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Kurz & knapp: Sammelthread für "kleine" Veröffentlichungen

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ab dem 19. Oktober 2017 bei Quartet in jeweils 300er Limitierungen:



Den Hörbeispielen nach zu urteilen schönes Easy-Listening und passende Untermalung zu nackter (Giallo-)Haut, daneben auch atonale Passagen sowie Exotica-Touch - kurzum: sehr unterhaltsam. Und dazu bei Quartet direkt auch noch ziemlich günstig.

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Neue Limited Editions von Varese:



So excited to offer the wonderful ode to classic horror scores! Johan Söderqvist has composed a beautiful symphonic score for The Limehouse Golem. The Limited Edition series was created just for exceptional score like this that really deserve CD releases!

Victorian London is gripped with fear as a serial killer is on the loose and leaving cryptic messages written in the blood of his victims. With few leads and increasing public pressure, Scotland Yard assigns the case to Inspector Kildare, a seasoned detective who has a sneaking suspicion that he's being set up to fail. Faced with a long list of suspects, Kildare must rely on help from a witness to stop the murders and bring the maniac to justice. Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke and Douglas Booth star.

CDs will begin shipping the week of October 23.

1.The Opening (1:00)
2. John Is Dead (2:11)
3. Marx As The Golem (1:27)
4. Aveline And Lizzie (2:03)
5. Misery Junction (2:39)
6. Dan Offers Lizzie A Job (1:31)
7. Dan Leno As The Golem (3:08)
8. The Theatre (1:06)
9. Give The Public Blood (2:00)
10. The Rape (1:27)
11. Gissing As The Golem (1:38)
12. Dan And Lizzie (3:01)
13. What Did She Know About Railways? (1:26)
14. Cree As The Golem (2:37)
15. Lizzie And John (1:07)
16. Chasing The Manuscript (1:31)
17. Uncle’s Secret Room (1:13)
18. Race To The Gallows (2:26)
19. Mother And Daughter (1:42)
20. Following Gissing (3:11)
21. The Golem (2:11)
22. The Hanging (1:07)
23. Ratcliff Murders (1:56)
24. The Limehouse Golem End Credits (4:16)
25. I’m Waiting For Him Tonight (2:02)



Composer Stephen Warbeck won an Oscar for his charming and romantic Shakespeare In Love score in 1999. In the Hampstead he scores a more modern-day love story and brings a sweet and airy atmosphere to the suburban London. Diane Keaton and Brenden Gleeson star.

An American widow living in the London suburb of Hampstead and a man who lives on the Heath form an unlikely alliance against unscrupulous property developers in the neighborhood.

CDs will begin shipping the week of October 23.

1. Hampstead (4:55)
2. House On The Heath (1:40)
3. The Petition (2:23)
4. Japanese Restaurant (3:36)
5. The Cemetery (1:27)
6. The Campaign (2:00)
7. Rolling Dice* by Mathilda Homer and Sam Mitchell (2:56)
8. To The Museum (2:16)
9. The Photographs (3:41)
10. Judgment (1:33)
11. Fishing For Dinner (1:40)
12. Leaving The Hut (1:32)
13. Leaving Hampstead (1:28)
14. Waltz No. 9 in A Flat, Op. 69* by Frédéric Chopin (3:23)
15. Fishing Trip (:55)
16. New Beginning (3:11)
17. The Hut On The Boat (2:08)



Featuring the song Everybody Get Nuts Performed by Luke Edgemon featuring Tha Vill.

Heitor Pereira has been kept busy by the Minions and the Smurfs but has found time to compose a wonderfully fun and catchy score for our squirley friends of Nut Job in Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature.

In addition to Heitor’s boisterous score the album features the song Everybody Get Nuts Performed by Luke Edgemon featuring Tha Vill.

Surly the squirrel and his animal friends find out that the corrupt mayor of Oakton plans to bulldoze their beloved Liberty Park to make way for an amusement park. Hoping to save the place they call home, Surly, Andie, Buddy and the rest of the gang join forces with Mr. Feng, a seemingly cute and innocent mouse who happens to be a fierce master of kung fu. Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Jackie Chan, Katherine Heigl and Bobby Moynihan provide voices.

CDs will begin shipping the week of October 23.

