:21


Total Album Time: 126:07


Limited Collector’s Edition of 1000 units.

Quelle: http://www.quartetrecords.com/sahara.html



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Gast Stefan Jania

Ich habe die alte LP (Clemence Melody/Ariola, Frankreich, 48 Minuten lang) und die Intrada-CD (65 Minuten lang). Sollte jemand nach Hören der Quartet hier etwas Genaueres zum Plus an Musik schreiben wollen: gerne, bin interessiert! :)

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