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Kurz & knapp: Sammelthread für "kleine" Veröffentlichungen

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Von BSX kam vor ein paar Tagen Rick Pattersons Return Of The Killer Tomatoes aus dem Jahr 1988. 30 Minuten lang, nur vier Tracks. Da fühlte ich mich doch gleich an die ollen Edel-Cannon-CDs erinnert. :)Der erste Track enthält das Songmaterial, der Rest ist der jazzige/elektronische Score von Patterson. Fans der 80'er könnten einmal reinhören. Klingt besser als vermutet. Ein paar Gimmicks (Pate) sind vorhanden. Patterson kannte ich nur durch seinen gelungenen Sport-Score A Minor Miracle aus der Handtasche von Varèse. Laut Ford Thaxton ist er schon Ende der 90'er verstorben.



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Von Buysoundtrax kommt außerdem eine remasterte Neuauflage von Tangerine Dreams Musik für The Park Is Mine auf CD.



BuySoundtrax Records presents the soundtrack release of THE PARK IS MINE, featuring music composed by Tangerine Dream (SORCERER, THIEF, RISKY BUSINESS) for the 1985 action drama directed by Steven Hilliard Stern (THE GHOST OF FLIGHT 401, MAZES AND MONSTERS, DRAW!), based on the novel by Stephen Peters and starring Tommy Lee Jones, Helen Shaver, Yaphet Kotto, Lawrence Dane, Peter Dvorsky, Eric Peterson, Gale Garnett, Denis Simpson, Reg Dreger, Louis Di Bianco, Carl Marotte and Dennis O’Connor.

Airing on HBO in 1985 and notable for being the first movie made for the cable channel, THE PARK IS MINE tells the story of Mitch Garnett (Jones), a Vietnam veteran who is bequeathed an arsenal of military weapons and a series of complex plans to take over and occupy Central Park in New York City. Fired-up by his frustrations with the federal government’s neglect of its military veterans, Garnett picks up where his recently deceased friend left off and carries out his plans to fruition, successfully emptying and securing all 843 acres of Central Park (without causing harm to civilians). Garnett plans to get his message out to the public via the local news agencies—stay out of the area for seventy-two hours, after which he will relinquish the park and peacefully turn himself over to the authorities. Meanwhile, Eubanks (Kotto), a tenacious police sergeant schemes to forcefully expunge Garnett from the park grounds and return the sanctuary to the city before Garnett’s self-imposed deadline expires.

The music for THE PARK IS MINE was composed by the pioneering German electronica band Tangerine Dream. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream is a ground-breaking musical act that veered away from the influence of traditional Anglo-American rock/pop and instead relied upon hypnotic rhythms, sustained drones, musique concrète, tape-music looping techniques, and the proliferation of early synthesizers. For THE PARK IS MINE, the band included the classic lineup of Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, and Johannes Schmoelling. After completing THE PARK IS MINE, Tangerine Dream would continue to score many Hollywood pictures including SHY PEOPLE, NEAR DARK, THREE O’CLOCK HIGH, MIRACLE MILE, DEAD SOLID PERFECT, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, RAINBOW DRIVE and THE MAN INSIDE. Throughout their seven-decade existence (which continues to this day) the band has released over eighty-five studio, extended play, or mini albums, fifty-two motion picture scores, and a handful of episodic television or video game scores.

An early compact disc release and very scarce, BuySoundtrax Records is excited to bring THE PARK IS MINE back to the marketplace, remastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland from the best available elements. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite.

THE PARK IS MINE is a limited edition release of 500 units. THE PARK IS MINE is expected to begin shipping the week of 7/14/2022.


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Auf dem japanischen Label King Records ist das Album 'Lanterns on Blue Waters" mit neu eingespielten Suiten aus Filmmusiken von Toru Takemitsu erschienen:



A new definitive recording of Toru Takemitsu, one of Japan's leading composers, who celebrated the 25th anniversary of his death last year, is now available! This new recording is a collection of his masterpieces composed for films, which the world-famous Toru Takemitsu loved. Conducted by Tadaaki Otaka and performed by The NHK Symphony Orchestra. Session recording by the splendid performing ensemble.
Release Date: 2022.7.20

Track List

1 The Diary of Yumechiyo
2 Alone on the Pacific
3 Jose Torres II
4 Black Rain
5 The Face of Another
6 Lanterns on Blue Waters


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Dragon's Domain im August: Craig Safans Over Her Dead Body aka Enid Is Sleeping (1990), 'The Peter Bernstein Collection Vol. 2' mit den TV-Scores Kicks (1985) und She Stood Alone - The Tailhook Scandal (1995) sowie Richard Bands Initiation: Silent Night, Bloody Night 4 (1990).



Dragon’s Domain Records presents the world premiere release of the soundtrack for OVER HER DEAD BODY, featuring music composed by Craig Safan (THE LAST STARFIGHTER, REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN), written and directed by Maurice Phillips, A.J. Tipping and James Whaley, starring Elizabeth Perkins, Judge Reinhold, Jeffrey Jones, Maureen Mueller, Rhea Perlman, Henry Jones, Michael J. Pollard and Brion James.

