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Silva Screen Records: Segun Akinola - DOCTOR WHO (11. Staffel)

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Dann bin ich mal gespannt, ob er in einer Form an die meistens großartige und sehr themenreiche Musik von Murray Gold rankommen kann.



Launching this autumn on BBC One, the highly anticipated new series of Doctor Who will be scored by burgeoning composer Segun Akinola.

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumni will provide an exciting and emotional score beckoning in a new era for the show, including a fresh take on the legendary theme tune.

As part of the BAFTA Breakthrough Brit program in 2017, Segun has already been recognised as one of the rising stars among British composers.

Segun’s modern, rich and varied work on programmes such as Black and British: A Forgotten History attracted the attention of Showrunner, Chris Chibnall, who said: “Welcome to the Doctor Who family, Segun Akinola! We’re over the moon Segun's agreed to join us, to provide the score for the next phase of the Doctor Who adventure. From our very first conversations, it was obvious Segun was a passionate, collaborative and delightful human being as well as a fantastic and bold composer.  We’re looking forward to introducing the world to his exciting and emotional soundtracks for the Thirteenth Doctor.”

Segun Akinola, said: “Doctor Who is woven into the fabric of British culture and recognised globally. I am absolutely thrilled to be given the privilege of working on such a beloved series and to bring my musical voice to it.”
Quelle: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/entries/6e908208-0ebe-4a2d-bcba-16f3c3a47032


Hier etwas Musik von ihm aus einem anderen Projekt


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Seine Kompositionen klingen interessant und schön. Cello und Stimmen kamen des öfteren zum Einsatz bei ihm. Bin gespannt was er für die Serie komponieren wird. 

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vor einer Stunde schrieb scorefun:

noch nie gehört den Namen...

Den Namen Murray Gold hat man vorher auch noch nie gehört.. find es gut, dass es ein unbekannter Name ist.

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Seltsame Ankündigung, besonders da immer noch die Musik zur zehnten Staffel noch nicht veröffentlicht wurde.



The full details of the soundtrack album for the new season of BBC’s Doctor Who have been revealed. The album features selections of the original music from the show’s eleventh season composed by Segun Akinola who took over scoring duties on the series this year from Murray Gold who scored the previous seasons. The soundtrack is set to be released digitally on January 11, 2019 by Silva Screen Records. Check back on this page for the pre-order link and for more information about a physical release. Season 11 of Doctor Who is executive produced by Chris Chibnall, Matt Strevens & Sam Hoyle and stars Jodie Whitaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill. The final episodes of the season will premiere this coming Sunday in the UK on BBC and in the U.S. on BBC America and will be followed by a New Year’s Special, which is set to debut on January 1, 2019. Visit the official show website for updates. (via Metropolitan Groove Merchants)


Here’s the album track list:

1. Doctor Who Series 11 Opening Titles (0:40)
2. Getting That Bike (2:04)
3. Long Story (1:18)
4. This New Nose Is So Unreliable (2:57)
5. The Warrior (2:38)
6. Sonic Screwdriver (1:07)
7. The Doctor (3:26)
8. You Really Need to Get Out of Those Clothes (2:22)
9. Three Suns (2:28)
10. Make It Through Those Ruins (3:54)
11. My Beautiful Ghost Monument (3:54)
12. Missing You (0:43)
13. Insurance Policy (4:34)
14. My Fam (3:32)
15. Tsuranga (6:24)
16. Resus One (7:30)
17. Kerblam (7:59)
18. Help In Dispatch (5:08)
19. Ranskoor Av Kolos (2:16)
20. The Shrine (5:04)
21. Keep Your Faith (8:01)
22. Thirteen (2:22)
23. Get Out That Door (1:55)
24. Parks, Rosa Parks (2:30)
25. Artron Energy (0:52)
26. This Is Very Bad News (3:56)
27. Fishing Take Down (1:18)
28. Stand Up Now (3:10)
29. A Living Icon for Freedom (1:17)
30. Umbreen (2:05)
31. Thijarian Hive (5:09)
32. I Love You Nani (8:19)
33. Yaz And Nani End Credits (0:49)
34. King James (3:19)
35. Tendril (0:44)
36. Morax (7:33)
37. Reverse the Polarity (7:27)
38. Made a New Friend (3:03)
39. Rebuilt (8:10)
40. Me and My Mates (10:21)
41. Doctor Who Series 11 End Credits (0:52)



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