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Kurz & knapp: Sammelthread für "kleine" Veröffentlichungen

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LLLCD 1525
Music by Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion & Lolita Ritmanis
Limited Edition of 1000 Units


youngjusticeS3-Web.jpgOrder yours starting at 12 noon (pst) on 8/25 at www.lalalandrecords.com and get your CD booklet autographed by composers Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion & Lolita Ritmanis at no additional charge. Autographs are limited while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

La-La Land Records, DC, and Warner Bros. Animation present the original score to the acclaimed DC Universe Original Series YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS. The renowned Dynamic Music Partners composing team, comprised of Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis (BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, BATMAN RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE) unleash a powerful musical odyssey of heroic thrills, chills, drama, bravery and heart! This is some of the most striking and vibrant music in series Animation today, with the musical highlights of the beloved show assembled across this deluxe 2-CD presentation. Produced by the composers and mastered by James Nelson, this special release features courageous art design by Dan Goldwasser and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer John Takis. This is a limited edition of 1000 Units.


1. Young Justice: Outsiders Main Title§ 0:26

2. Anna Has Monster Heart Attack* 2:43
3. Prince Brion Asks For Help** 0:28
4. Royal Assassination* 1:32
5. Tube To A New Adventure* 0:43

6. Space Trek 3016* (Source) 0:31
7. To The Palace** 0:52
8. Tigress Meets Halo* 1:27
9. Brion Experiment Continues* 1:37

10. Vertigo Tortures Dr. Jayce** 1:50

11. Raging And Rapid*** 1:07
12. Over The Bridge / Around The Bend** 1:27

13. Attack Launched*** 1:08
14. Forager Intervenes*** 0:40
15. Brion Is Enraged*** 0:41
16. An Authentic Villain*** 1:50
17. Brion Turns To Leave** 0:34
18. Wrapped In A Memory*** 1:48
19. Forager Banished** 2:23

20. Black Spider Arrives*** 1:26
21. Kids Confront Sensei* 3:23

22. The Armada Approaches* 0:46
23. The Spirit Is Forged** 0:39
24. Armada*** 2:32
25. Kalibak Joins The Fight* 2:11
26. Ancient Babylon And Beyond** 0:55
27. Vandal Battles Starro*** 1:29

28. S.T.A.R. Labs Machine Heist** 1:36
29. JL Heroes Street Fight** 1:23
30. Bring Back The Horror*** 0:25
31. AntiLight*** 1:03

32. Family Family Family*** 1:18
33. Main Man Sneak Attack* 2:03
34. Lobo Dispatches Forager** 2:20
35. Forager Emerges** 0:56
36. Light And More Light*** 1:22

37. I Like The Sound Of That*** 0:28
38. What’s In A Name*** 1:12
39. JL Battle Bane’s Gang** 3:48
40. Bash Bashford Arrives*** 1:05

41. Fred Bugg With Two G’s** 1:35
42. Looking Backward Or Ahead** 1:28
43. Fatherbox In Control* 1:01
44. Indigo*** 0:42
45. HaloCyborg Standoff* 3:33

46. He’s Dead Tom* 0:56
47. How Does This Fit*** 1:51
48. Waterfall Flashback** 0:25
49. Ready To Get Back To Life** 1:01
50. All The Kids Are Doing It** 0:46

51. Danger Morph*** 0:51
52. Halo Horror House* 1:44
53. Might Be Ready To Be Heroes*** 1:12
1. Off To The Halloween Dance** 0:46
2. Arriving In Bialya** 1:12
3. Bittersweet Reunion** 1:43
4. Rescue And Escape** 1:13

5. Not Their Biosigns*** 1:39
6. You Have A Choice** 0:53
7. Just Me*** 2:01
8. Granny Disciplines Barda* 1:22
9. Granny Activates Machine* 2:56

10. First Covert Mission** 1:40
11. Harvest Festival Montage** 1:16

12. Launch The Outsiders*** 2:37
13. Forager Misses Bioship*** 0:22
14. Reach Ships Attack** 1:53
15. Enter The Outsiders*** 1:19
16. Getting Used to It*** 0:34
17. It’s Not The Reach** 0:39
18. Mothership Crashes* 2:15
19. AntiLight Report*** 0:39

