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Kurz & knapp: Sammelthread für "kleine" Veröffentlichungen


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Und noch mehr Harumi Fuuki auf dem japanischen Markt: Eine CD mit der Musik aus der We-Make-Antiques-Trilogie (2018 - 2022) von Rambling Records und Shochiku haben eine CD mit dem Score zu dem Anime Lonely Castle in the Mirror veröffentlicht.



Kiichi Nakai and Kuranosuke Sasaki star in the third installment of the "Uso Happayku (WE MAKE ANTIQUES!)" series. To coincide with the release of the third film, a trilogy soundtracks from all three containing the previous films "Uso Happyaku" and "Uso Happyaku: Kyomachi Royale" is now available!
Total of 25 songs for a total 77 minutes! A whole lot of the lighthearted sound of "Uso Happyaku"!



Original Soundtrack from the theatrical feature anime "Lonely Castle in the Mirror". *Non includes its main theme song.


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Am 28. Februar veröffentlichen Klaatu Records eine CD mit Christopher Farrells Score zu dem Horrorfilm Nightmare Man aus dem Jahr 2006.


  • First 50 pre-orders will come with an additional booklet signed by composer Christopher Farrell and Director Rolfe Kanefsky. One booklet per order.

    Comes in a standard jewel case with a 6 page foldout insert containing artwork direction by Luis Miguel Rojas. Liner notes by Rolfe Kanefsky and Christopher Farrell.

    Includes digital pre-order of Nightmare Man [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
    shipping out on or around February 28, 2023
    edition of 250 



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Ein weiterer alter Prometheus-Promo-Score nun digital. Ken Thornes Musik zur 1982'er TV-Verfilmung von The Hunchback Of Notre Dame mit Anthony Hopkins als Quasimodo, Derek Jacobi als Frollo und David Suchet als Clopin. Bietet auf 30 Minuten schöne Themen, Chor, Source-Music und auch Action-Tracks. Letztere gleiten aber etwas in die Superman II/III-Schiene ab.


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dachte ja Blumhouse würde wieder nur Bishara nehmen oder irgendwen mit billo synth/Sounddesign, aber Anthony Willis liefert einen lustigen, streckenweisen bombastischen Horrorscore ab... so als hätt Powell sowas gemacht. Aufs erste Anhören sehr unterhaltsam und megaflott. Ebenso überrascht bin ich ja eh, dass der Film megagute Kritiken bekommt... Trailer sah absurd campy trashy aus. Bin gespannt jetzt nach der vielversprechenden Musik und den Reviews, würd ich mir sonst wohl gar nicht ansehen...

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Von Wayo Records kommt ein Doppelalbum mit Kentarô Haneda und Yûji Ôhnos Musik zu dem Anime Space Adventure Cobra



Space Adventure Cobra is the animated series from the masterpiece of Buichi Terasawa, produced by the prestigious studio TMS Entertainment and broadcasted from 1982. The series was a huge success and remains to this day one of the most appreciated in the world of Japanese animation.

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space Adventure Cobra, we are pleased to offer this beautiful Digipak with 2 discs gathering the complete soundtrack, including all songs (long version and karaoke) as well as several covers and rare unused tracks composed at the time, completed by a 12-page booklet, illustrated with the most beautiful artworks of the master Terasawa!

The legendary soundtrack of Space Adventure Cobra, composed by Kentarô Haneda and Yûji Ôno, has greatly contributed to the reputation of the series with notably rhythmic tracks, sublime jazz pieces and unforgettable songs.

Rediscover this masterpiece with the complete 2xCD Edition!


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Am 27. Januar erscheinen bei GAD Records gleich fünf neue Filmmusikalben:

Wojna Światów – następne stulecie - Józef Skrzek



The music was written for Piotr Szulkin's film, although it was only used in the film in a small part. The most rocking, but still colorful and not entirely obvious face of Józef Skrzek. Now in a refreshed, definitive edition.

