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  1. LLLCD 1631 Music by James Horner Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 STARTS SHIPPING DEC 1 La-La Land Records, Sony Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Sony Music proudly present a remastered and expanded 2-CD presentation of renowned composer James Horner’s (GLORY, FIELD OF DREAMS, SNEAKERS) original motion picture score to the 1998 big-screen adventure THE MASK OF ZORRO, starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones and directed by Martin Campbell. James Horner’s THE MASK OF ZORRO is nothing short of magnificent – a grand orchestral wonder that expertly melds authentic Hispanic colors with the Hollywood blockbuster, both modern and classic. Rich in theme and teeming with drama, romance, action and humor, Horner’s score is one of his very best, as highlighted within this deluxe 2-CD presentation - expanded with a bounty of never-before-released music! This re-issue is produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino,and mastered by Doug Schwartz from studio vault elements. The Original Score Presentation is showcased across both discs, with Disc Two also housing tracks from the original 1998 soundtrack release. The lovely ballad “I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You,” performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena is also included, as well as its Spanish-Language version “Quiero Vivir La Vida Amandote,” performed by Jon Secada and Ana Gabriel. This Limited Edition release of 3000 units features art design by Jim Titus and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer John Takis. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION 1:47:26 1. Main Title (From The Motion Picture "The Mask Of Zorro") 1:08 2. The Plaza Of Execution (Film Version) 7:58 3. Elena And Esperanza 8:17 4. Don't Touch My Brother :28 5. Interrupted Getaway 1:09 6. Joaquin's Death :59 7. Meeting On The Beach 1:11 8. Prison Escape 4:15 9. The Hand / Emotions Torn 3:04 10. Diego Meets Alejandro 1:29 11. The Medallion / The Master's Wheel 1:12 12. The Fencing Lesson (Film Version) 1:37 13. Lesson #3 1:15 14. The Black Tornado / First Meeting 3:10 15. Tornado In The Barracks 5:08 16. The Confession (Film Version) 2:50 17. Rooftop Getaway 1:23 18. Choose Your Weapon 1:17 19. Diego In The Study :39 20. Sexy Dance 1:11 21. The Mine (Montero's Vision) 2:57 22. Jack's Demise 1:06 23. Love's Suspicions 1:20 24. So Long Ago… 2:50 25. Sick Souvenirs 1:39 26. An Unknown Past 2:24 Total Time Disc One: 62:39 DISC 2 75:30 1.Stealing The Map 6:27 2. Alejandro & Elena's Duel 3:56 3. The Ride 3:22 4. Alejandro's Plea :51 5. Elena's Truth 4:07 6. "Leave No Witnesses..." 13:19 7. Diego's Goodbye (Film Version) 4:55 8. Zorro's Theme (Film Version) 2:56 9. I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You 4:42 Performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM VERSIONS 25:51 10. The Plaza Of Execution 8:27 11. The Fencing Lesson 5:24 12. The Confession 3:38 13. Diego's Goodbye 5:19 14. Zorro's Theme 2:56 BONUS TRACK 15. Quiero Vivir La Vida Amandote 4:42 Performed by Jon Secada and Ana Gabriel Total Time Disc Two: 75:30 TOTAL ALBUM TIME 2:18:09 This is a CD format release
  2. LLLCD 1629 Music by James Horner Featuring Branford Marsalis Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 La-La Land Records, Universal Pictures and Sony Music proudly present SNEAKERS: EXPANDED LIMITED EDITION, a remastered and expanded 2-CD presentation of renowned composer James Horner’s (GLORY, FIELD OF DREAMS, THE MASK OF ZORRO) original motion picture score to the delightful 1992 big-screen spy caper SNEAKERS, starring Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd and Mary McDonnell and directed by Phil Alden Robinson. Delicate, playful and complex, Horner’s SNEAKERS score manages to be one of the legendary composer’s most original works while demonstrating his classical literacy and keen understanding of the needs of Hollywood cinema. Laced with wonderful saxophone flourishes performed by Branford Marsalis, Horner’s notable score is finally allowed to reveal its secrets in full within this deluxe, expanded presentation. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino and mastered by Matessino, Disc One of this 2-CD re-issue features the original film score presentation, while Disc Two of the set showcases the remastered 1992 original soundtrack as well as additional alternate cues. The art design is by Dan Goldwasser and the exclusive, in-depth liner notes are by writer Jeff Bond. This is a limited edition release of 3000 units. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Jeremy Subharmonics 0:44 2. ‘Sneakers’ Main Title (Film Version) 2:17 3. Bank Penetration 2:05 4. How Much Do You Want? 1:45 5. Bishop Goes To NSA / Surveillance / Black Box 2:44 6. Janek’s Office 2:01 7. “Too Many Secrets” (Extended Version) 7:57 8. The Hand-Off (Film Version) 3:07 9. Cosmo…Old Friend (Film Version) 9:26 10. Phone Trace 1:19 11. What Did It Sound Like? 4:52 12. Planning The Sneak 3:23 13. Carl Enters Playtronics 3:04 14. Playtronics Break-In Part 1 4:15 15. Playtronics Break-In Part 2 4:01 16. Cosmo Sounds Alarm 1:53 17. Cosmo’s Monologue 3:07 18. The Escape / Whistler’s Rescue (Extended Version) 3:36 19. Goodbye 3:23 20. The Sneakers Theme 3:37 21. “…And The Blind Shall See” 4:32 Total Time Disc One: 73:24 DISC 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 48:30 1. ‘Sneakers’ Main Title 2:57 2. “Too Many Secrets” 6:16 3. The Sneakers Theme 3:37 4. Cosmo…Old Friend 7:09 5. The Hand-Off 3:06 6. Planning The Sneak 3:23 7. Playtronics Break-In 10:38 8. The Escape / Whistler’s Rescue 3:22 9. Goodbye 3:24 10. “…And The Blind Shall See” 4:32 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 10:10 11. Janek’s Office (Alternate) 1:59 12. The Sneakers Theme (Alternate) 3:36 13. “…And The Blind Shall See” (Alternate) 4:29 Total Time Disc Two: 58:41 TOTAL ALBUM TIME 2:12:05 This is a CD format release
  3. Digital erschienen auf Platoon. Ein traumhafter ruhiger symphonischer Score von Anne Dudley. Für mich eines der Highlights dieses Jahres. https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/the-velveteen-rabbit-soundtrack-from-the-apple-original-anne-dudley/usjpjcye456la
  4. NOW SHIPPING Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection Music by Henry Mancini Limited Edition of 1500 Units RETAIL PRICE: $21.98 La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present the seventeenth title within the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection – MOMENT TO MOMENT, music by Henry Mancini (THE PINK PANTHER, CHARADE, THE PRISONER OF ZENDA). Available for the first time in any format, composer Henry Mancini’s original motion picture score for the 1966 big-screen romantic thriller MOMENT TO MOMENT, starring Jean Seberg and Honor Blackman, and directed by Mervyn Le Roy is a long-buried musical treasure finally unearthed in all of its splendor! While the film’s famed title song, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, has been covered and re-issued numerous times since the film’s initial release, this deluxe limited edition CD marks the world premiere of Henry Mancini’s sumptuous orchestral score – so that all of its distinctively modern detail, craft and soulful melody can finally be heard and appreciated as another of the composer’s masterful works of the 1960s. Exciting danger and tension, swirls of romance and beauty – it all comes to brilliant life in Mancini’s creation. Produced, mixed, edited and mastered by Mike Matessino from studio vault elements, this special limited edition of 1500 units features exclusive liner notes written by author Jeff Bond and sharp art direction by Dan Goldwasser. TRACK LISTING: SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Main Title (‘Moment To Moment’) 2:46 2. ‘Moment To Moment’ Prologue 2:45 3. The Flower Stalls 3:11 4. Daphne Drops In 2:04 5. Chicken Salad 1:06 6. First Goodbye / Invitation 3:24 7. Hotel Terrace 2:43 8. On The Road 2:42 9. Mougins 2:16 10. Pier Parting 2:13 11. Missing Mark 1:58 12. Beach Party 2:15 13. Gallery Montage 2:40 14. Stormy Romance 2:15 15. Pick It Up / Help 2:53 16. Scene Of The Crime 2:16 17. Passport 1:16 18. Homecoming 2:16 19. Mark’s Return / Something Clicks 1:34 20. More In Mougins 2:29 21. Flower Stalls Dance 1:29 22. Moment To Moment Dance 2:55 23. The Missing Piece 4:10 24. Mark Remembers 1:54 25. The Terrace And End Title (‘Moment to Moment’) 3:08 26. ‘Moment To Moment’ End Cast 0:36 TOTAL SCORE TIME: 61:34 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 27. The Flower Stalls (Alternate) 1:14 28. Hotel Terrace (Alternate) 1:10 29. Moment To Moment Guitar 2:03 TOTAL ADDITIONAL MUSIC: 4:30 TOTAL TIME: 66:07 This is a CD format release.