Released in 1990, OVER HER DEAD BODY, also known as ENID IS SLEEPING, revolves around two sisters named Enid (Mueller) and June (Perkins). Enid is shackled to Harry (Reinhold) in an unloving marriage and returns home one day to find her husband in bed with her June. In a fit of violent rage, Enid whips out Harry’s pistol preparing to fire when June smashes a vase over her head, apparently killing her stone dead. In a state of guilt-stricken panic, the pair conspire to make it look like Enid’s death was an unfortunate accident. Like WEEKEND AT BERNIES, hijinks ensue when Harry’s partner Floyd (Jones) unwittingly becomes involved. 

The wonderfully off-kilter and eclectic music for OVER HER DEAD BODY was composed by Craig Safan, known for composing quirky and unique scores, often with unpredictable combinations of instruments that defy expectations and barricade conventions. The score was recorded at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles with Joel Moss engineering the sessions.

Emmy-nominated and eight-time ASCAP award-winning composer Craig Safan has scored more than one hundred feature films, television and documentaries, has had more than 50 soundtrack albums of his music produced, as well as having three original albums of his own impressionistic music released. He’s been commissioned to compose for ballet as well as for live performance of silent films and was given the Poledouris Film Music Legend Award at the 2014 International Film Music Festival in Cordoba, Spain.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the premiere release of OVER HER DEAD BODY on compact disc, featuring Craig Safan’s music mastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland. The booklet contains liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite and includes comments from the composer.

OVER HER DEAD BODY is a limited edition release of 500 units. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by composer Craig Safan.



Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 , featuring music composed by Peter Bernstein for two projects from his filmography, KICKS and SHE STOOD ALONE: THE TAILHOOK SCANDAL.

Released in 1985, KICKS was a television movie produced by ABC Circle Films, directed by William Wiard, written by David Levinson and starring Anthony Geary, Shelley Hack, Tom Mason, Ian Abercrombie, Susan Rutan and James Avery. KICKS tell s the story of Martin (Geary), a wealth man living life on the edge by engaging in dangerous life-threatening activities. Martin becomes involved with Maggie (Hack), a university professor who has the same proclivities. Martin and Maggie start playing games to feed their dangerous addictions, games with ever escalating stakes. During one of these games, a staged robbery, a guard is killed, shaking Maggie back to a frightening reality. When she tries to confess the crime, Martin turns on her and begins to hunt her. If she wants to survive, she’s going to have to rely on her wits.

KICKS was Bernstein’s ninth film and third TV movie score, following 1984’s THE EWOK ADVENTURE and preceding MY SCIENCE PROJECT and EWOKS: THE BATTLE OF ENDOR and others later in 1985. The score for KICKS is a blending of small orchestra and electronic elements. This score was recorded at Evergreen Studios in Burbank. Bernstein also produced an arrangement of the Paul Revere and the Raiders’ song “Kicks,” from which the film takes its name.

Airing on television in 1995, SHE STOOD ALONE: THE TAILHOOK SCANDAL was directed by Larry Shaw, written by Suzette Couture and starring Gail O’Grady, Bess Armstrong, Cameron Bancroft, Matt Clark, Hal Holbrook, James Marshall, Robert Urich and Rip Torn. SHE STOOD ALONE tells the story of Lt. Paula Coughlin (O’Grady) when she was assigned as an Admiral’s assistant at Tailhook, an annual US Navy convention held in Las Vegas. Attended predominantly by male officers who frequently get out of control like they are on leave, Coughlin is subjected to ‘The Gauntlet’, where she is man-handled and harassed relentlessly by these male officers. Refusing to be a silent victim, Coughlin fights for her rights and to bring her attackers to justice.

Bernstein was brought into this project through producer William Greenblatt, who he had worked with previously on NIGHTBREAKER and would work with again on TARGET EARTH. Bernstein’s score is very eloquent in its treatment, which featured a live group of musicians. The score is built around a noble main theme for brass, associated with Paula’s dedication to the Navy. In addition to the main theme for solo trumpet or French horn, several cues for marching snare and bass drums convey additional militaristic elements. The TAILHOOK score was recorded in Salt Lake City with a small orchestra, overdubbed in a few places by synths.