"The War of the Worlds - The Next Century" is a colorful and diverse material. Józef Skrzek prepared e.g. two dynamic instrumental motifs from the title dominated by the sound of moog synthesizers, but also subtle sound pictures with Szukalski's lyrical saxophone ("Dla Alina", "Szakal"). He reached for a poem by Tadeusz Różewicz ("Unknown Letter"), hard rock riffs ("65th St. Sermon") or folk elements ("Fade Away"). Today, the album, realized with the help of Tomasz Szukalski, Robert Gola, Jan Skrzek and Janusz Ziomber, occupies a special place in Józef Skrzek's discography. It is a coda of the artist's rock adventures and, in fact, the last solo album of the artist realized in such a convention. With its unusual marriage of powerful guitars, singing saxophone and powerful synthesizers, it remains an important episode in the artist's career.

"War of the Worlds - the Next Century" returns on CD in a new version, prepared in close cooperation with Warner Music Poland and GAD Records. The material has been remastered from the original tapes from the archives of Polskie Nagrania and supplemented with the original versions of the songs recorded in 1980. The booklet contains the history of the creation of the album and photos.

Kangurek Hip-Hop - Bogumil Pasternak



Lovely animation with a lovely soundtrack. The adventures of a smiling kangaroo still reach the young viewer, and the soundtrack coming from them will bring a smile to the face of every child. Even over forty.

Created by Bronisław Zeman, the Hip-Hop Kangaroo character began in the mid-1970s to help children discover information about animals. To this day, these thirteen short animations are able to attract a young viewer. And the adjective "cute" fits them perfectly. This also applies to the music of Bogumił Pasternak, in which he combined classical instruments with electromechanical and electronic ones. Already in the first episode ("The Fox"), Pasternak introduces an electric guitar and a Fender piano, combining them with a subtle flute and bossa nova rhythm. "Borsuk" brings a subtle waltz with a vibrating sound of vibraphone, "Chamois" and "Wolf" successfully refer to highlander folklore, and "Bóbr" complements the string section and woodwinds with a subtly used synthesizer.

All the recordings have been remastered from the original tapes from the sound archive of the Cartoon Film Studio. The booklet contains text about the series and the composer as well as stills from the films. The release is part of a whole series of CDs prepared by Studio Filmów Rysunkowych and GAD Records on the occasion of the Studio's 75th anniversary.

Marceli Szpak dziwi sie swiatu - Zenon Kowalowski



"Marceli Szpak wonders at the world" occupies a special place in the achievements of the Animated Film Studio. It is a magical meeting in one place and time of an excellent screenwriter, sensitive director and composer with an amazing imagination. Effect? moving.

Produced in 1984-86, the series, based on the idea of Joanna Pollakówna and developed by Aleksander Oczka, became the most poetic production not only in the history of the Studio in Bielsko, but also in the history of Polish animation for children in general. Zenon Kowalowski's nostalgic music fits perfectly into the melancholic mood of the main character's deliberations. A large part of the instrumental motifs that appeared in the series are broad themes dominated by the string section, enriched here and there with flute, clarinet, oboe, harmonica or acoustic guitar. There were also vibraphones that introduced a dreamlike mood or synthesizers used very modestly and deliberately. It's music that not only emphasizes the character of the film, but takes it to a new level. "Marceli Szpak..." also includes colorful songs - including the opening credits sung by Tadeusz Kwinta.

All the recordings have been remastered from the original tapes from the sound archive of the Cartoon Film Studio. The booklet contains extensive text about the series and stills from the films. The release is part of a whole series of CDs prepared by Studio Filmów Rysunkowych and GAD Records on the occasion of the Studio's 75th anniversary.

Knock Down. Polish Animated Shorts 1975 - 1984 - Zenon Kowalowski, Marek Wilczynski, Zbigniew Lampart, Bogumil Pasternak, Tadeusz Kocyba



Breathtaking slalom between transistors and diodes. An alternative history of Polish electronic music from the turn of the 70s and 80s - through the prism of intriguing animated films. From pre-ambient to pre-industrial.

The Animated Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała, apart from popular series for children, regularly produced artistic films aimed at adult viewers. The creators associated with the studio attempted formal experiments, reached for unusual artistic solutions and looked for stories devoid of banality. Composers associated with the studio could not stay behind - electronic instruments came to the rescue. "Knock Down" presents various ways of using synthesizers in illustrating animations. From lyrical cantilenas ("Bird" by Zbigniew Lampart), through minimalism ("Studium" by Zenon Kowalowski) to successful marriages of electronics with live instruments ("Defekt" by Marek Wilczyński). It is a colorful journey to the stuffy underground ("The Burner of the Knot"), to desert islands ("The Green Subversive") and space ("Exodus").