20. More Outsiders Success* 1:51

21. Penthouse Battle** 1:51
22. Not Quite Right*** 0:47
23. If Not Us, Then Whom** 2:11
24. Not Hero Behavior*** 2:18

25. Pain*** 0:14
26. You Are Very Brave*** 0:51
27. Fighting While Planning** 2:04
28. The Unhappy One*** 0:30
29. Admitting Abuse*** 0:37

30. Oracle Calls Aquaman** 1:43
31. Nervous About Genes*** 0:28
32. Busy Tower Life* 1:52
33. Planting A Seed*** 1:37
34. I Hope You Learned A Lesson** 2:39

35. Pit Excursion* 1:33
36. Thinking About This*** 0:26
37. Spill Your Secrets*** 3:24
38. Can’t Be Trusted*** 1:05
39. Wally Psychic Videogame Flashback* 1:56
40. Captured Heroes*** 1:50
41. The Age Of Darkseid Begins** 0:57

42. Halo In Excelsis* 1:58

43. Patience** 0:41
44. What Would Superman Do** 1:28
45. Artemis Will Never Walk Alone* 3:30
46. Markovia Here We Come** 0:48

47. Brion Usurps Throne* 2:04
48. I Am The Superboy** 0:49
49. All’s Well That Ends Wait Is That A Cliffhanger* 1:49
50. Young Justice: Outsiders End Credits Long Version§ 0:55

§ composed by Kristopher Carter,
Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis
* composed by Kristopher Carter
** composed by Michael McCuistion
*** composed by Lolita Ritmanis


LLLCD 1510
Music by Jason Lazarus
Limited Edition of 1000 Units


TTGvTT-Web.jpgOrder starting at 12 noon (pst) on 8/25 at www.lalalandrecords.com and get your CD booklet autographed by composer Jason Lazarus at no additional charge. Autographs are available while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

NOTE: For this title only, the composer’s autograph is located on the BACK cover of the additional CD booklet included with your order.

La-La Land Records, DC, and Warner Bros. Animation present the original score to the acclaimed 2019 DC Animated Movie TEEN TITANS GO! Vs TEEN TITANS. Composer Jason Lazarus (TV min-series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?) crafts a wonderfully brilliant original score, full of comedic fun and heroic excitement – finding the perfect pitch for this vastly entertaining and action-packed tale in which the present-day Teen Titans take on their classic 2003 counterparts, only to band together to fight common enemies! The album producers of this special CD release are Joseph Trapanese and Dan Goldwasser, with mastering by James Nelson, and colorful art design by Dan Goldwasser. This is a limited edition of 1000 Units.


1. Titans Vs Titans 1:30
2. The Unkindness 1:32
3. Titans of Infinite Earths 1:00
4. Face Yourself 0:26
5. A Portal Opens 1:01
6. Meet Your Challengers 1:25
7. Countdown 0:44
8. Tournament of Champions 2:21
9. A Crack in Her Gem 0:57
10. Master of Games 0:37
11. Who We Are 0:36
12. Get Them Back 0:24
13. Lord of Madness 0:26
14. A Raven’s Power 0:44
15. Amends 0:57
16. Inner Demon 1:30
17. Unleashed 2:24
18. Bigger Problems 1:53
19. Sinister Plan 1:05
20. Hatching a Plan 0:51
21. Polar Infiltration 2:26
22. Not So Silent Night 1:58
23. Into the Multiverse 0:58
24. Out of Patience 0:42
25. Hexagon 0:55
26. Reinforcements 1:17
27. Under Siege 2:35
28. No Time For a Plan 0:45
29. Tug of The War 1:14
30. Lessons Learned 1:20
31. Worlogog (Instrumental) 0:45
32. More Serious 0:49
33. In Sync 1:02
34. We Are Titans (Alternate Version - Instrumental) 1:36


LLLCD 1535
Music by Devin Burrows
Limited Edition of 1000 Units


wretched-cover_Web.jpgOrder starting at 12 noon (pst) on 8/25 at www.lalalandrecords.com and get your CD booklet autographed by composer Devin Burrows at no additional charge. Autographs are available while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

La-La Land Records proudly presents composer Devin Burrows’ (DEADHEADS) original motion picture score to the acclaimed big-screen horror/thriller/fantasy sensation THE WRETCHED, starring John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda and Jamison Jones, and written and directed by The Pierce Brothers. Composer Burrows pulls inspiration from both modern and classic film scoring motifs and unleashes a thrillingly nail-biting orchestral ride that buoys the film’s outlandish witch-driven scares as well as its brooding, haunting atmospherics and character-driven drama. This is a notable genre score from one of 2020’s most celebrated horror offerings. Produced by the composer, and mastered by Tom Hutten, this is a limited edition CD release of 1000 units featuring bewitching art direction by Dan Goldwasser and exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger.