1. Hard Work and Determination (1:42)
2. Le Jackpot (2:44)
3. Bigger Plans (1:05)
4. There You Are (3:04)
5. Weapon of Mouse Destruction (2:12)
6. Eat! Eat! Eat! (:40)
7. Tonight, We Dine on Squirrel (2:00)
8. Run, Doggies, Run! (1:27)
9. Find the Mayor’s House (1:01)
10. Parktopia (1:49)
11. Welcome to Liberty Park (1:07)
12. You Saved the Park (1:28)
13. Dinner is Served (:56)
14. I Don’t Have Time for Traffic (:58)
15. Stealth Mission (1:59)
16. Surly (1:32)
17. Your Heads Are Going On the Wall (1:51)
18. It’s All My Fault (3:47)
19. They’ll Follow You Anywhere (2:12)
20. Aerial Campaign (3:10)
21. Mr. Feng Will Be Happy (3:10)
22. Take Them Out (1:02)
23. Take Cover (1:12)
24. We’ve Only Got One Shot (4:01)
25. We’re All Gonna… Live! (2:30)
26. Surly Suite (5:19)
27. Everybody Get Nuts Performed by Luke Edgemon featuring Tha Vill (3:03)


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Quartet Records present the new score by well-known composer Fernando Velázquez (Crimson Peak, A Monster Calls, Devil, Mama, Ozzy) for the directorial debut of Sergio G. Sánchez (screenwriter of The Orphanage and The Impossible). This thriller-horror-drama-western has been produced by J.A. Bayona, and stars Mia Goth (A Cure for Wellness), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), George MacKay (Captain Fantastic) and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things).

The plot revolves around a young man and his four younger siblings. They have kept secret the death of their beloved mother in order to remain together, and are plagued by a sinister presence in the sprawling manor in which they live.

Fernando Velázquez has composed one of his most special, extensive and complex scores. It encompasses the sound of Gothic terror, full-blooded romanticism, lovely pastoral passages and a return to the openly symphonic sound that we miss in other current scores. Skillfully and precisely performed by the Asturias Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer. The CD includes 4 bonus tracks not included in the digital release, and the package features a 16-page booklet with in-depth liner notes and a track-by-track analysis by the film’s director, Sergio G. Sánchez.

01. Our story (0:47)

02. Once you cross that line (2:10)

03. A chance of happiness (2:18)

04. Mother’s death (3:41)

05. Jack (1:30)

06. The library / A kiss (1:34)

07. We have to be ready (5:30)

08. Porter (2:36)

09. Risk! (2:30)

10. Covering the mirror (1:36)

11. How well do you know them? (1:08)

12. Allie (4:13)

13. Billy (2:54)

14. Sam (2:12)

15. The Ghost (1:28)

16. The bricked door (0:34)

17. The past (0:58)

18. Jane Alone (2:00)

19. Down the chimney (2:52)

20. Up the chimney (3:50)

21. Meet me at Skull Rock (5:06)

22. Father (1:07)

23. What have you done? (3:59)

24. Nothing. No one. Ever (1:54)

25. Leave us alone! (3:24)

26. Come out of there! (2:33)

27. Touch (1:30)

28. Marrowbone (4:14)

Bonus Tracks

29. Faraway Place (1:48)

30. Up the chimney (Alternate) (0:50)

31. What have you done? (Alternate) (1:17)

32. I’ll keep you safe (Lullaby) (1:56)



Quartet Records and Universal Music Group present the premiere CD release of the nostalgic, Cajun-inflected country score composed by Henry Mancini (Touch of Evil, The Great Race, The Great Waldo Pepper, 10) for Paul Newman’s intimate drama about an Oregon family of gyppo loggers who cut and procure trees for a local mill in opposition to striking, unionized workers. The film stars Newman, Henry Fonda, Lee Remick, Richard Jaeckel and Michael Sarrazin. 

Sometimes a Great Notion was the first collaboration between Paul Newman and Henry Mancini. The two friends would work together on three more films (The Shadow Box, Harry & Son and The Glass Menagerie). A common factor among all scores Mancini wrote for Newman was the actor/director’s preference for different musical styles (jazz, country, blues) that were far from conventional underscore. Country-western and Cajun are the main sounds explored by Mancini in this score, including the beautiful ballad "All His Children" (with lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman), performed by Charley Pride.

This CD contains the album prepared by Mancini for MCA in 1971, which includes almost all the score recorded for the film (only one 90-second cue was omitted). Audio was restored and mastered by Chris Malone; the 12-page full-color package includes detailed liner notes by John Takis and an essay written by producer John Foreman for the original LP.