All the recordings have been remastered from the original tapes from the sound archive of the Cartoon Film Studio. The booklet contains an extensive text on the electronic adventures of SFR and film stills. The release is part of a whole series of CDs prepared by Studio Filmów Rysunkowych and GAD Records on the occasion of the Studio's 75th anniversary.

Reksio - Zenon Kowalowski



One of the most popular (though fictional) dogs in the history of Polish pop culture. Experiencing more and more new adventures, followed by the music of Zenon Kowalowski with moving motifs, emotions and style. Now - for the first time on the album, in full splendor and with obligatory stamps!

The character of Reksio, invented by Lechosław Marszałek, remains one of the most recognizable Polish animated characters in history to this day. The universal tone of backyard stories with a nice dog in the lead role does not age despite the passage of time. This is also due to the excellent animation and colorful, emotional music by Zenon Kowalowski. This material is extremely coherent in terms of instrumentation (one of the few exceptions is the electronic music recorded for the episode "Reksio i UFO"), full of charming themes and interesting tension building. The album opens and closes with the legendary opening credits - also in the original version, before adding sound effects. Most listeners will imagine characteristic barks or stamping in empty places anyway.

All the recordings have been remastered from the original tapes from the sound archive of the Cartoon Film Studio. The booklet contains Magda Miśka-Jackowska's conversation with the composer and film stills. The release is part of a whole series of CDs prepared by Studio Filmów Rysunkowych and GAD Records on the occasion of the Studio's 75th anniversary.


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Am 22. Februar veröffentlichen Cinema-Kan ein 6-CD-Set mit Toshiyuki Watanabes Scores für die Mothra-Trilogie aus den 1990er Jahren.



Fight to protect! The soundtrack of the Heisei "Mothra" trilogy, which started in 1996, has been made into a complete box with a large volume of 6 UHQ-CDs!

After the end of the Godzilla series, the trilogy of love and hope that reappeared as a monster for a new generation "Mothra"
, "Mothra 2 Great Battle at the Bottom of the Sea", "Mothra 3 King Ghidorah Invasion", commonly known as the Heisei Mothra trilogy, Reappeared in the latest remastering of the Japanese era! !
This trilogy is a masterpiece of Toshiyuki Watanabe, who is famous for works such as the anime "Ginga Hyoryu Vifam", "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion", and the historical dramas "Motonari Mouri" and "Toshiie Tomatsu". It was never reissued.
It was the music of each work that was difficult to obtain while boasting high popularity, but this time it was decided to commercialize it as a box that summarizes the trilogy. The sound source is the latest digital remastering for all songs, and a UHQCD press is used for even higher sound quality. The guardian deity of the beautiful stars, which has undergone a miraculous makeover with the theme song recorded, is back here.



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THE WANDERING EARTH 2: Zur Fortsetzung des 6. erfolgreichsten Films weltweit is wieder Roc Chen dabei. Greift natürlich vieles aus dem ersten Score auf (der kurioserweise jetzt weg is von Spotify). Das Thema wird schön wiederholt. Und gibt einen irre lustigen Tracktitel… da war wohl wer frustriert 🤣

Film konnte ich hier in London im Kino sehen und fand den super und weit besser als den ersten Teil. Die ersten 30min sind der Hammer und die ‚Space Elevator‘ Szene echt megastark… derlei Rasanz und Finesse erreicht der 3h Film danach nicht mehr, aber die Begeisterung über dieses Intro hält lange an…


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vor 14 Minuten schrieb bimbamdingdong:

Der 6.erfolgreichste Film weltweit ist „Avengers Infinity War“!


Kommt auf die Liste an. ;) Viele dieser Listen sind weder inflationsbereinigt, noch zeigen sie alle Filme (auch die außerhalb des US-Marktes) an. Viele Filme in China sind alleine schon aufgrund der Größe des Landes und der Bevölkerungszahl mindestens so erfolgreich wie die US-Filme, tauchen in diesen Listen aber meist eben nicht auf.

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