1. Something In The Basement 1:05
2. The Road To Amity Marina 0:32
3. Woods 1:15
4. The Wretched Appears 0:28
5. I Don’t Have A Son 1:38
6. Twigs 0:35
7. Morning Cartoons 0:41
8. Enveloped By The Woods 0:26
9. Alone With Mom 1:12
10. Don’t Let Her In 2:33
11. Something Under The Porch 0:29
12. Watching Netflix 1:48
13. Witchipedia 1:10
14. Honey... Beer? 0:44
15. Missing Picture, Broken Picture 1:13
16. Eva Ernst Is In My Fruit Cellar 4:52
17. Wretched Revelation 0:28
18. We’re Going To Get You Some Help 1:13
19. Put One In His Brain 1:09
20. Barn 2:40
21. Stag Skull 1:24
22. Out Of Sarah Into Memories 1:48
23. Broken Window 0:48
24. Wretched Encounter 1:20
25. Must Have Been One Of Her Nightmares 1:28
26. Starcrush 0:48
27. Goodbye 3:58



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Modern Harmonic veröffentlichen im Oktober Scores von Whit Boyd zu zwei Sexploitation-Streifen aus dem Jahr 1969:




Glorious audio swagger discovered buried
deep in this mess of a film!

Every minute previously unreleased outside of being buried in the mess of a film.

Organ lead groove with a swagger only the undead could muster.

Includes the entire infamous film on DVD and copious notes on the copulation conquests of Alucard!

From out of a rotted tomb crawls the full score for the “film” Dracula (The Dirty Old Man)! Uncovered by archivist George Gimarc, these tapes, untouched for nearly 50 years and mislabelled "Sex Monsters," are finally dusted off and cut to phonograph for your audible appreciation. And you’ve never heard the music sound this good–the sound that made it into the film is an utter stake through the heart. Rumor has it that the audio from the original cut was so bad that they went back and redubbed everything (à la Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily?) to comedic effect. Who knew that buried under all that jabberwocky was a funk leaning jazz soundtrack that really grooves? This album comprises the highlights of the film score accompanied by audio cues believed to be Whit Boyd instructing the musicians in what was likely a live performance while watching the film, with nearly a half-hour more of vampire grindin’ groove exclusive to the CD!

On your choice of blood red vinyl with a liner insert or CD, both including a DVD of the entire awful film and more!






• Long lost soundtrack to a (still) lost film, joining the party for the first time!

• Your choice of gold vinyl with a replica of the original pressbook or CD with over twenty minutes of bonus swagger!

• Deep funk groove that even includes a wild cover of a popular James Brown cut!

• Features witty liners from Lisa Petrucci of Something Weird Video!


An Organ Grindin’ Funky Good Time!

While this 1969 Whit Boyd film may be lost to obscurity, thanks to the discovery of the original audio reels this funk-fueled soundtrack is finally seeing the light of day! Sexy-time sounds of grooving organ, bass, drums, and brass, there’s even a down and dirty booty-shaker of a James Brown cover. The perfect accompaniment to get you in the mood for a lascivious love-in!

Party Girls was released the same year as the nutty horror nudie comedy, Dracula (The Dirty Old Man). Both movies reflect the changing mores of the time and feature full frontal nudity and simulated sex scenes. By 1969, obscenity laws were relaxed so bush and beaver were the new standard for adult motion pictures (and often the carpet didn’t match the drapes, haha!).

What blows our minds is that Party Girls had an original music soundtrack (not just library music or a mix of random local garage rock or jazz instrumentals like so many other regional productions at the time). They actually went to the trouble of composing a film score with a hell of a lot of soul. But sadly, nothing is actually known about who composed and performed the music, but we know they were commissioned by Whit, so we’ve embraced the name the Whit Boyd Combo. The original audio session reels were discovered in an abandoned shed and rescued by Dallas area disc jockey and music historian, George Gimarc, something which adds to the mystique and makes us wonder even more who could be responsible for the funky soundtrack.



