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Intrada: James Horner - BALTO (Expanded)


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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 414
Film Date: 1995
Album Date: 2018
Time: 78:57
Tracks: 26
Magnificent James Horner soundtrack gets newly expanded CD treatment

Magnificent James Horner soundtrack gets newly expanded CD treatment! Universal Pictures and Ambling Entertainment present, Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Bonnie Redford executive produce, Simon Wells directs. Rich, moving animation tale features voice talents of Kevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Peter Collins, Bob Hoskins. James Horner offers lavish, stirring orchestral score with abundance of melodic sweep, outdoor action, warmth and drama. True-life story of 1925 diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska and incredibly dramatic scenario of Balto, a Siberian husky leading dogsled team bringing desperately needed serum across treacherous 600-mile span inspires James Horner to create one of his finest animation film scores. Several themes appear with equal prominence: Heroic, sensitive, romantic, haunting, powerful. An abundance of dynamic, thrilling action set pieces also have their moments front and center. There is even opportunity for humorous material for Boris the Russian goose. However, drama and action are the main focus with Horner at the top of his game! Highlighting the action: “Grizzly Bear”, “Avalanche”, “Steele’s Treachery”, “The Journey Begins”, each engaging the entire resources of the London Symphony Orchestra in vivid displays of orchestral razzle dazzle. MCA Records released an album of highlights at the time of the film’s 1985 release but the disc omitted several important sequences, all of which appear on this Intrada presentation for the first time anywhere. Included amongst these gems are the very important initial appearance of the crucial “Not Dog Nor Wolf” theme associated with Balto’s identity crisis. Played on French horn in minor mode, this winding idea ultimately becomes the majestic, resounding “Heritage Of The Wolf”, a highlight of Horner’s entire prodigious output. Also premiering is the haunting “Balto’s Aurora” with its rich series of major/minor chords identifying the aurora. Yet more premieres come with “To The Rescue”, “Balto Sees Jenna”, “Quarantine”, “Muk & Luk Arrival” and others. Numerous changes to certain cues were made during the scoring sessions and these alternate versions appear as well, including both versions of the powerful, climactic “Balto Returns/Balto Brings Medicine”. This entire Intrada CD is presented from the complete two-track scoring session master mixes engineered by Shawn Murphy and vaulted in pristine condition by Universal Pictures. Colorful package with flipper-style booklet design by Kay Marshall features informative notes from Frank K. DeWald. CD produced and assembled by Douglass Fake, mastered by Joe Tarantino with Roger Feigelson executive producing. Shawn Murphy engineers at EMI Abbey Road in London, Steve Bramson, Don Davis, Art Kempel, Thomas Pasatieri orchestrate. James Horner composes and conducts, the London Symphony Orchestra performs. A must have for James Horner fans! Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title/Opening Scene (4:38)
02. Boris And Balto (1:27)
03. The Dogsled Race (1:39)
04. Balto Sees Jenna (2:09)
05. Not Dog Nor Wolf (Rescore) (1:30)
06. Not Dog Nor Wolf – Part 2 (0:58)
07. Muk & Luk Arrival (Original) (1:29)
08. Rosy Goes To The Doctor (4:06)
09. Balto’s Aurora (1:11)
10. Quarantine (2:25)
11. The Journey Begins (5:02)
12. The Epidemic’s Toll (1:38)
13. To The Rescue (3:23)
14. Grizzly Bear (5:20)
15. Telegraphing The News (2:19)
16. Steele’s Treachery (4:36)

17. Heritage Of The Wolf (5:50)
18. Avalanche (0:47)
19. Deadly Ice (0:48)
20. Balto Returns/Balto Brings Medicine (Rescore) (4:50)
21. Reach For The Light (Theme From Balto)
      [Long Version – With Solo Bridge] (5:40)
Total Time: 62:26

The Extras
22. Not Dog Nor Wolf (Original) (1:29)
23. Muk & Luk Arrival (Revised) (1:29)
24. Rosy Goes To The Doctor (Album Edit) (4:02)
25. Balto Returns/Balto Brings Medicine (Original) (4:50)
26. Reach For The Light (Theme From Balto) (4:22)
Total Extras Time: 16:21


Quelle: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.11658/.f



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  • 2 Monate später...

Meine Balto CD ist gestern zusammen mit

- Calypso - Lavagnino

- Deux Hommes dans la Ville - Philippe Sarde

- The Reincarnation of Peter Proud - Jerry Goldsmith

bei mir angekommen.

Ist Euch auf der Schutzfolie der Balto CD ein kleiner Schriftzug in blauer Schrift aufgefallen? Disc made in Mexico

Bisher die einzige Intrada CD wo mir dieser Hinweis aufgefallen ist. Läßt Douglas Fake seine CDs in Mexico produzieren und nicht in den Staaten? Mir wäre das neu.

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