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Intrada: SPACECAMP - John Williams (Reissue)


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Intrada veröffentlicht SPACECAMP von John Williams als nicht-limitiertes Reissue:



A John Williams score that should never be out of print is back! Same contents as Intrada's previous release. (Owners of that CD need not apply.) Harry Winer film with Kate Capshaw, Tom Skerritt, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston and very young Leaf (Joaquin) Phoenix sends team of student astronauts into space with disasters at every turn. Picture offers glimpse into real world of astronaut training program albeit exciting make-believe adventures take front and center. John Williams creates one of his most exhilarating scores of all time, aiming his large orchestra towards the awe and spectacle of discovery in outer space. Surging main theme in French horn launches, radiant fanfares, thrilling action, propulsive ideas all follow. Numerous perils are depicted with aggressive rhythms in busy brass section that build in intensity, then climax with dynamic, resounding major-key flourishes. Highlights are many: expressive, regal chordal passage for horns, trumpets during "The Computer Room", exciting action material during "White Sands", powerful, majestic finish to climactic "Home Again". Special spotlight goes to magnificent "SpaceCamp" cue, heard during end credits of movie (though composer placed it as opener to second side of his 1986 RCA LP). For this memorable 4-minute sequence, Williams anchors with dazzling fanfare, races into riveting allegro for full orchestra using fanfare as thematic basis, then crescendos into stunning fortissimo reading of main theme for entire orchestra to conclude. On a pedestal that includes Star Wars, E.T. and Superman, SpaceCamp stands tall. Williams packed almost every important musical sequence into his lengthy LP back in 1986. Intrada CD features same contents of that album courtesy Sony Music. John Williams conducts.

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Die hellen Synth-Orgel-Einwürfe erinnern hier harmonisch immerhin etwas an Norths 2001. "In Orbit" ist als Einzeltrack auch recht schön, da gebe ich sami Recht - aber nach diesen drei Minuten hab ich meine Williams-Süßstoff-Dosis dann auch voll.

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ich fand den auch schon immer toll und den Film als Kind auch ganz gross... müsste man mal wieder schauen, Effekte waren damals ja state of the art...


dass Williams den gescored hat ist ja nen Kuriosum in seinem Lebenslauf... und einer seiner wenigen Vollflops oder?

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Film kenne ich nicht, zumindest habe ich ihn nie gesehen - der Film an sich wurde in genug Family Guy- und Community-Folgen zitiert :D 

Die Musik ist mir wiederum sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Simpel und eingängig. Einige Cues sind so unglaublich simpel gestrickt, andere wiederum haben den typischen Williams-Charme im overload... Ich würde mir die CD gerne kaufen.

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dass Williams den gescored hat ist ja nen Kuriosum in seinem Lebenslauf... und einer seiner wenigen Vollflops oder?


Flops gab es einige.

SPACECAMP ist vom Thema her (Weltraumabenteuer) eher weniger Kurios.

Der Kurioseste "Fehltritt" war nach meiner Meinung eher dieser bescheuerte HEARTBEEPS.

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  • 7 Jahre später...

Im Rahmen der derzeitigen Neuauflagen auf Intrada ist jetzt erneut SpaceCamp dran, diesmal auf 2CDs und expandiert um ein Stück, welches im Film 40 Sekunden läuft.



Not only is Last Starfighter coming back this week, but due to my travels next week we are announcing next week's release this Friday.

Based on the reaction to Jumangi I imagine a sharp rise in complaints, so we can get those off everyone's chest early, ahead of the actual release. But this has been a grail release for some time, especially to get that Daedalus cue released. Similar to Monsignor, different mixes existed. So as with that release, one disc features the complete score from Armin Steiner's spectacular film mix, with a second disc featuring Len Engel's album mix we've all come to know and love. Finally it's all here produced under the love and care of Mike Matessino.


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Wow! Exhilarating John Williams soundtrack gets expanded release! A lot of hands former and past have been attached to this 1986 space travel adventure: ABC, RCA, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Disney all have some relationship to film or score… and Intrada, in 2-CD set fully-expanded and remastered from recently unearthed original 3-track mixes made by Armin Steiner at the original sessions. New stereo audio, mastered by Mike Matessino, is superb! Harry Winer directs splendid cast of young stars Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, Larry B. Scott, really young Joaquin Phoenix with grownups Kate Capshaw, Tom Skerritt working to keep them alive as they find themselves accidentally launched deep into outer space during an astronaut training program. John Williams comes off his recently celebrated 1984 Olympic Fanfare music with his first score drawing on that rousing vernacular with powerful orchestral crescendoes for young astronaut challenges of limited air pressure, zero gravity, insufficient oxygen, re-entry dangers and whatnot. Wonders of space, mysteries of exploration are also captured in rich musical portrait which is equal parts the soaring E.T., the flourishing Star Wars and harmonious Howard Hanson. When inexperienced crew pulls together as team, accomplishes incredible return to earth, Williams unleashes one of his most powerful fortissimo finales of his amazing career, then tops it further with exuberant end credit music packed with rhythmic excitement. One of this legendary composer’s musical triumphs for sure! Real-life tragedy of January 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster brought insurmountable challenge for film itself at the box office. Short-lived original RCA album of highlights  was the last John Williams score not receiving a CD at time of release. Subsequent 1992 release from Japan is followed by Intrada CD in 2010 and reissue in 2014. Now entire score appears with first-ever release of masterful and exciting “Arriving at Daedalus” sequence, yearning “I Can’t Reach It”, moving “Jinx Commits”, more. Second disc preserves that classic original album as well. Flipper-style cover art, informative notes from Matessino, handsome package design from Kay Marshall wrap everything up in nice bow. “It Started As A Dream..,,. It Became A Fantastic Adventure” was an advertising tagline of the day. It describes the long journey to get this definitive presentation of John Williams music available at last! John Williams composes, conducts Hollywood Studio Symphony. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!


01. Main Title (3:10)
02. The Jinx Connection* (0:31)
03. Friends Forever (2:23)
04. Training Montage (2:07)
05. The Computer Room (1:55)
06. Jinx Commits* (1:19)
07. The Shuttle (5:10)
08. In Orbit (3:19)
09. Insufficient Oxygen (3:25)
10. Arriving At Daedalus And Morse Code* (2:09)
11. Viewing Daedalus (2:50)
12. I Can’t Reach It* (1:51)
13. Max Finds Courage (2:24)
14. Max Breaks Loose (2:25)
15. Rudy Comes Through* (1:38)
16. Andie Is Stranded (4:13)
17. White Sands (Film Version) (3:41)
18. Re-Entry (4:00)
19. Home Again (3:34)
20. SpaceCamp (4:12)
Total Score Time: 56:43)

21. Main Title (Film Version)* (3:14)
22. White Sands [Album Edit] (6:57)
23. Home Again (Short Version) (2:44)
Total Extras: 13:05
Total Disc Time: 69:53
*previously unreleased

01. Main Title (3:08)
02. Training Montage (2:02)
03. The Shuttle (5:05)
04. The Computer Room (1:56)
05. Friends Forever (2:22)
06. In Orbit (3:15)
07. White Sands (6:55)
08. SpaceCamp (4:09)
09. Viewing Daedalus (2:48)
10. Max Breaks Loose (2:23)
11. Andie Is Stranded (4:11)
12. Max Finds Courage (2:22)
13. Re-Entry (3:57)
14. Home Again (3:33)
Total Time: 48:36



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