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vor 54 Minuten schrieb Oliver79:

Im Laufe des Monats veröffentlicht Télé 80 Francis Lais Musik zu dem bizarren Weihnachtsmärchen J'ai rencontré le Père Noel (1984) erstmals auf CD.


Das Album gibt es seit drei Jahren schon für sehr wenig Geld (€5,99 lossless) digital von Playtime, z.B. hier:


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Am Freitag liefern Music Box Records zwei neue Veröffentlichungen aus: Ein drittes Set mit eher unbekannten französischen Filmscores (darunter Arbeiten von Pierre Jansen, Michel Portal und Patrice Mestral) sowie eine CD mit zwei Scores von Krishna Levy.






World Premiere CD Release. 3-CD set.
16-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

In collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, EMI Music Publishing, Sony ATV et Musiques & Solutions, Music Box Records presents a 3-CD set featuring six French soundtracks composed between 1975 and 1985: Ce cher Victor (Cher Victor) composed by Bernard Gérard, On a volé la cuisse de Jupiter (Jupiter's Thigh) composed by Georges Hatzinassios, Nuit d’or (Golden Night) composed by Pierre Jansen, Le Retour de Martin Guerre (The Return of Martin Guerre) composed by Michel Portal, L’Argent des autres (Other People’s Money) composed by Patrice Mestral and Parole de flic (Cop's Honour) composed by Pino Marchese.

''Let’s get down to business''…This could be the motto of this third Rare Soundtracks box set. Indeed, even though the collection retains its legendary light-heartedness and flamboyancy (Philippe de Broca’s popular cinema or Alain Delon’s films from the 1980s), it ventures this time in an apparently harsher – but just as fascinating ‒ musical territory: contemporary scores by Patrice Mestral, Pierre Jansen and Michel Portal. Like the Yin and the Yang, these radically different musical styles provide a rich and comprehensive overview of what French film music had to offer in the 1970s and 1980s. Light or sepulchral, tenderly melancholic or wild, all these scores eventually take the same route: originality and/or rejection of wall-to-wall scoring.

Discs 1 and 2 have been remastered from the original master tapes and recording sessions. Disc 3 features the remastered vinyl presentations. This 3-CD boxset includes a 16-page booklet with liner notes by Nicolas Magenham. The release is limited to 300 units. 





World Premiere CD Release. 
8-page CD booklet with liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.

In collaboration with Pathé Films and Gruppo Sugar, Music Box Records presents the premiere CD release of two Krishna Levy scores: Contre-enquête (Counter Investigation, 2006) and Mordbüro (1996).

For Contre-enquête, Franck Mancuso, a former policeman and co-scriptwriter of 36th Precinct (2004) with Olivier Marchal and Julien Rappeneau, delivered a dark film with gripping suspense served by the performance of Jean Dujardin in one of his first dramatic roles. Krishna Levy composed a very gloomy score in order to emphasize the chilling atmosphere of the feature film. Some musical pieces are reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann’s works for Hitchcock thrillers. The score for Mordbüro is more romantic and colourful and dominated by a main theme in the form of a waltz.

Remastered from the original recording sessions, the program has been assembled, produced and supervised by Krishna Levy and Édouard Dubois. The 8-page booklet features liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer, discussing the films and the scores, based on an original interview with Krishna Levy. The release is limited to 300 units.



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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Oliver79:

Am Freitag liefern Music Box Records zwei neue Veröffentlichungen aus: Ein drittes Set mit eher unbekannten französischen Filmscores (darunter Arbeiten von Pierre Jansen, Michel Portal und Patrice Mestral) sowie eine CD mit zwei Scores von Krishna Levy.