01. All his Children (2:00)

02. High on the Pegs (2:58)

03. A Lonely Man’s Song (3:09)

04. Lumber-Jack Blues (2:04)

05. Lee (3:14)

06. Happy Time (1:53)

07. Rollin’ On (3:23)

08. Green Tree Brass (2:23)

09. The Stamper Rag (1:13)

10. Evenin’ (2:18)

11. Jobie (1:58)

12. Tiny Tug Toot (4:12)

13. All his Children (Reprise) (1:30)

Total Disc Time: 32:15

Limited Collector’s Edition of 1000 units.



Quartet Records and Towa Music presents the premiere CD release of super-cool Lalo Schifrin's high-octane jazz action score for The Big Brawl (aka The Battle Creek Brawl) The film was directed by Robert Clouse, who previously helmed Enter the Dragon, the film that cemented Bruce Lee as a legend of cinematic martial arts. This 1980s effort was meant to do the same thing for Jackie Chan, giving him an American debut vehicle that could make him a household name outside Hong Kong. The story is set in Prohibition-era America where Jerry Kwan (played by Chan) works at a shop and dreams of marrying his fiancée, Nancy (Kristine DeBell). When his crazy fighting skills get noticed by a crime syndicate, Jerry is forced to enter a fighting tournament where he must beat the muscle-bound champion if he wants to see his girlfriend again...

The film reunited Clouse with composer Lalo Schifrin who had worked with the director on Enter the Dragon as well as its spiritual sequel, Golden Needles. The Big Brawl rounds out this trilogy of sorts with music that builds upon Schifrin's jazz recordings rather than his Oriental-flavored scores. The music is largely constructed around an infectiously whistled main theme and individual set pieces that focus on Chan's seemingly improvisational method of fighting—in addition to other action sequences (such as a skating derby). A beautiful love theme for Jerry and Nancy rounds out the score.

This CD premiere presents the same music contained on the Japanese LP—practically the complete score—plus a bonus track, but the cues have been re-sequenced for a more cohesive listening experience. With audio meticulously mastered by Chris Malone, the album features a 16-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and featuring a track-by-track breakdown of the score.

01. Training Montage (Main Title) (3:23)

02. Fast Moves (4:01)

03. Jerry’s Rag (1:12)

04. Uncle Herbert (2:44)

05. Roller Derby (2:30)

06. Razor Cuts (1:24)

07. Oriental Drama (2:11)

08. Miss Wong (1:04)

09. The Trap (4:20)

10. Training Montage (2:42)

11. The Kiss of Death (4:54)

12. Victory Fanfare and Training Montage (3:53)

Bonus tracks

13. Playing Nurse (Source) (2:19)

14. Training Montage (With F/X) (2:28)

Total Disc Time: 39:43

Limited Collector’s Edition of 1000 units.



Quartet Records presents the new film score composed by Víctor Reyes (Buried, Red Lights, Grand Piano, Emmy Award winner for his score to the acclaimed TV series The Night Manager) for Xavier Gent’s sci-fi horror film, Cold Skin, starring David Oakes, Ray Stevenson, Aura Garrido and John Belfield.

The story is set on a lost island in the middle of the ocean, where two men, sheltering in a lighthouse, defend themselves, night after night, against the siege of some strange marine creatures. Subjected to extreme tension, without understanding the reasons for the attack, they will have to rethink how to face the unknown.

Victor Reyes’ score is intense, atmospheric, exciting, vibrant and dark. It was orchestrated by the composer and is performed by the Chamber Orchestra of London conducted by Alastair King.

01. Sea Creatures / Never Too Far (2:09)

02. There's Your Island (2:29)

03. Aldor Vigeland (2:49)

04. Night Visitors (2:22)

05. Desolation / Defense (2:34)

06. Aneris (1:58)

07. Toads! (2:51)

08. Aftermath (2:38)

09. Moaning (2:51)

10. Boat (2:04)

11. Corpses (3:04)

12. Gathering (4:12)

13. Love (2:17)

14. War (2:39)

Limited Collector’s Edition of 300 units.



Quartet Records presents the classy, exciting, moving and very special new score composed by Pascal Gaigne (El faro de las orcas, El olivo, Amaren Eskuak, Castillos de cartón) for this period drama—his latest collaboration with Basque directors Aitor Arregi and Jon Garaño after 80 Egunean and Loreak.

