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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents GODZILLA: THE ULTIMATE EDITION, featuring music composed by David Arnold (STARGATE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, CASINO ROYALE) for the 1998 action film produced by Sony Pictures, directed by Roland Emmerich and written by Dean Devlin (STARGATE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE PATRIOT), starring Matthew Broderick, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria, Kevin Dunn and Jean Reno. BUYSOUNDTRAX Records, under license from TriStar Pictures, presents the GODZILLA: THE ULTIMATE EDITION on 3 CDs, including the complete score to the film, along with a selection of bonus tracks and the original planned album arrangement of David Arnold’s score, previously only available as a promotional release.

Following the 1993 box office success of JURASSIC PARK, American producers were on the hunt for similar properties to develop. With the failure of GODZILLA 1985 to capture and hold a modern audience’s attention, the opportunity presented itself for TriStar Pictures to pursue and reach an agreement with the Toho Company for the movie rights to one of cinema’s greatest monsters. After a first attempt to get the project going collapsed in 1994 due to a proposed budget already spiraling out of control, GODZILLA went back into hibernation again, until producer Dean Devlin and director Roland Emmerich were approached for the project. Following their great success with INDEPENDENCE DAY in 1996, they were the perfect candidates to bring the big green lizard back to the screen. After they came up with a fresh take on the subject and, more importantly, a way to bring the budget down to something more manageable, Devlin and Emmerich joined the production and shooting began in 1997.

Following their great success on STARGATE and INDEPENDENCE DAY, it was no surprise that Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich would return to composer David Arnold to compose the music for the film. Arriving in Los Angeles in 1997 to work on GODZILLA, Arnold found himself standing before a new set of creative challenges, which included frequent rewriting or rerecording portions of the score due to a constant flow of last minute changes. As a result, music was, more often than not, recorded to blank footage. Many alternate cues were also produced in an attempt to anticipate the action in several major sequences that CGI animators were still rendering. Arnold was able to overcome these obstacles, producing what many consider to be one of the finest orchestral scores of the 1990s.

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents GODZILLA: THE ULTIMATE EDITION, featuring music composed by David Arnold, conducted by Nicholas Dodd and mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. The booklet contains new liner notes written by author David Hirsch. Previously released on compact disc in 2007 and difficult to find, GODZILLA returns to the market again, on 3 CDs, including the complete score to the film, along with a selection of bonus tracks on the first two discs and the original planned album presentation of David Arnold’s score on the third disc, previously only available as a rare promotional release.

GODZILLA: THE ULTIMATE EDITION is a limited edition release of 3000 units.


Original Motion Picture Score


The Ultimate Edition


Music by

David Arnold

Conducted by

Nicholas Dodd


Ships 10/17/12

CD 1


1. The Beginning (3:31)

2. Tanker Gets It (1:13)

3. Chernobyl (3:15)

4. Footprint (0:35)

5. Footprints / New York / Audrey (0:56)

6. Chewing Gum Nose (0:32)

7. Ship Reveal / Nick Discovers Fish /

Flesh (1:41)

8. The Boat Gets It (2:11)

9. Dawn Of The Species (1:51)

10. Joe Gets A Bite / Godzilla Arrives (3:13)

11. Mayor’s Speech (1:05)

12. Caiman’s Office (0:47)

13. Animal’s Camera (1:41)

14. Military Command Center /

New Jersey (1:57)

15. Audrey’s Idea (0:24)

16. Evacuation (2:43)

17. French Coffee (0:58)

18. Subway Damage /

Command Enters City (2:52)

19. Fish (1:50)

20. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? (5:15)

21. 1st Helicopter Chase /

Godzilla Swats A Chopper (4:10)

22. We Fed Him / Audrey Sees Nick (1:21)

23. Nick And Audrey / He’s Pregnant /

Audrey Takes The Tape /

French Breakfast (4:48)

24. He’s Preparing To Feed (0:36)

25. Nick Gets Fired / Abducted / Frenchie’s

Warehouse / Nick Joins the

Foreign Legion (5:47)

DISC ONE Total Time - 56:14

CD 2

1. Chewing Gum (1:53)

2. Rumble In The Tunnel (1:37)

3. Godzilla Park / Godzilla Takes A Dive /

Godzilla Versus The Submarine / Egg Discovery (9:44)

4. Baby ‘Zillas Hatch (3:53)

5. Nick Phones For Help (1:30)

6. Eat The French (2:16)

7. Phillip Shoots The Lock (1:05)

8. Nick’s Big Speech /

The Garden Gets It (7:09)

9. He’s Back! / Taxi Chase & Clue (7:08)

10. Big G Goes To Monster Heaven (4:32)

11. The End (4:09)


12. The Beginning (no choir) (3:35)

13. The Boat Gets It (alt.) (1:11)

14. Footprints / New York /

Audrey (alt.) (0:50)

15. Evacuation (alt.) (2:43)

16. The Garden Gets It (alt.) (3:03)

17. Big G Goes To Monster Heaven (alt.) (4:32)

18. Gojira (Album Version) (2:46)

DISC TWO Total Time - 64:17

CD 3


1. Gojira Opening Titles (2:47)

2. Dawn Of The Species (1:49)

3. Joe Arrives (2:10)

4. Leaving Manhattan (2:41)

5. Subterranea (2:50)

6. Warnings / Fish Bait (5:13)

7. It’s Alive!! (3:23)

8. Audrey Steals The Tape (2:45)

9. Nick Gets Fired (2:54)

10. Foreign Help (1:47)

11. The Babies (3:51)

12. Final Encounter (4:08)

13. Taxi Chase (3:41)

14. Brooklyn Bridge (4:31)

15. Finale (4:06)

DISC THREE Total Time - 49:10

Score published by Triple Star Music, Inc.,

admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Quelle: http://buysoundtrax.stores.yahoo.net/gouledorsoby.html

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Na, freut mich für die, die's wollen und damals noch nicht dabei waren, als die La-La rauskam. Aber wenn ich mich recht entsinne, dauerte es doch etwas, bis das 2CD-Set ausverkauft war. Von daher sind 3000 Stück janz schön viel. Aber immerhin:

Sehr fairer Preis! :)

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Ich hab sie mir erst dieses Jahr von Darkdream alias Nadja die LLL-Fassung geholt, daher brauche ich diese 3er Packung nicht. Aber die Musik ist wirklich gut.. macht viel Spaß und kann sich wirklich hören lassen. Wer die Musik noch nicht hat und wem die Hörproben und so zusagen.. sollten zuschlagen :)

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