Das 3 CD-Set bietet schon einen äußerst seltsamen musikalischen Mischmasch. Ziemlich konzeptlos zusammmengestellt das Ganze. Zum Glück habe ich Jansen´s NUIT D´OR, die für mich beste Musik auf dem Set, ohnehin auf LP, denn wegen den anderen Titeln (das Meiste davon gabs früher schon auf LPs Ende 70er/Anfang 80er) würde ich das Set niemals kaufen. Und die Tracks aus NUIT D´OR sind genau dieselben wie auf der alten Platte:

Leider auch ziemlich klar, daß sich von Jansens ALICE OU LA DERNIÈRE FUGUE nach wie vor keine Bänder eingefunden haben, denn sonst würde Music Box wohl kaum NUIT D´OR auf diesem sehr heterogenen Set nun neben Hinz und Kunz verbraten. Sie haben einfach nicht gewußt wohin damit und jetzt landen die 20 Minuten halt irgendwo auf diesem Set.
Michel Portals LE RETOUR DE MARTIN GUERRE habe ich auch noch auf LP und eigentlich nur wegen der B-Seite - nämlich Delerues JULIA - überhaupt behalten. Mit der Portal-Musik selbst konnte ich seit eh und je so gut wie nichts anfangen, finde ich abseits vom Film schon recht nervtötend.

Von daher passe ich selbstverständlich bei dem 3 CD-Set und werde mir dagegen aber wohl den Krishna Levy zulegen, der schon von den Hörclips her wieder einen recht guten Eindruck macht. Die typischen Levy-Stilismen bei der Melodieführung sind unüberhörbar.

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Am 25. September bringt GAD Records einen weiteren TV-Score von Andrzej Korzynksi:




Einer der farbenfrohsten und bewegendsten Soundtracks in der Arbeit von Andrzej Korzyński. Musik aus der groß angelegten Serie, die ganze Generationen in Polen und Deutschland großzog. Anzüge des polnischen Rundfunkorchesters unter der Leitung von Jan Pruszak schließlich auf CD.

"Janka" ist ein ausgezeichnetes Familienkino, das im frühen zwanzigsten Jahrhundert spielt und sowohl Teenager als auch Erwachsene in seine Handlung einbezieht. Es ist auch die erstaunliche Musik von Andrzej Korzyński, eine der interessantesten Erkenntnisse von ihm seit der Wende der 1980er und 1990er Jahre. Die Musik für "Janka" war eine andere - nach "Urwis z Doliny Młynów" und "Klementynka und Klemens" - die Frucht der Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Regisseur Janusz Łęski und dem Komponisten.

Grundlage dieser Veröffentlichung sind die Aufnahmen vollständiger Partituren aus allen drei Serien, die vom polnischen Rundfunkorchester unter der Leitung von Jan Pruszak anlässlich von Originalaufnahmen aufgenommen wurden. In einem neuen, kompakten Ganzen angeordnet, beschreiben sie musikalisch ein idyllisches, farbenfrohes Universum, das von Janusz Łęski geschaffen wurde. In den weiten, singenden Themen der Streichersektion hallt ab und zu die Faszination für das Werk von Gustav Mahler wider, und die geschickt arrangierten Momente der Spannung und Unsicherheit erinnern an große Hollywood-Produktionen. Ein absoluter Kanon in der Ausgabe von Andrzej Korzyński.

Die Aufnahmen wurden von den Originalbändern aus den Archiven des Komponisten remastered. In der Broschüre Fotos vom Set und ein kurzer Text über die Serie und Musik. Das Album setzt die Filmreihe GAD Records fort, in der unter anderem "Specht" von Henryk Kuźniak und Juliusz Loranc, "Doktor Murek" von Lucjan Kaszycki oder "Das Leben von Kamil Kurant" von Wojciech Głuch. Weitere Titel in Vorbereitung.



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Beat Records bringen am 25. September zwei neue CDs:



IL FISCHIO AL NASO (aka ''The Seventh Floor '') is a dramatic movie directed in 1967 by Ugo Tognazzi. Cast: Ugo Tognazzi, Tina Louise, Olga Villi, Alicia Brandet, Franca Bettoja, Gigi Ballista, Gildo Tognazzi, Marco Ferreri, Riccardo Garrone, Alessandro Quasimodo, Max Turilli, Federico Boido, Cristina D'Avanzo, Cesare Gelli, Janine Reynaud, Luigi Leoni, Rossella Bergamonti, Renato Nicolai, Giulio Scarnicci, Renzo Tarabusi, George Wallis, Genny Folchi, Ermelinda De Felice, Mario De Simone, Alessandro Da Venezia, Anna Maria Aveta and Federico Valli. Industrialist Giuseppe Inzerna, afflicted by an annoying hissing sound in his nasal passageway, is employed at the very modern Salus Bank and subjected to endless examinations, analyzations and treatments. The whistle in his nose eventually goes away, but other symptoms appear in its place. Inzerna refuses to consider himself sick, yet is afraid to go home, despite the advice of the doctors who employ various excuses to place him on higher floors as his illnesses multiply, each floor representing the next stage of the developing malady. Inzerna becomes increasingly alone and defenseless against his family, who plot and scheme behind his back until the tragic ending. Teo Usuelli (13 December 1920, Reggio Emilia - 13 April 2009, Rome) was a prolific composer of about forty soundtracks between 1950 and 1976 as well as important songs in the late Fifties including "Meravigliose labbra," performed in 1959 by Johnny Dorelli. He was also an important researcher in the field of medieval and Renaissance music (transcribing popular and choral songs in a modern key) and teacher of composition at the Conservatories of Bologna, L'Aquila and Trento. In 1959, he met director Marco Ferreri, with whom he made an important artistic partnership by composing the music for famous films such as ''L'ape regina'' ''La donna scimmia,'' ''Marcia nuziale'' and ''Dillinger è morto.'' Here we present, for the first time on CD (total duration 44:21), the M° Usuelli's soundtrack for "Il fischio al naso," assembled using the mono master tapes of the recording session, archived at Universal Music Publishing Ricordi srl. At the time, the Italian RCA released only a single (PM 3401) containing "La conta," with lyrics by Tognazzi himself, performed by the beat band Le pecore nere, which can be heard in the opening credits and is reprised for the Finale. The author reprises the main theme with fabulous baroque performances for orchestra, sometimes adding beat rhythms with electric guitars and a version with polyphonic choir alternated with lounge music. Usuelli composed a poignant requiem for the love scenes between the protagonist Giuseppe and his lover Giovanna which the composer also arranges in a waltz version with a beat flavor for the party scene organized by the patients of the clinic. In one sequence, the protagonist ends up on a floor where—among the bizarre patients—is a young Spanish man who sings flamenco and plays the guitar. A rescue and preservation in honor of Maestro Teo Usuelli, one of the great names of Italian Film Music.
Editing/Mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano
Graphic design by Daniele De Gemini



'QUANDO GLI UOMINI ARMARONO LA CLAVA E... CON LE DONNE FECERO DIN-DON'' (aka ''WHEN WOMEN PLAYED DING-DONG'') is a 1971 movie, directed by Bruno Corbucci, starring Antonio Sabàto, Nadia Cassini, Aldo Giuffré, Vittorio Caprioli, Elio Pandolfi, Valeria Fabrizi,Lucrezia Love, Renato Rossini (aka Howard Ross),Pia Giancaro, Gisela Hahn. In prehistoric times, two tribes - the Cavemen, who live on the mainland, and the Aquamanni, who live on stilts - are almost always fighting with each other. During a period of peace, the young Ari, head of the Cavemen, wins, in battle with the Acquamanni, one of their virgins, Listra, with whom, however, he barely has time to entertain himself since immediately a new one contention breaks out between the two tribes. Tired, as are the other women, of having to give up her man so often, Listra proclaims a sex strike, whereby the females of the two tribes abandon their respective villages, to retreat the ones on a mountain, the others to an islet in the middle of the river. The stunt was successful: Cavernicoli and Acquamanni reconciled, but once again the truce was short-lived. Ari and Listra then decide to leave together in search of a place where men do not go to war.Although the fake-prehistoric setting (the locations were in Lazio, in the areas of Tor Caldara - today Tor Caldara Regional Nature Reserve - and Tor San Lorenzo) and the title that refers to the two Pasquale Festa Campanile films set to music by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai, this Corbucci film has nothing to do with those productions.Giancarlo Chiaramello (Bra, 7th december 1939) author of several scores for Cinema and television (''Crazy Joe'', ''Orlando furioso'', ''Marco Visconti'', ''La pietra di luna'', ''Un borghese piccolo piccolo'', ''Fico d'India'', ''Mani di fata'') has composed a pleasant score based on the recurring main theme "Troglomen" performed in the Main Titles by the Turin-based progressive rock band Gli Aluminogeni which derives from the surname of the leader and singer, Patrizio Alluminio. This song was printed in stereo on the A side of the single (Fonit - SPF 31291). For the first time ever we relase all the background music score taken from the master in mono of the original session kept in the Beat Record archives and the song of the single in stereo with a total duration of almost 76 minutes (including takes not used in the film). Funny themes alternate with other rhythmic ones with distorted electric guitars with a rock - beat flavor for battle scenes, with a recurring love theme with a lounge flavor, with ethnic atmospheres. The chorus of Nora Orlandi performs in numerous tracks of this fun soundtrack that CFS and BEAT have absolutely wanted to rescure and preserve on CD.
Co-produced by Claudio Fuiano & Daniele De Gemini for CFSoundtracks and Beat Records
Editing/Mastering by Enrico De Gemini & Claudio Fuiano
Graphic design by Claudio Fuiano & Daniele De Gemini