  5. Kommt ebenfalls auf CD und Vinyl. Quartet Records, in collaboration with MGM, presents a remastered 50th anniversary edition of Michael J. Lewis’ score for the 1973 cult classic THEATRE OF BLOOD, directed by Douglas Hickox and starring Vincent Price and Diana Rigg, with guest victims Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, Robert Morley, Michael Hordern and Jack Hawkins, among others. The film is a macabre British black comedy about a Shakespearean actor who is systematically humiliated by critics who consider him hammy and old-fashioned. The actor becomes a serial killer and murders every critic by emulating the sadistic crimes in Shakespeare’s plays. Michael J. Lewis (SPHINX, THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT, THE NAKED FACE, THE MEDUSA TOUCH) composed a delightful score, with a catchy, charming main theme that is opposed to the brutality of the story. Contrasting strains of old-fashioned lyricism and modern soundscapes frame a score of great stylistic diversity. Even though THEATRE OF BLOOD was a success—and has become even more widely admired over the last half-century—no commercial album of the full soundtrack existed until 2010, when the score made its debut on La-La Land Records. The program has now been freshly remastered and slightly re-sequenced in film order for this Quartet fiftieth anniversary edition, produced and mastered by Chris Malone from new transfers in high resolution of the original master tapes. The package includes a 16-page booklet with detailed liner notes by John Takis, including a new interview with Maestro Michael J. Lewis. 1. Main Title (2:46) 2. Ides of March (3:32) 3. Oh Pardon Me, Thou Bleeding Piece Of Earth (3:32) 4. Friends, Romans, Countrymen (2:38) 5. The Dragon Wing Of Night (1:23) 6. The Trojan Trail (1:10) 7. Master Of The Killing Phrase / Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun (2:04) 8. Cymbeline (3:51) 9. Sexy Lips And Swinging Hips (1:13) 10. A Pound Of Flesh (1:53) 11. To Be Or Not To Be (2:10) 12. Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent (1:33) 13. Here Clarence Comes / Drown In A Butt Of Wine (2:30) 14. Alive In Triumph (3:22) 15. Fugato (1:34) 16. I’m So Glad You’ve Come (3:22) 17. Flame, With Ash Highlights (3:18) 18. Where Are My Doggy Woggies? (1:52) 19. Edwina’s Theme (2:27) 20. Come Fire, Consume This Petty World (7:32) 21. Partita Of Blood (1:34) 22. He Did Know How To Make An Exit (2:14) Total Dic Time: 55:02
  6. Wunderbares Album. Das Video bringt echt feuchte Augen. Chapeau, Maestro! https://www.silvascreen.com/silcd1735-laurence-rosenthal-music-for-film-and-television/ https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/laurence-rosenthal-music-for-film-and-television-brussels-philharmonic-dirk-brosse-laurence-rosenthal/soh5es72ybekb
  7. Nun beglückt uns Disney also doch mit einer Box aller Indy-Scores, inklusive DIAL OF DESTINY. Ob die Box überall erhältlich sein wird oder nur wieder über die Disney Music Emporium Seite, ist bisher nicht ersichtlich. Und 150 Dollar auch nicht gerade wenig. Zudem fehlt scheinbar die Bonus-Disc der Concorde-Box. Veröffentlichung ist für Ende März 2024 geplant. This is a pre-order. Expected ship date is March 27, 2024. Re-live the thrilling world of Indiana Jones with the first CD box set with all five soundtracks from the historic franchise in one place. This extraordinary compilation will take listeners on a journey around the globe. Experience the full collection of music from legendary composer John Williams as he takes us on an incredible journey of sound, emotions and storytelling with his iconic themes and melodies. His masterful soundtracks capture the true spirit of the characters, excitement and adventure that provide a musical experience as timeless as the films themselves. If you are a devoted fan or music aficionado, the Indiana Jones complete CD box set is a must-have.
  8. Dann werden die Filme wohl ganz genauso wie der Teil davor, denn der einzige Grund für Balfes Einsatz im letzten Teil war ja angeblich nur, dass McQuarrie den Film nicht wie einen McQuarrie-Film drehen wollte.. also wird er wohl nun in dem Stil bleiben. Für mich keine gute Nachricht, da Balfe für mich neben Zimmers zweiten Teil den bisher schlechtesten Beitrag zur MI-Reihe beisteuerte.
