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Die Beat Records-Releases zu den Spencer/Hill-Filmen

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Quel giorno è arrivato. Dopo anni di attese e preghiere, finalmente, possiamo dare la comunicazione che in molti aspettavamo!
Cabum, Beat Records e Digitmovies sono liete di annunciare l'attesissima prima edizione integrale su CD della colonna sonora originale del film Altrimenti ci Arrabbiamo, LA partitura dei maestri Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.
A quasi 50 anni dall'uscita cinematografica, il film che ha più profondamente fissato nell'immaginario collettivo una delle coppie di attori più amata di tutti i tempi, riusciamo a pubblicare per la prima volta assoluta quanto composto dai fratelli per musicarne le immagini, e c'è tutto ciò che aspettavamo da sempre. Dune Buggy, sia nella versione cantata che strumentale, across the fields, il coro dei pompieri, la musica del violinista, la musica del ballo, le varie sonorità di background e così via.

Questa edizione su CD, in un ottimo stereo, è masterizzata da Claudio Fuiano, note di produzione di Daniele De Gemini, Luca Di Silverio e Claudio Fuiano, progetto grafico di Luca Di Silverio e Amedeo Mantica e verrà presentata in anteprima assoluta al Music Day Roma, il 12 dicembre 2021, alla presenza di Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.

Save the date e controllate il sito della manifestazione, per tutte le info: www.musicdayroma.com


DUNE BUGGY (Titoli – vocal) 2:51
2 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.1 - ball room dance) 2:21
3 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.2 - discoteque) 3:13
4 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq-3 - mariachi dance)3:49
5 DUNE BUGGY (instr.) 3:43
6 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.4 - beguine) 2:11
8 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.5 - Love scene) 3:25
10 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.6 - Paganini the killer) 1:34
11 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.7 - mariachi dance 2) 2:13
12 …ALTRIMENTI CI ARRABBIAMO! (seq.8 - car chase)1:10
13 IL BALLO 3:44
14 DUNE BUGGY (Off-vocal version) 2:52

Hier der Link dazu: http://www.beatrecords.it/shop.asp?lingua=i&idprodotto=CDDM315&uscita=prox

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Am 7.11.2021 um 10:51 schrieb Alexander Grodzinski:

Ab dem 17. November kann vorbestellt werden. 


Mir hätte für die CD das LP-Cover besser gefallen.

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LO CHIAMAVANO TRINITA haben sie dazu noch einmal neu aufgelegt, als Vinyl und Doppel-CD.



A catalogue such as Beat Records' one, with its roots in the 60s may have a difficult logistic.
I still remember when passing through Viale Medaglie D'Oro with my mother Luciana who was used to point me a building's apartment located in the corner with Via Elio Donato. A bit moved she was used to tell me that Beat was born in those four walls, a small house with a beautiful terrace full of vases.
Since that time Beat Records changed many times head quarter up to moving to Via Filippo Nicolai 16 from the late 80s up to nowadays. Such a company catalogue, sensibly grown during 55 years of life, was always needing more space and so, recently, we decided to find a new place where to agglomerate various storages spread through Rome.
What does all the above things have to do with They Call Him Trinity? A lot, since while we were archiving some tapes in order to prepare our forthcoming transfer, we found them. Six 24tracks master tapes belonging to the original recording session. Priceless material stored in crates in a corner, still there to be archived since a preceding moving.
A brief e-mail exchange with our co-publishers of Carosello, a meeting in Milan with Adriana Branchini and Dario Giovannini, to get their support and we proceeded with this recovery project.
And we are close to end of the year, as Cirano De Bergerac was used to say, at the end of the rhyme. The first release of this score is dated January 1971, this 2021 December the 50th year will expire, no better chance to sanctify the party!
With all due precautions we transferred the tapes and organized a remastering session in Trafalgar studios, Enrico De Gemini experience, responsible of West catalogue, guided the recovery and restoration. Surprise weren't late, the recording was perfect, the crisp sound could be remastered in a brilliant stereo. One of the most beloved Western soundtrack of all times is going to live a second youth with a great dynamic, not saturated, that lets us enjoy this delicious dessert, able to feel on our tongue the various ingredients and still tasting the mixed amazing resulting effect.
And there is a lot of unreleased material, an amazing deguello version featuring a trumpet instead of the flugelhorn, a beautiful alternate version of Di Fronte Ai Killers, of Un Cowboy e Due Ragazze and a lot of unreleased takes of Trinity's Valley in which Franco De Gemini harmonica is prominent.
We have our 50th anniversary edition on a 180 grams colored vinyl, mastering by Enrico De Gemini, graphic Layout by Daniele De Gemini.

We have also an official presentation which will be held at Music Day Roma (c/o Hotel Mercure Rome West – Via degli Eroi di Cefalonia 301 – Rome – Spinaceto) on Saturday 11 December with Maestro Franco Micalizzi presenting the CD and the LP with other guests related to the movie. About which movie are we talking about? Trinity, the left hand of the devil…


CD 1

Soundtrack in movie sequence
Unreleased takes

CD 2

Original Album
Extra tracks already released on CD
Unreleased track


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Hmmm ich hab ja schon öfters ein Auge auf die CD geworfen, aber konnte mich nie dazu ringen, aber das scheint nun das ultimative Release zu sein und wenn ich die Preise bei Chris so anschaue ca. 22 Uhr plus knapp 3 Euro Versand, dann wäre ich ja selten dämlich, wenn ich da nicht zuschlagen würde. Ja, dieses Mal hole ich mir die rechte und die linke Hand des Teufels.

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Am 17.11.2021 um 21:41 schrieb horner1980:

Hmm also IL CORO DEI POMPIERI ist dann wohl der Feuerwehrchor... eigentlich den einzigen Track, den ich von dem Score brauche.. :D

Hmm, das ist eigentlich ein Track auf den ich auch hätte verzichten können :D

Aber schönes Album. Hoffentlich haben die diesmal das Problem mit den Lautstärkeschwankungen in den Griff bekommen.

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