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Zwei schöne Tracks aus Usuelli´s IL FISCHIO AL NASO kann man sich auf der Universal Music Publishing-Seite komplett anhören, da sie vor knapp 20 Jahren bereits auf deren BPM Library-CDs enthalten waren:


Zum einen das barockisierende "Grand Tour" mit 1:48 Minuten, das CD-Track 12 entspricht.
Zum anderen das elegische Streicherthema "Love and Faith" mit 1:11 Minuten - eine Kurzfassung von CD-Track 5.

Den Score gibts übrigens seit ein paar Jahren schon als digitalen Download auf iTunes, damals von GDM dort reingestellt. Das Tracklisting der jetzigen CD ist genau dasselbe.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Oliver79:

Lohnt sich auch das vollständige Album? Usuelli ist ja schon ein potentiell interessanter Komponist.

Das Album lohnt sich bedingt. So in etwa die Hälfte der Tracks ist in genau dem Stil gehalten wie ich ihn gestern verlinkt habe, durchaus auch mal mit den für Usuelli typischen polyphonen Choreinlagen. Die andere Hälfte besteht aus eher beatlastigen, modischen Mid Sixties-Tracks (einiges davon Source Music), die mir persönlich nicht zusagen. Auf der CD bzw. dem digitalen Download scheint es so gehandhabt worden zu sein, daß sich meist ein popiger Track mit einem orchestralen abwechselt. Hätte man natürlich auch ein wenig anders lösen können. Dennoch dürften zumindest für mich so rund 20 hörenswerte Minuten dabei zusammenkommen.

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Och, das würde ich aber durchaus mal als Empfehlung gelten lassen. Habe mir das Album jedenfalls schon mal auf die Merkliste gesetzt.

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Mit Klaatu Records geht in den USA ein neues Label an den Start. Als erster Titel erscheint am 30. Oktober Glenn Paxtons Score für den TV-Horrorfilm Dark Night of the Scarecrow, der bisher nur als Download verfügbar war.




Bubba didn’t do it!

Klaatu Records proudly presents the score for the cult-classic horror film, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW by composer Glenn Paxton (Amazing Stories, When Legends Die, ABC’s After School Specials). The heart of the score consists of 4 keyboards: 3 synthesizer players, one piano. The rest of the orchestra – brass, percussion, and strings – reinforce, enlarge, and embroider on what the synthesizers and piano are doing or have done.

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW is a 1981 made-for-television horror film directed by veteran novelist Frank De Felitta from a script by J.D. Feigelson. When a mentally challenged man (Larry Drake) is brutally murdered by a posse of locals (Charles Durning, Lane Smith) who wrongly accuse him of harming a young girl (Tonya Crowe), a terrifying scarecrow appears and exacts violent revenge on the killers.

For this release the original elements, unfortunately, could not be located after months of searching.  Working with Post Haste sound, we were able to acquire the 48Hz/16Bit audio from the Pro Tools 2.0 film mix session used for the DVD/Blu-ray release. The packaging consists of a 4 page booklet featuring notes from composer Glenn Paxton and Writer/Producer J.D. Feigelson with artwork layout designed by Luis Miguel Rojas.

The first 50 CD’s pre-ordered will be signed by composer Glenn Paxton. Limited Edition release of 300 units.



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