The son of Academy Award winning film composer Elmer Bernstein (THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, GHOSTBUSTERS), Peter Bernstein grew up around recording stages, watching his father work and absorbing as much as he could. His musical education began with piano lessons. He eventually decided he wanted to be a bass player and studied bass with Carol Kaye, a member of the legendary ‘Wrecking Crew’ group of LA studio musicians. Around the same time, Peter was also studying with pioneering electronic music composer Morton Subotnick. He began his professional career as a rock n’ roll bass player at age 14 and worked in the record business as a touring bass player, band member, session player, arranger and record producer for the next 20 years. As time passed it became clear that there was going to be more opportunity for him as a composer and Peter began by working for other composers as an orchestrator and arranger. He orchestrated all or part of almost all of his father’s scores from 1974-1986, while still working in the rock n roll record business. Orchestration credits from the era include ANIMAL HOUSE, TRADING PLACES and GHOSTBUSTERS, as well as the scored portions of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER video. His credits as composer include HOT DOG… THE MOVIE, BOLERO, THE EWOK ADVENTURE, MY SCIENCE PROJECT, EWOKS: THE BATTLE FOR ENDOR, THE ALAMO: THIRTEEN DAYS TO GLORY, FIFTY/FIFTY, CANADIAN BACON and PUPPET MASTER VS DEMONIC TOYS. For television, his credits include 21 JUMP STREET, BOOKER, FALLEN ANGELS, CHICAGO HOPE, ROUGH RIDERS, MOWGLI: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE JUNGLE BOOK and HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS: THE TV SHOW.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 2, featuring music composed and produced by Peter Bernstein for KICKS and SHE STOOD ALONE: THE TAILHOOK SCANDAL, presented for the very first time on compact disc. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and the liner notes have been written by noted author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer.

THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 is a limited edition release of 500 units. THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 is expected to begin shipping the week of August 8, 2022. Composer Peter Bernstein will sign the first 50 copies of THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 sold through the website.



Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack release of SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION, to be distributed through buysoundtrax.com. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION features music composed by Richard Band for the 1990 horror film directed by Brian Yuzna (RE-ANIMATOR, SOCIETY, THE DENTIST), written by Zeph E. Daniel, Richard N. Gladstein and Arthur Gorson, starring Clint Howard, Neith Hunter, Tommy Hinkley, Hugh Fink, Richard N. Gladstein, Reggie Bannister, Allyce Beasley and Maud Adams.

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION is the third sequel to the original SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, which was released in 1984. The plot revolvedaround a young boy named Billy Chapman whose parents were brutally murdered by a drunken dime-store Santa Claus on the way home from visiting Billy’s grandfather. The orphaned boy lives out his childhood raised by Catholic nuns who continue to foster his fear of Santa Claus. Eventually teenage Billy snaps, dresses up as Santa Claus, and begins slaughtering people during the Christmas season.

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION was released on home video in 1990. Abandoning all previous characters and plot points from the previous three films, INITIATION tells the story of Kim Levitt (Hunter), an aspiring journalist who writes for an LA newspaper as a classified ads editor. Her boss Eli (Bannister) seems to favor and promote only her male co-workers. When a woman shows up burnt to a crisp on the sidewalk, Kim decides to pursue the story without her boss’s approval. Through her investigations, Kim is kidnapped by Ricky (Howard). Ricky and his coven of witches perform a secret ritual on Kim. Eventually, Kim escapes with Ricky in pursuit who tries to prevent her from uncovering all of their murder-cult exploitations.

The music for SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4 was composed by Richard Band. His all-synth underscore is particularly unique for a Christmas horror film. In all honesty, the Christmas elements in the film are an afterthought and not a major catalyst in the inspiration behind the music. Band infuses his music with heaping helpings of percussion and include the use of the waterharp, a bowed metallic object sporting long tines with water in its base, which perfectly evoke the rituals and indoctrinations of an ancient cult.

Richard Band was born in Los Angeles on December 28, 1953. He is the son of film producer-director-writer Albert Band, brother to producer-distributor Charles Band and uncle to young rock star Alex Band of the rock group ‘The Calling’. Shortly after his brother Charles had formed his first movie company, Richard decided to take a break from music and began to work as an assistant director on some of his films. He then went from assistant director to production manager, to associate producer and finally producer on over 13 films.

As a composer, his work is extremely prolific and he has consistently evolved with the ever-changing needs and tastes of the entertainment industry. He has worked on over 140 film and TV projects and has had his works recorded with some of the most renowned orchestras in the world including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Rome Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to being a composer, Richard finds time to educate and mentor aspiring composers and musicians in all areas related to composition, the music industry and music production process. His knowledge and experience in film music, mastering, album producing, and intellectual property rights has proven to be invaluable to many.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION is a limited edition release of 500 units. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION is expected to begin shipping the week of August 8th, 2022.


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Klaatu Records veröffentlichen Anfang Oktober mit Paul Zazas Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987) ihre zweite CD.



She’s dying to get even!

Klaatu Records proudly presents the world premiere release to the score for the cult-classic horror film sequel, HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II by composer Paul Zaza (Prom Night franchise, My Bloody Valentine, A Christmas Story).

HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II is the 1987  horror film directed by Bruce Pittman. Thirty years after her accidental death at her 1957 senior prom, the tortured spirit of prom queen Mary Lou Maloney returns to seek revenge.

Most of Paul Zaza’s original score he wrote for the film was heavily edited and chopped up in the final film. For this release, Paul personally selected and edited the tracks to create a more listenable experience. The audio was mastered by Collin Jordan with artwork direction by Luis Miguel Rojas. Album was produced by Logan Johns and Ryan Graveface.

Pre-Order is now available and will start shipping the first week of October.

Limited Edition release of 200 units.


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