After fighting in the First Carlist War, Martin returns to his family farm in Gipuzkoa and discovers with surprise that his younger brother, Joaquin, is much taller than normal. Convinced that everyone will want to pay to see the tallest man on Earth, both brothers embark on a long journey through Europe in which ambition, money and fame will forever change the fate of the family. A story inspired by real events.

Composing the music for this film was a challenge for the composer. He gave his score a kind of romantic and impressionist color, with delicate orchestration, electronic textures, and a beautiful, flowing leitmotif that unfolds slowly throughout the entire score. The music is performed by The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Hernando.

01. Handia (Prólogo) (2:41)

02. Soldados (1:56)

03. En marcha (1:37)

04. Retorno a casa (1:57)

05. Reencuentro (3:24)

06. Primer viaje (2:40)

07. Coloso (1:19)

08. Madrid (2:29)

09. Academia de los ilustres (3:26)

10. Vuelta al Caserio (1:55)

11. Escrituras (1:35)

12. Inglaterra (2:53)

13. A Tingling (3:24)

14. Boda amarga (1:54)

15. Bordeaux – London – Paris (2:22)

16. Le Monde Ouvre les Yeux (4:21)

17. Lapurrak (1:39)

18. Montes perdidos (3:26)

19. Gigantes (2:06)

20. Últimas nieves (3:51)

21. Handia (5:11)

22. Créditos (3:24)

23. Martin & Jokin (2:25)


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To celebrate the CD release of Le Magnifique, the CDs of Le Professionnel, Le Marginal and Peur sur la Ville are back in stock.

A 2-CD set.
Newly remastered and expanded edition.
16-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Nicolas Magenham.

In collaboration with Gruppo Sugar and EMI Music Publishing, Music Box Records proudly presents the remastered and expanded CD release of Claude Bolling’s original motion picture score to the iconic 1973 comedy Le Magnifique (The Man from Acapulco), starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset and Vittorio Caprioli, and directed by Philippe de Broca (That Man from Rio, King of Hearts).

Le Magnifique tells the story of a second-class writer, François Merlin, the author of best-selling spy novels featuring the secret agent Bob Saint-Clar, Merlin’s dashing and reckless alter ego. His neighbour Christine appears as Tatiana and his publisher Georges Charron as evil Colonel Karpoff.

For this cult French espionage parody, Claude Bolling composed a very varied score with eclectic moods: romanticism, Mariachi music, exotic and stereotypical colours (Latin-American rhythms and a big band used as a tribute to John Barry’s music for the James Bond movies), pop music, and using a full symphony orchestra conducted by Carlo Savina and recorded in Rome at Studio Forum.

This brand new album presentation celebrates the 40th anniversary of the classic comedy in 2018. The definitive 2-CD edition features the complete film score on the first CD (including alternate versions and previously unreleased cues) and the remastered original 1973 soundtrack album on the second one. The package includes a 16-page booklet with liner notes by Nicolas Magenham, discussing the film and the score.


1. La plaza (Générique début) (2:19)
2. Le Magnifique (La mort de Rodriguez) (0:54)
3. Le Magnifique (Colonel Collins et Pontaubert) (0:22)
4. Le Magnifique (Bob Saint-Clar à Bagdad) (0:37)
5. Le Magnifique (Informateur à l'aéroport) (1:05)
6. Le Magnifique (Le pope et l'Albanais) (0:18)
7. Le Magnifique (Arrivée à Acapulco) (0:37)
8. Le Magnifique (Tatiana et la petite mariée) (0:36)
9. Mexican Paradise (Version film) (2:54)
10. Cleotiana (1:34)
11. Le Magnifique (Le poème) (0:57)
12. Paris musette (1:38)
13. Concerto pour piano, tueurs et orchestre (Version film) (1:22)
14. Le Magnifique (Christine ou Tatiana) (0:30)
15. Le Magnifique (Dans les griffes de Karpoff) (1:09)
16. Le Magnifique (Séance de torture) (0:49)
17. Le Magnifique (Du sang, de la bidoche, de la violence) (1:52)
18. Le Magnifique (Bain de sang) (0:29)
19. Le Magnifique (Les plombiers massacrés) (0:49)
20. Le Magnifique (Les plombiers épargnés) (0:38)
21. Le Magnifique (Balade en hélicoptère) (1:00)
22. Le Magnifique (Retour à Acapulco) (0:57)
23. Le Magnifique (Charron Dance) (1:30)
24. Le Magnifique (Le miroir sur la route) (0:42)
25. Le Magnifique (Le piège de Karpoff) (1:25)
26. Le Magnifique (La fin du héros) (1:20)
27. Le Magnifique (Bob Saint-Clar en civière) (0:18)
28. Le Magnifique (Course-poursuite au jardin)* (0:49)
29. Le Magnifique (François et Christine) (1:22)
30. Le Magnifique (Une nouvelle fin) (0:20)
31. Tatiana (Version alternative)* (0:30)
32. Pop Mod (4:19)
33. Le Magnifique (Charron chez Christine) (0:54)
34. Le Magnifique (Karpoff attaque) (1:00)
35. Le Magnifique (Duel avec Karpoff) (0:21)
36. Le Magnifique (Fin de l'aventure) (1:22)
37. Le Magnifique (Fin de concerto)* (1:25)
38. Le Magnifique (Dénouement) (1:42)
39. La plaza (Générique fin) (2:25)

