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Intrada Records: Georges Delerue - SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (rejected score)

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Die erste der vier Intrada Dezember CDs ist bestätigt:


Creature Features & Intrada pay tribute to Walt Disney's 1983 adaptation of Ray Bradbury's SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!

We're proud to host an unprecedented symposium celebrating Intrada's brand new CD release of composer Georges Delerue's chilling rejected score. This legendary original music was unheard outside of one fateful test screening, replaced with a new score by the late James Horner.



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Mir eigentlich auch. Die für mich beste Fassung von Delerues Something Wicked This Way Comes ist die neueingespielte Suite von Varèse. Aber ich werde hier wahrscheinlich schwach. Ich kenne mich. :) Ich kämpfe noch bis zum 8. Dezember mit mir und kaufe die Intrada-CD dann doch.

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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 337
Date: 1983
Time: 73:50
Tracks: 33
Important, complete release of magnificent yet never-used soundtrack from 1983 Walt Disney production.
Important, complete release of magnificent, yet never-used soundtrack from 1983 Walt Disney production based on classic Ray Bradbury novel. Jason Robards, Jonathan Pryce, Diane Ladd, Pam Grier star, Jack Clayton directs, Bradbury himself scripts. Years ago, Intrada premiered dynamic, early James Horner soundtrack eventually used in film. Now, near-legendary unused score by Georges Delere gets a complete release unto its own. Delerue opens with rich, chordal motif for low brass that is simultaneously regal, unsettling. As score progresses, motif reveals itself to be variant of primary theme for Mr. Dark (Pryce) and his frightening carnival. Delerue uses theme throughout score, often in masterful disguises that include everything from eerie choral intonations to subtle woodwind treatment. Harmonically-rich, dramatic idea even gets demented, minor-key statement, recorded on large pipe organ for calliope sequence. Other ideas abound: winding, sinewy melody for strings, cor Anglais during "The First Witch", glistening water effects from bowed vibraphone for "Mirrors", haunting music box melodies, much more. Especially moving is heartfelt, memorably sad theme for strings, introduced during early bedtime scene ("Halloway's Bedroom"), then fully realized during moving father/son sequence "You'll Live Forever". Minor-key theme offers Delerue writing in his finest melodic mode. Special spotlight goes to climactic "Dark Dies" cue, providing composer opportunity to write arguably his most powerful film music ever. When fireworks are over and midget person retrieves body of Dark, Delerue returns to his opening chordal motif for low brass in stroke of pure musical genius. Composer himself considered music to be amongst his all-time finest, written for massive orchestra with chorus in tow. Entire score presented in stereo, newly mixed and mastered from 2" 24-track session masters vaulted by Disney in pristine condition. Beautiful "flipper" cover design by Joe Sikoryak provides two gorgeous, early Bob Peak artwork campaigns intended for American posters but not used. Informative booklet notes by Tim Greiving provide insight into difficulties in readying film production for release into theaters. Georges Delerue conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title (2:24)

02. Halloway’s Coffin (1:04)

03. Halloway’s Bedroom (0:59)

04. Nite Time Carnival (4:18)

05. Calliope (Mr. Dark Theme) (2:34)

06. Crosetti (1:21)

07. Mirrors (2:44)

08. Respect It (1:56)

09. Come On (Alternate) (3:19)

10. Meeting Robert (1:10)

11. Young Miss Foley (1:12)

12. Music Box (Ending 3) And Cooger (0:43)

13. Stop It (1:47)

14. You’ll Live Forever (3:09)

15. Bleeding Hand (0:30)

16. Funeral March – Version 2 (Mr. Dark Theme) (2:00)

17. The Library (Revised) (2:44)

18. The First Witch (2:48)

19. 2nd Dust Witch (0:44)

20. Hall Of Mirrors (4:42)

21. Dark Dies (4:43)

22. End Credits (3:45)

     Total Score Time: 50:54

The Extras – Score Alternates

23. Come On (Original) (1:09)

24. Music Box (Ending 1) (0:31)

25. Music Box (Ending 2) (0:34)

26. Funeral March – Version 1 (Mr. Dark Theme) (2:24)

27. The Library (Original) (1:47)

28. End Credits – Alternate (With Harmonica Intro) (3:44)

     Time: 10:16

The Extras – Source Music

29. Band – First Parade (2:42)

30. Band – 2nd Parade (1:18)

31. Calliope – Frenzied Tonal Music (2:27)

32. Calliope – Low Pedal Notes (1:22)

33. Calliope Collage (Includes Mr. Dark Theme) (4:33)

     Time: 12:30



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