  9. Start Dezember 2018 Titelgerücht: Solo http://www.starwars-union.de/nachrichten/14068/Chronicle-Regisseur_Josh_Trank_dreht_Spin-off-Film/
  10. Rated F, sozusagen: FRIGHT NIGHT Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 183 Date: 1985 Tracks: 11 Time = 61:39 At last! World premiere CD release of the Brad Fiedel score for popular Tom Holland horror movie starring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall. Fiedel creates terrific themes anchoring picture in reality, then takes off in wild directions with florid, intense material as vampire horor elements transpire. CD is presented from 1/4" two-track stereo master elements courtesy of both Sony Pictures and composer Fiedel. Some elements were drawn from actual 15 ips mixes, others were from slightly noisier 7 1/2 ips tapes. Rather than meld the two, we are presenting the surviving 15 ips cues as an opening suite, followed by the full score from the 7 1/2 ips tapes. Brad Fiedel performs. A scary addition to the Intrada Special Collection! FUNERAL HOME Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 186 Date: 1980 Tracks: 28 Time = 59:52 An important world premiere! Jerry Fielding's final film score makes it to CD! In his lone foray into literal mad killer horror, Fielding wrote a superb score combining elements of his most brittle, intense writing - especially for strings - with his unique sense of atonal brass outbursts of violence. Along with complex piano and percussion writing, the full score is a magnificent coda to a superb, uncompromising composer's career. Our CD features every note of music Fielding recorded, including sequences intended for but deleted from the final production. The album was prepared from the actual 2" 24-track session masters stored in superb condition by the Canada film licensors. Recorded under jurisdiction of the Canadian Musician's Union, our production costs are considerably higher than normal. What we have here is literally a labor of love. What you'll get in return for the higher retail price is Fielding's final work in sensational stereo audio, including all of his source cues for organ and brass. Jerry Fielding conducts. A genuine treasure in the Intrada Special Collection!
  11. So wie es aussieht wird Charlie Clouser auch den kommenden 10. Saw Teil (Saw X) komponieren.
  12. Varèse Sarabande revisits a classic horror soundtrack from its early catalog with April Fool’s Day, the 1986 black comedy/horror slasher film directed by Fred Walton and scored by Charles Bernstein. Thomas F. Wilson, Deborah Foreman, Clayton Rohner and other familiar faces from the 1980s star as college friends whose spring break trip to an island mansion unfortunately coincides with April Fool’s Day. Innocent pranks lead to a steadily rising body count as murders decimate the group—with a surprising twist climax. Bernstein found an unusual challenge in April Fool’s Day, which needed to evoke the slasher genre, but also have an element of “winking” to its audience. “We’re having fun with the horror genre—but it’s not a horror movie,” he says in the new liner notes by Brian Satterwhite. “My challenge was how to score a movie that wasn’t a horror movie but used horror tropes.” April Fool’s Day was released on LP (and later CD) by Varèse Sarabande, in a synthesized performance not heard in the film itself. That 20-track, 30-minute synth program is included on this Deluxe Edition, along with the long-awaited premiere release of the actual orchestral recording heard in the film (23 tracks, 27 minutes), plus previously unreleased bonus tracks. This is the definitive April Fool’s Day soundtrack release—and that’s no joke! First-ever release of the Original Orchestral Film Score Five bonus tracks from the composer’s vaults TRACK LIST: April Fool’s Day: ORCHESTRAL FILM VERSION: 1. Main Title (Orchestral Film Version) 2. Muffy’s Present (Orchestral Film Version) 3. Pier Pressure Part 2 (Orchestral Film Version) 4. Pier Pressure Part 1 (Orchestral Film Version) 5. Night (Orchestral Film Version) 6. Trick Or Threat / Muffy And The Dolls Alt (Orchestral Film Version) 7. Little Miss Muffy Part 2 (Orchestral Film Version) 8. Little Miss Muffy Prt 3 (Orchestral Film Version) 9. First Victim (Orchestral Film Version) 10. Snakes Alive (Orchestral Film Version) 11. All’s Well That Ends (Orchestral Film Version) 12. The House (Version 1) (Orchestral Film Version) 13. Little Miss Muffy Part 1 (Orchestral Film Version) 14. Nightwatch (Orchestral Film Version) 15. Wind / Window (Orchestral Film Version) 16. Stab In The Dark (Orchestral Film Version) 17. Hanging Around (Orchestral Film Version) 18. Nan In Danger (Orchestral Film