* not used in the movie

Time • 46:42


1. La plaza (fête mexicaine) (2:25)
2. Tatiana (glamourous) (2:55)
3. Mexican Paradise (alla cugat) (3:16)
4. Concerto pour piano, tueurs et orchestre (2:49)
5. Cleotiana (en son jardin) (1:33)
6. Karpoff (l'ignoble)  (4:49)
7. Noches mexicanas (3:28)
8. Paris musette (1:38)
9. Idylle interrompue (4:07)
10. Christine (3:19)
11. Pop Mod (4:19)
12. Dénouement et final (3:57)

Time • 39:05

Total Time • 85:47



World Premiere CD Release. Expanded edition.
50 minutes of music, including 4 previously unreleased tracks.

In collaboration with Hippocampus and Kazak Productions, Music Box Records presents for the first time on CD the collaboration between French director Teddy Lussi-Modeste and composer Rob (Maniac, Horns, The Bureau): Le Prix du succès (The Price of Success, 2017) and Jimmy Rivière (2011).

Co-written by Rebecca Zlotowski (Planetarium), Le Prix du succès tells the story of a comedian's relationship with his family who crumbles when he reaches a level of success in his career. Rob composed a beautiful and lyrical score with intimate and emotional piano writing. The film stars Tahar Rahim, Roschdy Zem, Maïwenn and Grégoire Colin.

Also co-written by Rebecca Zlotowski, Jimmy Rivière tells the story of a young gypsy who converts to Pentecostalism under pressure from his community and gives up his two passions: Thai boxing and his girlfriend Sonia. Rob composed a lyrical and melancholic score, with his own pop and electronic signature. The film stars Guillaume Gouix, Béatrice Dalle, Hafsia Herzi and Serge Riaboukine.

This present edition includes 4 bonus tracks from Le Prix du succès which did not appear on previous digital and vinyl releases.

1. Furieux (1:36)
2. Linda Ferrari (1:08)
3. Stairway to Family (1:31)
4. Legacy (1:45)
5. Night Music (0:40)
6. Funeral (2:46)
7. Chicha Club (0:51)
8. Fratricide (1:31)
9. Sparkle (1:55)
10. Parlor (1:55)
11. Mon Frère (Générique de Fin) (4:04)

12. Trail Slow Motion (1:42)
13. Bastard (2:31)
14. Atelier (2:22)
15. Trail (3:12)

Time • 29:41

16. 120 Pianos (3:57)
17. Baptheme (1:23)
18. Coup de Poing (1:37)
19. Jimmy Rêve (1:25)
20. Jimmy Tendresse (1:49)
21. Pardon Forêt (1:17)
22. Jimmy Rivière (Reprise Guitare) (0:34)
23. Jimmy Rivière (Reprise Piano) (1:40)
24. La Gifle (1:08)
25. Jimmy (Générique de Fin) (6:03)

Time • 20:56

Total Time • 50:39


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bei Spotify, Screamrecords/Quartet Records jetzt JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 (dass der Film wirklich gemacht wurde war mir entgangen) von Andrew Morgan Smith. Sehr fetzige orchestrale Horrormusik im Stil von Salvays 2 Scores zur Franchise. Hätte jetzt mit nem billigen Synthiescore gerechnet. Bin positiv angetan... wer brachiale, brutale Orchestermusik mag kommt hier auf seine Kosten...

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