Version) 19. Muffy Attack Part 2 (Orchestral Film Version) 20. Choke And Dagger Parts 1 & 2 (Orchestral Film Version) 21. Getting The Point (Orchestral Film Version) 22. Hack In The Box (Orchestral Film Version) 23. Muffy Attack Part 1 (Orchestral Film Version) ORIGINAL 1986 SOUNDTRACK: 24. Intro (Original Synth Version) 25. Main Title (Original Synth Version) 26. Choke And Dagger (Original Synth Version) 27. Pier Pressure (Original Synth Version) 28. All’s Well That Ends (Original Synth Version) 29. Snakes Alive (Original Synth Version) 30. Stab In The Dark (Original Synth Version) 31. Hanging Around (Original Synth Version) 32. The House (Original Synth Version) 33. Trick Or Treat (Original Synth Version) 34. Nan In Danger (Original Synth Version) 35. Nightwatch (Original Synth Version) 36. Sitting Duck (Original Synth Version) 37. Dead Man’s Float (Original Synth Version) 38. Night (Original Synth Version) 39. Getting The Point (Original Synth Version) 40. Little Miss Muffy (Original Synth Version) 41. Muffy Attack (Original Synth Version) 42. First Victim (Original Synth Version) 43. Hack In The Box (Original Synth Version) BONUS TRACKS: 44. Techno-Loons 1 (Bonus Track From Charles) 45. Music Box & Child Voices (Bonus Track From Charles) 46. Popup Sting Layers (Bonus Track From Charles) 47. Winks, Clock Motifs & Rhythmic Motif (Bonus Track From Charles) 48. Melodic Motif (Bonus Track From Charles) 49. CB Groove 1 (Alternative Source Cue) 50. CB Groove 2 (Alternative Source Cue) 51. J.S. Bach Violin Concerto No. 1 IN A Minor (Orchestral Source Cue)
  13. Das klingt so, als wäre das etwas für Stefan. (Hat er aber wahrscheinlich schon alles.) Limitiert auf 500 Stück. Ist aber gutes Zeug dabei. Mal sehen... Quartet Records is proud to present SOUNDS OF CINECITTÀ, a collection of 6 CDs comprising nine obscure but oft-requested Italian scores from the Silver Age period of the ’60s and ’70s—undoubtedly the most fertile years of a unique cinematographic style that was admired and loved around the world. The Italian Silver Age was also an incredibly prolific and immensely popular era of film scoring that gave us the likes of Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Piero Piccioni, Riz Ortolani, Armando Trovajoli, Stelvio Cipriani, Carlo Rustichelli, Piero Umiliani, Francesco De Masi, Luis Bacalov, Carlo Savina and Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, among many others. The 1960s and ’70s boasted an unmistakable flair for memorable tunes, great thematic variations and scores that could work exceptionally well on an album, away from their respective films. In fact, the large number of great scores tied to barely known movies has become the bane of soundtrack producers as there are so many wonderful scores that go unheard due to the relative obscurity of the pictures or the composers. Even if we were to release three or four titles each month, it would be decades before we could close the book on the great archives of Italian film music. For this reason, Quartet Records aims to speed up the process and offer it at a reasonable price with its new collection of multi-CD sets dedicated to the Italian Silver Age. The aim of this project is to release rich, thematically connected box sets, each featuring scores that may be a hard sell on their own—but which should be more enticing when given a deluxe “bulk discount.” This first such collection includes a great variety of genres and composers—from marital dramas and comedies through horror and heist movies to the family film VERSO L’AVVENTURA, featuring commercially underrepresented composers such as Daniele Patucchi, Gian Piero Reverberi, Teo Usuelli, Gino Peguri, Romano Mussolini, Carlo Pes, Peppino de Luca, Gregorio García Segura and Fred Bongusto. What all the scores included have in common is a strong romantic and lounge vibe, so characteristic of Italian soundtracks of those years. Some scores are either previously unreleased or, if there have been any prior digital releases, significantly expanded. Others have only been previously released on LP (CARA SPOSA, EUTANASIA DI UN AMORE, IL DEBITO CONIUGALE) or, like IL DIVORZIO, in an obscure Japanese edition decades ago. This collection has been produced by Claudio Fuiano and painstakingly mastered by Chris Malone from the original master tapes. The package includes a richly illustrated 28-page full-color booklet with an in-depth essay by the late and much missed Gergely Hubai, who had worked hard on this project for several months. We hope to release more boxes with so many treasures if this initial release does well. Disc 1 LA RAGAZZOLA (1965) Music Composed and Conducted by Romano Mussolini 1. La Ragazzola (Titoli) 2:29 2. La Ragazzola (Latin Organ) 1:06 3. La Ragazzola (Nostalgia) 1:49 4. La Ragazzola (Tenerezza e corsa in macchina) 1:51 5. La Ragazzola (Night Club) 3:47 6. La Ragazzola (Passeggiata) 2:31 7. La Ragazzola (Corsa in macchina 2) 1:16 8. La Ragazzola (Con dolcezza) 2:00 9. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore–versione disco) 3:06 10. La Ragazzola (Passeggiata 2) 1:15 11. La Ragazzola (Come un sogno) 2:00 12. La Ragazzola (Surf) 1:28 13. La Ragazzola (Vita di provincia) 1:12 14. La Ragazzola (Ballabili) 1:34 15. La Ragazzola (Tristezza)1:44 16. La Ragazzola (Passeggiata 3) 3:18 17. La Ragazzola (Corsa in macchina N°3) 1:17 18. La Ragazzola (Incontro) 1:19 19. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore con piano) 1:43 20. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore–finale) 2:00 21. La Ragazzola (Preludio) 0:37 22. La Ragazzola (Suite) 4:57 23. La Ragazzola (Amore di sera) 1:04 24. La Ragazzola (Notturno) 1:30 25. La Ragazzola (Matrimonio) 1:04 26. La Ragazzola (Vita di provincia 2) 2:19 27. La Ragazzola (Vita di provincia 3) 1:34 28. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore–ripresa breve) 1:04 29. La Ragazzola (Intimità) 0:56 30. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore–piano solo) 1:22 31. La Ragazzola (Surf 2) 2:25 32. La Ragazzola (Vita di provincia 4) 1:18 33. La Ragazzola (Surf 3) 1:20 34. La Ragazzola (Passeggiata 4) 1:24 35. La Ragazzola (Surf 4) 1:11 36. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore–piano solo 2) 1:16 37. La Ragazzola (Scherzi) 2:01 38. La Ragazzola (Swingando) 2:03 39. La Ragazzola (Due innamorati) 2:14 40. La Ragazzola (Rivelazione) 0:52 41. La Ragazzola (Tema d’amore–versione lunga) 6:04 Total Disc Time: 79:18 Disc 2 IL TRAPIANTO (1969) Music Composed by Gregorio García Segura 1. Ricordi, Ricordi (Vocal by I Pyranas) 3:07 2. Il Trapianto (Shake elegante) 2:26 3. Il Trapianto (Atmosfera popolare) 3:12 4. Il Trapianto (Coro swing) 2:11 5. Il Trapianto (Mood criminale) 0:39 6. Il Trapianto (Sacrale beat–senza coro) 1:37 7. Il Trapianto (Atmosfera ballabile) 1:15 8. Il Trapianto (Mood criminale 2) 1:03 9. Il Trapianto (Atmosfera popolare 2) 1:52 10. Il Trapianto (Misterioso) 1:23 11. Il Trapianto (Atmosfera popolare 3) 2:14 12. Il Trapianto (Tensione) 1:05 13. Il Trapianto (Atmosfera popolare 4) 1:16 14. Il Trapianto (Coro swing 2) 1:09 15. Il Trapianto (Suite) 2:30 16. Il Trapianto (Sacrale beat–con coro) 1:39 17. Il Trapianto (Suite 2) 3:50 18. Il Trapianto (Pedinamento) 0:43 19. Il Trapianto (Shake elegante 2) 1:49 20. Il Trapianto (Suite 3) 1:16 21. Il Trapianto (Coro swing 3) 1:10 22. Il Trapianto (Suite 4) 1:05 23. Il Trapianto (Finale) 0:56 CARA SPOSA (1969) Music Composed by Stelvio Cipriani* and Daniele Patucchi** 24. Tema di Alfonso* 2:02 25. Alfredo è Adelina** 1:56 26. Arrivo al Motel* 1:59 27. Adelina e Pasqualino** 1:42 28. …Sorridi, Adelina!** 0:43 29. Mi riprendo mio figlio* 2:45 30. Caffe’ Nero** 2:33 31. Ritorno a casa** 1:20 32. Pioggia in periferia* 1:30 33. Sono l’amante di mia moglia** 2:35 34. Tema d’amore** 3:41 35. Un regalo per Pasqualino* 1:32 36. Pizzi, Trine e Binocolo** 1:56 37. King, King* 2:03 38. Mazurca, valzer e Pasqualino** 2:45 39. Alfredo e Pasqualino* 1:25 40. Mi riprendo mia moglie** 1:10 41. Alfredo, Salomone e il Grimaldello* 2:43 42. Alfredo, Adelinae Pasqualino* 2:22 Conducted by Daniele Patucchi Total Disc Time: 79:20 Disc 3 UNA JENA IN CASSAFORTE (1968) Music Composed and Conducted by Gian Piero Reverberi 1. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Titoli) 4:19 2. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Il grande colpo) 4:31 3. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Suspense) 2:32 4. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Attesa psichedelica) 4:54 5. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Tema titoli ripresa) 1:15 6. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Fiabesco) 3:24 7. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Atmosfera criminale) 4:38 8. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Tema titoli 2) 1:14 9. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Piani per una rapina) 3:10 10. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Finale) 2:03 11. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Atmosfera criminale 2) 7:25 12. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Piano suspense) 2:39 13. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Il grande colpo 2) 3:45 14. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Galassia) 3:24 15. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Il grande colpo 3) 1:53 16. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Ombre) 2:01 17. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Tealtà urbana) 2:06 18. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Ombre 2) 1:15 19. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Piano suspence 2) 4:00 20. Una Jena In Cassaforte (Atmosfera criminale 3) 3:09 Total Disc Time: 64:56 Disc 4 IL DIVORZIO (1970) Music Composed by Fred Bongusto 1. Il Divorzio (Titoli) 2:09 2. Il Divorzio (Party Music) 2:09 3. Il Divorzio (Love Theme) 4:10 4. Il Divorzio (Party Music 2) 1:48 5. Il Divorzio (Vecchio piano) 1:39 6. Il Divorzio (Party Music 3) 1:41 7. Il Divorzio (Bossa organo) 1:15 8. Il Divorzio (Love Theme 2) 1:59 9. Il Divorzio (Party Music 4) 3:05 10. Il Divorzio (Tema principale reprise) 2:25 11. Il Divorzio (Nostalgico organo) 2:25 12. Il Divorzio (Party Music 5) 1:20 13. Il Divorzio (Sweet Bossa) 1:25 14. Il Divorzio (Love Theme 3) 2:26 15. Il Divorzio (Bossa organo 2) 1:58 16. Il Divorzio (Love Theme 4) 3:59 17. Il Divorzio (Party Music 6) 1:45 18. Il Divorzio (Finale) 2:27 19. A Thousand Diamonds on the Sea 2:55 EUTANASIA DI UN AMORE (1978) Music Composed and Conducted by Daniele Patucchi 20. Eutanasia di un amore 4:52 21. Minuetto 2:03 22. Corsa in automobile 2:04 23. Mazurka 1:50 24. Aspettando Sena 1:51 25. Per Elisa al Caffe Concerto 3:19 26. Abendrot 1:24 27. Tema di Paolo 3:12 28. Addio alla stazione 5:09 29. Shake in piazza 1:56 30. Versailles e Malattie 2:19 31. Valzerino 1:12 32. Finale 2:57 Total Disc Time: 78:27 Disc 5 IL PRATO MACCHIATO DI ROSSO (1973) Music Composed and Conducted by Teo Usuelli 1. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Strumentale) 2:07 2. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Tribale) 1:51 3. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Shake) 3:52 4. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Corale) 2:37 5. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Tribale 2) 2:16 6. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Barocco)1:10 7. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Tribale 3) 1:16 8. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Sensuale) 3:19 9. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Infantile) 0:58 10. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Lounge) 2:04 11. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Barocco 2) 1:09 12. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Corale 2) 2:36 13. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Nostalgico) 1:39 14. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Shake 2) 2:21 15. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Mistico) 0:47 16. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Strumentale 2)1:57 17. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Lounge 2)1:46 18. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Suite) 3:52 19. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Corale 3) 2:37 20. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Strumentale 3) 0:43 21. Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso (Corale 4) 2:36 IL DEBITO CONIUGALE (1970) Music Composed by Peppino De Luca and Carlo Pes 22. Beat al Sud 2:14 23. Shoppin’ 2:01 24. Quella sera a Piazza Navona 1:56 25. Slow Down 2:28 26. Salmo 1970 2:41 27. Hot Dog 1:23 28. Middle Sound 2:55 29. Brick 0:19 30. Cowboy Party 2:05 31. Just Be Mine 3:46 32. Ballata per un flauto 1:07 33. Palme 1:10 34. Costa Smeralda 2:02 35. A un passo dai lingotti 2:58 36. There’s a River 2:47 Total Disc Time: 77:18 Disc 6 VERSO L’AVVENTURA (1970) Original TV Soundtrack Music Composed and Conducted by Gino Peguri 1. Verso l’avventura 2:29 2. Mebratù 1:55 3. I ragazzi di Speedy 1:37 4. Caccia nel deserto 1:39 5. Mebratù (2) 2:52 6. Boy Scouts 1:25 7. In viaggio 3:34 8. Mebratù (3) 4:10 9. Verso l’avventura 2 2:43 10. Mebratù (4) 1:47 11. Alba sul mare 0:46 12. Dum Dum 1:50 13. L’addio a Mebratù 1:40 14. Speedy 2:03 15. Mebratù (5) 1:32 16. Verso l’avventura (3) 2:07 17. In viaggio (2) 1:48 18. Verso l’avventura (4) 4:41 19. Verso l’avventura (5) 4:18 20. In viaggio 3 2:18 21. Verso l’avventura (6) 2:12 22. Dum Dum (2) 1:18 23. In viaggio (4) 2:21 24. Caccia nel deserto (2) 1:03 25. Mebratù (6) 1:25 26. Verso l’avventura (7) 2:04 27. In viaggio (5) 3:45 28. Alba sul mare 2 2:21 29. I ragazzi di Speedy (2) 1:57 30. Alba sul mare (3) 2:10 31. Verso l’avventura (8) 2:27 32. Speedy (2) 1:18 33. In viaggio (6) 2:17 34. Speedy (3) 1:38 35. Verso l’avventura (9) 1:40 36. Speedy (4) 1:19 Total Disc Time: 78:45
  14. Sacred Bones veröffentlicht das zweite Album mit Neueinspielungen von Carpenters Musik durch Carpenter selbst. Enthalten sind auf dem Album auch drei Score-Stücke, die Carpenter damals selbst für seinen Film THE THING komponierte, die aber auf dem Album mit Morricones Score fehlen. Allerdings wurden diese Stücke neueingespielt bereits von Sacred Bones als THE THING: LOST CUES veröffentlicht (und zuvor hat Alan Howarth diese Stücke bereits für seine komplette Neueinspielung der Musik zu THE THING neu eingespielt). Die Originalaufnahmen davon existieren wohl nicht mehr. Allerdings haben sie Carpenters „Main Theme" weggelassen. Vielleicht, damit das andere Album nicht ganz überflüssig wird. By now everyone should know, John Carpenter is not only a celebrated filmmaker but also a musical maestro whose soundtracks have become synonymous with the genres of horror, suspense, and science fiction. Anthology II (Movie Themes 1976-1988) continues the celebration of his compositional genius via an excellently sequenced collection of some of his most iconic pieces of music from his extensive filmography, all newly recorded with his musical collaborators Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter. The compilation includes selections from Escape From New York, Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, They Live, Assault on Precinct 13, Prince of Darkness, The Fog, Halloween (and its sequels), and beyond. Among its highlights are the three lost cues from The Thing, previously unreleased and now re-recorded. The Thing marks one of the rare occasions that John Carpenter stepped away from scoring duties and entrusted the task to another composer, the legendary Ennio Morricone. Upon receiving Morricone’s score Carpenter felt that the film would benefit from the inclusion of additional music and took the initiative to record and insert multiple synth driven cues. Anthology II (Movie Themes 1976-1988) represents just a fraction of John Carpenter's impressive musical repertoire. His ability to capture the essence of his films through evocative melodies, atmospheric soundscapes, and innovative use of synths has solidified his status as one of the most influential composers in the history of cinema. With each haunting note and pulsating beat, his soundtracks continue to resonate with audiences, forever etching his name in the annals of film music history. Track listing: 1. Chariots of Pumpkins (Halloween III) 2. 69th St. Bridge (Escape from New York) 3. The Alley (War) (Big Trouble in Little China) 4. Wake Up (They Live) 5. Julie’s Dead (Assault on Precinct 13) 6. The Shape Enters Laurie’s Room (Halloween II) 7. Season of the Witch (Halloween III) 8. Love at a Distance (Prince of Darkness) 9. The Shape Stalks Again (Halloween II) 10. Burn it (The Thing) 11. Fuchs (The Thing) 12. To Mac’s Shack (The Thing) 13. Walk to the Lighthouse (The Fog) 14. Laurie’s Theme (Halloween) Release Date: 10/6/2023
  15. Der Film startet am kommenden Donnerstag (24.08.2023) im Kino, zu dieser Zeit (+/- weniger Tage) sollte auch die Musik digital verfügbar sein. Die CD wiederum wird etwas später, um den Dreh August/September erhältlich sein. PONYHERZ - WILD UND FREI (2023) Mit PONYHERZ – WILD UND FREI hat eine der beliebtesten Jugendbuch-Reihen 2023 den Weg auf die große Leinwand gefunden. Erzählt wird die Geschichte von Anni, die in den beschaulich-ruhigen Ort Groß-Hottendorf zieht und dort eine innige Freundschaft mit einem Wildpferd schließt, welchem sie den Namen Ponyherz gibt. Zum großartig besetzten Cast gehören unter anderem Dieter Hallervorden, Peter Lohmeyer, Nilam Farooq, Anna Schudt, sowie Martha Haberland als Anni. Die Musik schrieb Eloi Ragot, sie wurde eingespielt mit dem Galaxy Symphonic Orchestra unter dem Dirigat von Michelino Bisceglia. Der Score verbindet warme Streicherklänge mit Folk & Blues-Elementen sowie Jazzakkorden und galloppierenden Pferde-Rhythmen, die zu einer Einheit verschmelzen. Wir von Alhambra Records sind sehr glücklich den Score zu Ponyherz präsentieren zu können und wünschen Allen viel Freude mit dieser Veröffentlichung und der Musik. Das CD-Booklet umfasst 16 Seiten mit einem Vorwort des Regisseurs Markus Dietrich, einer Musikbeschreibung des Komponisten sowie zahlreichen Fotos aus dem Film. Hörprobe:
  16. Hallo Soundtrack-Boarder, in diesem Thread könnt und sollt ihr zukünftig nach Herzenslust neue LP-Soundtrack-Veröffentlichungen posten. D.h. ihr braucht nicht mehr für jede LP-Pressung einen eigenen Thread erstellen. Bitte beachtet, dass, wenn es sich bspw. um eine Vinyl-Veröffentlichung eines aktuelleren Scores handelt, zu dem bereits ein Thread existiert, der Hinweis auf das LP-Release dort untergebracht werden soll.
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